Japan / Nakano Sunplaza 1982 1st Night / 2CD

Japan / Nakano Sunplaza 1982 1st Night / 2CD / Wardour

Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 9th December 1982

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Japan in 1982 was the land of JAPAN dissolution. The ultimate sound source that has represented the tour to Japan is the ultimate upgrade. This is an emergency and permanent preservation press 2CD.
“The traditional sound source was recorded“ December 9, 1982: Nakano Sun Plaza Performance ”. It is the best audience recording. It is famous for the legendary FM broadcasts that came to Japan, but let’s check each position on the tour dates first.

・ December 8: Nippon Budokan (FM broadcast)
・ December 9: Nakano Sunplaza ← ★ This work ★
・ December 10: Nakano Sun Plaza
・ December 12: Tokyo Welfare Pension Hall (2 performances day and night)
・ December 14: Osaka Festival Hall
・ December 15: Kyoto Hall 1st Hall
・ December 16: Nagoya City Public Hall (Dissolution Concert)

Above, all 8 performances. The aforementioned FM broadcast was recorded at Nippon Budokan on the first day, but they performed 5 performances only in Tokyo. The Nakano Sun Plaza performance in this work was the second concert. This recording has been known for a long time, especially Ayanami label “SONS OF PIONEERS” has been loved as the finest record to experience the dissolution tour. This work is the same traditional recording, but it is neither a copy recurrence nor a remaster. It is the ultimate version directly digitized from the original cassette.
The opening SE “Burning Bridges” is about 30 seconds long and 3 minutes longer, so it is clear that it is different from the previous version, but it is only evidence of the new master. More striking is the sound that penetrates the whole story. This is really amazing. The sound of the hall that is slightly sucked in and the timbre of the singing voice have an audience-like character, so it will not be mistaken for a sound board. Anyway, the feeling of air is clear, the core jumps straight into the ear vividly, and it is neatly arranged from bass to treble. In particular, the bass tends to be a sizzling or explosive sound, but if this work is clear and vivid, and the attack sound is full of crispness, the groove feeling that rises from the line is also gorgeous. Of course, the middle and high pitched sounds on it are also superb, the synths seem to shine brilliantly, and David Sylvian’s singing voice is full of response and really sexy. Although our shop has delivered many brandies of Kinney recording, this work is not Kinney, but it is comparable to that prestigious. It ’s a timeless recording.
Although the clearness can be enjoyed with the conventional board, this work is more neat and beautiful. There should be no dubbing marks just because it was woken up from the original cassette, and its sound is as beautiful as possible. It is completely different from the conventional board, which was intensely equalized and somewhat painful to the ears. Moreover, since even the fine part of the sound remains, the clearness is not impaired even if the sound pressure is not earned. Even more surprising is the sense of stability. Although the conventional board was clear, there was a strange shaking in the sound, but this work is not at all. I don’t know if the cause of shaking was dubbing deterioration or the problem of digitization accuracy, but this work of the original cassette has a lot of natural feeling. Is it especially “Nightporter” that feels it? With a quiet tune, the distortion of the weak sound is conspicuous on the conventional board, and it seems to cause dizziness. On the other hand, although this work feels hisstic “she” in the weak sound part, the marimba and the synth are one-by-one, and the clearness is further enhanced without shaking. It ’s a completely different sense of stability.
The ultimate sound is drawn by the culmination of the culmination of the end of JAPAN. Speaking of their live albums, the traditional official record “OIL ON CANVAS” comes to mind, but this work is a full show including famous songs that you can’t even listen to. Let’s organize the contents here.

● QUIET LIFE (3 songs)
・ Quiet Life
・ Songs you can’t listen to at OIL ON CANVAS: Alien / Fall in Love With Me
・ Gentlemen Take Polaroids / Swing / Nightporter / Methods of Dance
・ Songs that can not be heard on OIL ON CANVAS: Burning Bridges (SE)
● TIN DRUM (7 songs)
・ Sons of Pioneers / Cantonese Boy / Visions of China / Canton / Ghosts / Still Life in Mobile Homes / The Art of Parties
● Other (2 songs)
・ Songs you can’t listen to at OIL ON CANVAS: Life in Tokyo / European Son

… and it looks like this. “OIL ON CANVAS” is close to the November 1982 live, and the composition that emphasizes “TIN DRUM” remains the same. On top of that, “QUIET LIFE” numbers and single songs “Life in Tokyo” and “European Son” have been increased, making it even more intensive. ★ Especially “Fall in Love With Me” is a delicious number that can not be heard on FM broadcasts of Budokan mentioned above.
Furthermore, the experience of penetrating at a stretch is wonderful. “OIL ON CANVAS” includes a new studio record, and Budokan FM has been replaced according to the program structure. On the other hand, this work is a genuine audience recording. Although there is a lack of tape change at the beginning of “The Art of Parties”, it is also very short for the main riff, and other than that, it will be the culmination of JAPAN from “Burning Bridges” to announce the start to the outro of the final performance. You can fully enjoy the full show.
[Japan] This week, Japan announced its dissolution at the Nagoya performance, and drew its history. It is a live album where you can enjoy such a legendary performance in Japan with the finest sound of the Daimoto cassette. This is a cultural heritage class that will give you a full show experience that you couldn’t expect from an official work or a famous FM broadcast. Please enjoy to your heart’s content on a permanent preservation press 2CD.

