Beatles / The Complete Barrett Tapes Volume One / 3CD Wx OBI Strip

Beatles / The Complete Barrett Tapes Volume One / 3CD Wx OBI Strip / Excavation Music Inc

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The Complete Barrett Tapes Volume two ( X 1 – X11) Stereo & Mono


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from EXCAVATION series of overwhelming popularity, once again, a valuable collection of Beatles sound source release. 
Unreleased studio and take-out of genuine Beatles did not hear most of the analog era. It was none the Get Back sessions except led to studio session sound source. 
It is not known to begin with you what was has been left, more than 10 years of recording, tape unpublished Beatles was recorded, was sleeping untouched in a warehouse of Abbey Road. 
Heavy door the warehouse began to open it, it is that after I made ​​in the 1980s. At the direction of officials began to realize the preciousness, work by examining the whole picture of the studio session, John Barrett is a young engineer, to record detailed data have been made.
The recorded video that is utilized great book of Mark Lewisohn in “The Beatles / recording session”, was screened in the event for the general public of the Abbey Road Studios in 1983, LP became the unpublished only plan after all ” It will be utilized for projects SESSIONS “, and the like. 
Sound was heard in the videos that have been published in the Abbey Road Studios LP and outtakes of “SESSIONS”, in the planning stage of the unreleased album, known as it has been viewed in the conference room “board room sound source (the label” OLD BLOWN It is now possible that the full version has appeared in the boot collecting), etc. to SHONE “, to hear the unreleased songs of the Beatles finally, but. still was a little still tune 
when it comes to 1988, the impact on mania of the TSP label that gave the “ULTRA RARE TRAX” will be released. studio outtakes real had never nobody heard, had been recorded in high-quality sound. outflow route while completely unknown to this sound source , is commonly called “Roger Scott sound source”, the release of angry waves starts here. After that, momentum increases in place of the yellow dog a recording label, studio sessions sound source of a huge number has been released. Torrent of angry waves, has become the flow of trickles choppy in recent years, but it has been taken over to the label of the current HMC. And theory that have the part has not yet been released of “Roger Scott sound source”, edit the sound source which was released in old sloppy because, Yellow Dog, fine debuts part if you give me again out of the master to be such as would appear, it is expected today. When was suddenly appeared and made ​​the end of the 1990s separately at all with it, it is what is commonly called “Barrett sound source”. And as it is said engineers described above while working in the studio, and was dubbed the cassette tape, at the time, appeared to fall apart in the title of various label. There is also a song that overlaps with “Roger Scott sound source”, although some minor CDR of overseas hard to get to many parts that appeared for the first time in the majority, and gave a surprise to mania, to align all of this There was a need to collect the title of, but it is in 2005, six CD set that also includes sound fine first appearance and sound of the all will be released. A few years later you have already sold out early, paper jacket remastered version that is up to clear the sound quality has been released in a very small quantity, but it was still difficult to obtain. Because it was copied by changing the size of the plastic case simply, the paper jacket board, being sold by the Yahoo auction, etc. Currently, CDR plastic cased jacket photos were dull aspect ratio is crazy CD in (description Impersonation display), and the contents because it is a waste of 0 market value \ copied in homemade further copy expert net shop made ​​digital noise is mixed, please be careful so as not to bid. In this release, the master of high-quality sound source of new discoveries far more than the previous master has been used. For conventional was a cassette tape from said to studio professional, was also hiss in the booming feeling, but it is recorded in high-quality sound with a powerful clear one skin in such a way towards. Also serves as a between songs longer than the previous one, and voices the sound of musical instruments and tape sound you hear for the first time because it has been recorded in some, you can be back to buy even better mania that owns the Original previous and it is with content. It consists of tape of 15 volumes in total, in the “VOLUME ONE”, is available from the up to Volume 12 of Volume 1. Until Volume 9 from Volume 1, rather than the content that is directly connected to each project, remix later in life from those of the middle of a session to, has been recorded from the master tape that was randomly selected from 1963 to 1968. Tape of 1970 and 1969, Volume 11 and Volume 10 is recorded just before the dissolution of the sound source. Volume 10, recorded two songs and two remixes of “Teddy Boy” was recorded alone George. Volume 11 is, what is called “popular name” Glyn Johns mix “different from the one album that became unpublished in the” Get Back “, it has been around from the analog era, first appearance Island this” Barrett sound source ” were. The has been recorded as a bonus track on disc 2, one of the early stages of the unreleased album “SESSIONS”, those inseparable from this “Barrett sound source”. Not the final version it was released in 1985 that was floating around in various ways from the analog era, and another version that is attached the working title was made ​​in 1984 of the previous year called “ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR”. “Christmas Time Is Here Again” is used to effectively to the opening and ending. Mania Own Limited specification as usual, is the paper jacket + color insert + Japanese sealed with belt.

