Jeff Beck / LA Dew 2014 With ZZ Top / 1DVDR

Jeff Beck / LA Dew 2014 With ZZ Top / 1DVDR / Johanna

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Live At The Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA August 13, 2014. Audience Shot


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★ JEFF BECK latest Live 2014 8/13 LA performances, multi-camera recording!
★ high quality! Fingering of JEFF also full view! JOHANNA label edit your own video!
★ also played four songs with ZZ TOP at Angkor recorded in multi-camera editing!
★ 2014 年 “superstition”, “sorrow of lovers” from other live performances also added included!

Postponed the European tour in the first Jeff is back surgery just before the tour, ZZ TOP also bassist, and surgery in Dusty Hill is kidney stones, a joint tour of JEFF BECK and ZZ TOP, which is worried about each other is down at last 8 achieved in the United States from the moon!

August 13, 2014, it has undergone a JOHANNA label unique multi-camera editing outdoor live from the camera source of multiple angles such as bird’s-eye shot addition to the close shot of high-quality in the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

Great live that this is the set of Jeff I, such as 70 minutes, to participate in the ZZ TOP of Angkor to co-star four songs such as their boogie number.

In addition to the familiar of members in Jeff’s band Japan tour, this time also participated Jimmy Hall who had participated in the “FLASH” 1985 years Jeff album to vocals.
Take the Vocal in the middle of a few songs, also has set-in “Going Down” and Sam Cooke’s number.

Phrasing of Jeff in this performance is fiercely, and is showing a great performance, but uncommon Jeff in Big Block is will cut the strings during the solo.
There, clear image quality that can be found in its narrow chord even screen-like fly burst and of (you will probably think first string).
And (faster than F1 of the pit-crew?!) Speed ​​of reaction of the dead of the moment of Jeff chord also, it is a precious moment that just one side of the strict musicianship bet on 1 sound is glimpse.

And co-star of the ZZ TOP at the encore, a song like “Tush” や “La Grange” to represent the 70s of ZZ, Jeff also interwoven a deadly phrase, has become any incandescent live.

It should be noted that, from the European tour and US tour of this in August of 2014 to bonus, “sorrow of lovers” in Paris, and August 29 Jimmy Hall takes the Vocal, in New York Salamanca “superstition” to both ultra up I have added recorded in beautiful shot of.

JOHANNA label of trust, is the emergence of in “LIVE SEQUENCED SERIES” of polite own multi-camera editing.

★JEFF BECK最新ライヴ!2014年8/13 L.A.公演、マルチカメラ収録!
★アンコールでのZZ TOPとの共演4曲もマルチカメラ編集で収録!

ツアー直前にまずジェフが背中の手術で欧州ツアーを延期し、ZZ TOPもベーシスト、ダスティ・ヒルが腎臓結石で手術と、お互いがダウンし心配されたJEFF BECKとZZ TOPのジョイント・ツアーが遂に8月から米国で実現!


今回はジェフのセットは70分程なのですが、ZZ TOPのアンコールに参加し彼等のブギー・ナンバーなどを4曲共演するという素晴らしいライヴ。

中盤の数曲でVocalをとり、”Going Down”やサム・クックのナンバーもセットインしています。

この公演でもジェフのフレージングは凄まじく、素晴らしいパフォーマンスを見せていますが、Big Blockでは珍しくジェフがソロ中に弦を切ってしまいます。

そしてアンコールでのZZ TOPとの共演は、ZZの70年代を代表する”Tush”や”La Grange”といった曲に、ジェフも殺人的フレーズを織り交ぜ、白熱したライヴとなっています。

尚、ボーナスに2014年の欧州ツアーとこの8月の米国ツアーから、パリでの”哀しみの恋人達”、そしてJimmy HallがVocalをとる8月29日、ニューヨーク サラマンカでの”迷信”を共に超アップの美麗ショットで追加収録しています。

信頼のJOHANNAレーベル、丁寧な独自マルチカメラ編集の”LIVE SEQUENCED SERIES”での登場です。

■1DVDR ■ 98mins / Multi-Cam MIX AUDIENCE SHOT
[the Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA August 13, 2014] Loaded
You Know You Know
You Never Know
Big Block
A Day in the Life
Morning Dew
Why Give It Away
A Change is Gonna Come
Little Wing
Goin’ Down
Danny Boy
Rollin’ and Tumblin’

[encore : ZZ TOP with JEFF BECK] Rough Boy
La Grange / Sloppy Drunk Jam
Sixteen Tons

[BONUS] Superstition
(Seneca Allegany Casino,Salamanca, NY 29/08/2014)
Cause We Ended as Lovers
(Le Grand Rex, PARIS 27/05/2014)

–Line up—
Bass: Rhonda Smith
Drums : Jonathan Joseph
Guitar : Nicholas Meier
Vocal : Jimmy Hall
Johanna. JPD-LS-011

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