★ It is a taper work of that queen’s apex recording board “AT LAST BUDOKAN” (Tokyo 5/9/85).


・12月8日:日本武道館 (FM放送)
・12月9日:中野サンプラザ ←★本作★

以上、全8公演。前述のFM放送は初日の日本武道館で収録されましたが、彼らは東京だけで5公演を実施。本作の中野サンプラザ公演は、その2公演目にあたるコンサートでした。この録音は以前から知られており、特にAyanamiレーベルの『SONS OF PIONEERS』は解散ツアーの現場を体験できる極上の記録として愛されてきました。本作も同じ伝統録音なのですが、コピー再発でもなければ、リマスターでもない。大元カセットからダイレクトにデジタル化された究極バージョンなのです。
開演SE「Burning Bridges」が約30秒長く、全体でも3分長いことからも従来盤と違うのは明らかですが、それはあくまで新マスターの証拠に過ぎない。それ以上に鮮烈なのは全編を貫くサウンド。これがもう、本当に素晴らしい。ほんのりわずかに吸い込まれたホール鳴りや歌声の音色にオーディエンスらしさがあるのでサウンドボードと間違えたりはしませんが、クリアさは間違えてもおかしくない。とにかく空気感が透き通っており、芯が輪郭も鮮やかに耳元へ真っ直ぐ飛びこみ、低音から高音まで綺麗に整っている。特に低音はスカスカになるか、爆音になるかしがちなのですが、本作はくっきりと鮮やかでアタック音もゴリゴリ感たっぷりならラインから立ち上るグルーヴ感も艶やか。もちろんその上に乗る中高音も見事で、シンセはキラキラと輝くようですし、デヴィッド・シルヴィアンの歌声も手応えたっぷりで実にセクシー。当店ではキニー録音の銘品を数多くお届けしてきましたが、本作はキニーではないものの、あの名門に匹敵する。まさに時代を超えた名録音なのです。
そんな究極サウンドで描かれるのは、JAPAN終焉が間近に迫った集大成の熱演。彼らのライヴアルバムと言えば、何はさておき伝統の公式盤『OIL ON CANVAS』が浮かぶわけですが、本作はそこでも聴けない名曲も含めたフルショウ。ここで、その内容を整理しておきましょう。

・Quiet Life
・OIL ON CANVASで聴けない曲:Alien/Fall in Love With Me
・Gentlemen Take Polaroids/Swing/Nightporter/Methods of Dance
・OIL ON CANVASで聴けない曲:Burning Bridges(SE)
・Sons of Pioneers/Cantonese Boy/Visions of China/Canton/Ghosts/Still Life in Mobile Homes/The Art of Parties
・OIL ON CANVASで聴けない曲:Life in Tokyo/European Son

……と、このようになっています。『OIL ON CANVAS』は1982年11月のライヴだけに時期も近く、『TIN DRUM』を重視した構成は変わらない。その上で『QUIET LIFE』ナンバーやシングル曲「Life in Tokyo」「European Son」が増量されており、より一層集大成的。★特に「Fall in Love With Me」は前述した武道館のFM放送でも聴けない美味しいナンバーです。
さらに言えば、一気貫通の体験感も素晴らしい。『OIL ON CANVAS』はスタジオ新録も交えていますし、武道館FMも番組構成に沿って入れ替えられていた。それに対し、本作は正真正銘一発録りのオーディエンス録音。「The Art of Parties」冒頭にテープチェンジの欠けはあるものの、それもメインリフ1回分くらいのごく短いものですし、それ以外は開演を告げる「Burning Bridges」から終演のアウトロまで、JAPANの集大成となるフルショウを淀みなく満喫できるのです。

★あのクイーンの頂点録音盤「AT LAST BUDOKAN」(Tokyo 5/9/85) のテーパーの作品です。

Disc 1 (41:50)
1. Burning Bridges
2. Sons of Pioneers
3. Alien
4. Gentlemen Take Polaroids
5. Swing
6. Cantonese Boy
7. Visions of China
8. Nightporter

Disc 2 (54:15)
1. Canton
2. Ghosts
3. Still Life in Mobile Homes
4. Methods of Dance
5. Quiet Life
6. European Son
7. The Art of Parties
8. Life in Tokyo
9. Fall in Love With Me


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