そのアビーロード・スタジオで公開されたビデオで聞けたアウトテイクやLP「SESSIONS」の音源、未発表アルバムの企画段階で、会議室で視聴された通称「ボード・ルーム音源(同レーベルの『OLD BLOWN SHONE』に完全版が収録)等がブートに登場して、ようやくビートルズの未発表曲を聞くことができるようになりましたが、それでもまだわずかな曲でした。
1988年になると、マニアに衝撃を与えたTSPレーベルの『ULTRA RARE TRAX』がリリースされます。誰も聞いたことがなかった本物のスタジオ・アウトテイクが、高音質で収録されていました。この音源は流出経路は全く不明ながら、通称「ロジャー・スコット音源」と呼ばれ、ここから怒涛のリリースが始まります。その後、収録レーベルをイエロー・ドッグに変えて勢いは増し、膨大な数のスタジオ・セッション音源が放出されました。最近では怒涛の奔流は、途切れ途切れのちょろちょろの流れになってしまいましたが、現在のHMCレーベルにまで引き継がれています。イエロー・ドッグは、まだリリースされていない「ロジャー・スコット音源」の部分を持っているという説や、昔にリリースした音源の編集が雑なため、マスターから出し直してくれれば細かい新登場部分が出るはずなどと、今でも期待されています。


全部で15巻のテープから構成されており、「VOLUME ONE」 では、第1巻から第12巻まで収録されています。
第10巻と第11巻は1969年と1970年のテープで、解散直前の音源を収録。10巻は、「Teddy Boy」のリミックスが2種類と、ジョージ一人で録音した2曲が収録。



1 She Loves You (RS1)
2 She Loves You (RS2)
Exp.Mixes on E621752- 8.11.1966 from EP4242 3PM

3 Strawberry Fields Forever (RM 3/Take 7)
from E62495- 28/29.11.1966

4 Strawberry Fields Forever (RM9/Take 26)
from E62495- 15.12.1966

5 This Boy (RS15)
from E62241- 11.10.1966

6 That Means A Lot (Tk 20 & 21)
7 That Means A Lot (Tk 23 & 24)
8 That Means A Lot (test)
from E55741 remake- 30.5.1965

9 Don’t Bother Me (Tk10)
10 Don’t Bother Me (Tk11)
11 Don’t Bother Me (Tk12)
12 Don’t Bother Me (Tk13)
from E50527/8 remake- 12.9.1963

13 One After 909 (Tk1)
14 One After 909 (Tk2)
15 One After 909 (Tk3)
16 One After 909 (Tk4)
17 One After 909 (Tk5)
from E49016- 5.3.1963

18 Hold Me Tight (Tk20a)
19 Hold Me Tight (Tk20b)
20 Hold Me Tight (Tk21)
21 Hold Me Tight (Tk22)
22 Hold Me Tight (Tk23)
23 Hold Me Tight (Tk24)
24 Hold Me Tight (Tk25)
25 Hold Me Tight (Tk26)
26 Hold Me Tight (Tk27)
27 Hold Me Tight (Tk28)
28 Hold Me Tight (Tk29)
from E50527- 12.9.1963

29 Penny Lane (RM8)ya
30 Penny Lane (RM9)
31 Penny Lane (RM10)
from E61647- 9/10/12/17.1.967
Demo mix with extra trumpet from E62822-9/10.1.1967

32 Mr.Moonlight (LP2 Tk 4)
33 Mr.Moonlight (LP2 Tk 4)
from E53614-14.8.1964

34 Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da (Tk 5)
from E68768-5.7.1968

35 What You’re Doing (Tk 11)
from E53967-30.9.1964


1 From Me To You (Wthout harmonica but with vocal intro)
2 From Me To You (with harmonica intro)
from E49015-5.3.1963

3 Thank You Girl (Tk14 with edit end from Take 30)
4 Thank You Girl (Tk 30 edited best)
from E49015-5.3.1963

5 Yes It Is (RS1 best)
from E55319-16.2.1965

6 (Down In Havana)
7 Step Inside Love /Los Paranoias(acc gtr Paul +)
8 The Way You Look Tonight (acc gtr Paul +)
9 Jamming
10 (Can You Take Me Back)
from E70549-16.9.1968

11 It’s All Too Much (Mono long version)
12 It’s All Too Much (2T long version)
from E63801-25/26.3.1967

* “THE BEATLES – Sessions” Early Version, Summer 1984. at the time as “1,2,3,4!””

13 Christmas Time Is Here Again (Intro)
14 Come and Get It

15 Leave My Kitten Alone
16 Not Guilty
17 Im Looking Through You
18 Whats The New Mary Jane
19 How Do You Do It
20 Besame Mucho
21 One After 909
22 That Means A Lot
23 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
24 Mailman Blues
25 Ob La Di Ob La Da/ Christmas Time (Reprise)


01 Teddy Boy (Remixed from 8T by Johns/Martin)
from E69738-Z-24.1.1969

02 Teddy Boy
(Remixed from 8T by Brown/Spector RS2 cut out for LP)
from E097103-Z-25.3.1970

03 Old Brown Shoe (Take 2)
from E98644-25.2.1969

04 All Things Must Pass (Take 2)
from E98644-25.2.1969

* “THE BEATLES – X11” Glyn Johns Mixes- 5.1.1970, at Olympic Studio
05 One After 909
06 Link
07 Rock And Roll/ Chat
08 Don’t Let Me Down
09 Dig A Pony
10 I’ve Got A Feeling
11 Get Back
12 Let It Be
13 For You Blue
14 Two Of Us
15 Maggie Mae
16 Dig It
17 The Long And Winding Road
18 I Me Mine
19 Across The Universe
20 Get Back (reprise)



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