Eric Clapton / Budokan 2019 4th Night / 2CD

Eric Clapton / Budokan 2019 4th Night / 2CD / Tricone
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 18th April 2019

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From Eric Clapton’s Japan Tour 2019, the first day, the last day, the third day, and the fourth day, April 18 (Thursday) will also be released on the press of the superb sound! Our shop has already released the same day’s 2CDR “Budokan 2019 Day 4” at a super speed within a week after the show, but the master of this board is our shop original master by famous taper recording, and stereo audience that exceeds the high sound quality even more It is a source. I think that you can be convinced that the clearness, the sound balance, the tone of the tone, the stereo feeling and the force of the drums are the quality appropriate for the release on the press. It will be a recording of Arena A block ahead definitely. The set list calmed down on the fourth day, and Clapton and the band’s performance were finally presenting the play quality of the meteorites. First of all listening is Pretending of the opening. The solo twice with wah is very smooth and thrilling. And also the hidden masterpiece Wanna Make Love To You which I can not stand. Listen to the number of high-quality sound titles of our store release this time, it will be noticed again by this song, and there may be many people who have been re-heard the studio version (included in 4CD box “CROSSROADS”). In the performance of the same song of this day, it is high point that you can hear a hand shake that is unique to Clapton like a heart. The solo at I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man continues very thrilling! And the song in I Shot the Sheriff, which was placed in this position every show as the highlight of the first half, is powerful, and it is thought that this day is the best during all 5 performances as to how to make up the paradox of the post-clause . The acoustic set that follows is solid, moist and the appearance of Clapton playing closely. The flow of the electric set in the second half is also made of meteorites. Miss Arpeggio’s first tone in the bridge section of Badge is your good luck. It is an unusual scene in a sense, but it is dragged, and I think whether it will be an all-round solo from the beginning to the end of the solo, there is Clapton that spewed fire wonderfully at the end of the solo. And Crossroads that started from the long intro specific to this day, Little Queen of Spades where the sit-down play was expanded more than usual in solo turn among the members, and more than average play in Cocaine which showed the rise that is appropriate for the finale Each number was established in the quality. Especially, Clapton’s closing solo at Little Queen of Spades is amazing. And in the middle of Cocaine’s solo, it’s full of play that includes the manual phrase. Such a hot cocaine solo has not been heard for a while now! In Encore’s High Time We Went solo, it is rare for this song to play with the wah pedal. Generally speaking, it should be said that it is a day with few mistones and high play quality. Last cheers and applause are also captured realistically, and the last is recorded to the announcement of on-site broadcasting. The whole story tells that the stage of this day was not bad. This board which conveys everything with a realistic sound asserts it as the definitive edition of the fourth day performance. Moreover, since it is a phonograph from our original new master, it is a unique title. Please enjoy the 4th day performance with this board.

★ It is a super high sound quality new master of the completely first appearance.

エリック・クラプトンのジャパン・ツアー2019から、初日、最終日、3日目に続き、4日目となった4月18日(木)の公演も極上サウンドのプレス盤でリリースします!当店は既に公演後1週間以内の超速で同日の2CDR「Budokan 2019 Day4」をリリースしておりますが、本盤のマスターは有名テーパー録音による当店オリジナルマスターで、その高音質をさらに上回るステレオ・オーディエンスソースです。このクリアネス、サウンドバランス、楽音の粒立ち、ステレオ感、ドラムスの迫力には、なるほどプレス盤でのリリースに相応しいクオリティだとご納得いただけると思います。間違いなくアリーナAブロック前方の録音でしょう。この4日目にはセットリストも落ち着き、クラプトンとバンドの演奏がいよいよ磐石のプレイクオリティを提示していた時期です。聴きどころはまずオープニングのPretending。ワウを駆使した二度のソロが非常にスムーズでスリリングです。そしてやはり哀愁が堪らない隠れた名曲Wanna Make Love To You。今回の当店リリースの高音質タイトルの数々をお聴きになって、改めてこの曲に注目され、スタジオ・バージョンを聴き直された方も多いのではないでしょうか(4CDボックス「CROSSROADS」に収録)。この日の同曲の演奏では、心を揺さぶるようなクラプトンらしいハンドビブラートが聴けるのがポイント高いです。続くI’m Your Hoochie Coochie Manでのソロも非常にスリリング!そして前半のハイライトとして毎公演この位置に置かれていたI Shot the Sheriffでの歌も力強く、後奏のフレーズ構成の妙と盛り上げ方は全5公演中この日がベストではないかと思われます。その後に続くアコースティックセットでは手堅く、しっとり、きっちりとプレイするクラプトンの姿が迫ります。後半のエレクトリックセットの流れも磐石の出来。Badgeのブリッジ部のアルペジオ一発目のトーンをミスるのはご愛嬌。ある意味珍しいシーンですが、それを引き摺り、凡庸なソロに終始するのかと思いきや、ソロ終盤には見事に火を噴いてくれたクラプトンがいます。そしてこの日特有の長めのイントロから始まったCrossroads、メンバー間のソロ回しではいつも以上に腰の座ったプレイが展開されたLittle Queen of Spades、そしてフィナーレに相応しい盛り上がりを見せたCocaineではアヴェレージ以上のプレイクオリティで各ナンバーを成立させてくれました。特にLittle Queen of Spadesでのクラプトンの締めのソロが凄いです。そしてCocaineの中間のソロでは、手癖フレーズを含めての弾き倒しが聴きごたえたっぷりです。こんな熱いCocaineのソロはここしばらく聴いたことなかった!アンコールのHigh Time We Wentのソロでは、この曲では珍しくワウペダルを踏んでのプレイを聴かせます。総じてミストーンが少なく、プレイクオリティの高かった日だと言っていいでしょう。ラストの歓声と拍手もリアルに捉えられており、最後は場内放送のアナウンスまで収録。全編でこの日のステージが悪くなかったことが伝わります。すべてをリアルなサウンドで伝える本盤が4日目公演の決定版と断言します。しかも当店オリジナルのニューマスターからの音盤化ですので、唯一無二のタイトルです。どうぞ本盤で4日目公演を存分にお楽しみください。



Disc 1 (57:17)
1. Intro 2. Pretending 3. Key to the Highway 4. Wanna Make Love to You
5. I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man 6. I Shot the Sheriff 7. Driftin’ Blues
8. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out 9. Tears in Heaven
10. Layla 11. Running on Faith

Disc 2 (45:30)
1. Badge 2. Wonderful Tonight 3. Crossroads 4. Little Queen of Spades
5. Cocaine 6. High Time We Went

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals Doyle Bramhall Ⅱ – guitar, vocals
Chris Stainton – piano, keyboards Paul Carrack – organ, keyboards, vocals
Nathan East – bass Sonny Emory – drums Sharon White – backing vocals Katy Kissoon – backing vocal

Tricone 187/188

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