Beatles / Birds Sing Out Of Tune Vol 5 / 1CD

Beatles / Birds Sing Out Of Tune Vol 5 / 1CD / Misterclaudel

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Rare Tracks From Entomology. Digitally Remastered

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It is the fifth collection of “BIRDS SING OUT OF TUNE” which recorded the Beatles rare track. This time, it is the title which included “ENTMOLOGY” which can be said as vision that it was only about 20 pieces of circulation although it was produced by individual mania. Out takes of “In My Life” and “Run For Your Life” first appeared in this work (now it is already included in the title of M Claudel and Valkyrie). The demonstration sound source of “Starawberry Fields Forever” is the sound quality of the thing recorded here, which is the main feature of this work. Also, as for the monitor mix of “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”, the argument is divided even now and the truth is still divided, I think that we all want you to listen and confirm.

Lastly as a bonus track Cirque du Soleil’s “LOVE” pre / show music is recorded. It is a song for “LOVE” made with various collages generated from multitrack tape, but at the venue before the performance, the original backing track not yet recorded in the soundtrack was extracted and flushed It is not well known. It contains six precious original backing tracks.

The fifth collection of the popular “BIRDS SING OUT OF TUNE” adds bonus tracks to rare “ENTMOLOGY”, a collection of rare sounds that can only be heard here. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture disk specification A tightly pressed board.

ビートルズのレア・トラックを収録した『BIRDS SING OUT OF TUNE』の第5集である。今回は、かつて個人マニアが製作したものの、20枚程度の流通に留まっていたという幻とも言える『ENTMOLOGY』を収録したタイトルになる。「In My Life」や「Run For Your Life」のアウトテイクなどが本作で初登場した(現在ではMクローデルやValkyrieのタイトルで既に収録されている)。「Starawberry Fields Forever」のデモ音源はここに収録されているものが最も音質的に優れており、本作の目玉となっている。また「Happiness Is A Warm Gun」のモニター・ミックスに関しては真偽が現在も議論が分かれており、是非皆さんも聴いて確認して欲しいと思っている。


人気の『BIRDS SING OUT OF TUNE』シリーズの第5集はレアな『ENTMOLOGY』にボーナストラックを加えた、ここでしか聴けないレア音源集。美しいピクチャーディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。

01. Some Other Guy Cavern Sep 5, 1962
02. Bad To Me Acetate demo May -Jun 1963
03. One And One Is Two Acetate demo Jan – Feb 1964
04. Help! Take 1, 2 & 4 Backing Track Apr 13, 1965
05. In My Life Take 3b Alternate Hammond Organ Oct 22, 1965
06. Run For Your Life Short rehearsal Take 5
07. We Can Work it Out demo Fall 1965
08. We Can Work it Out Alt Mono Mix single track vocal 1965
09. Day Tripper Take 1 Oct 16 1965
10. Paperback Writer Take 1 & 2
11. She Said, She Said 1965 – 1966
12. For No One monitor mix May 1966
13. Strawberry Fields Forever Santa Isabel Take 5 & 6 Fall 1966
14. Strawberry Fields Forever Take 25 Dec 15, 1966
15. Magical Mystery Tour Take 9 Raw Track
16. Hello Goodbye Take 1 Backing Track
17. Its All Too Much complete
18. Revolution Kinfauns demo
19. Sour Milk Sea Kinfauns demo
20. Happiness Is A Warm Gun monitor mix
21. Get Back Nagra tape Jan 29, 1969
22. Maybe Baby Nagra tape Jan 27, 1969
23. Her Majesty complete

24. And Your Bird Can Sing
25. With A Little Help From My Friends
26. Everybody Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
27. Penny Laine
28. Sun King
29. Mean Mr. Mustard

Misterclaudel. MCCD-724

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