Aerosmith / Get Your Wings Quadraphonic DVD Audio Edition / 1DVDR Audio

Aerosmith / Get Your Wings Quadraphonic DVD Audio Edition / 1DVDR Audio / PCQ

Translated Text:
PPCM (96 kHz / 24Bit) 4.0 SURROUND + DOLBY DIGITAL (48 kHz / 16BIT) 4.0 SURROUND. Soundboard


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Quadra phonic LP of 1975 Easumisu second album was released in years, “GET YOUR WINGS” it is, appeared in the DVD audio 4-channel multi-track recording of the original street!

This “GET YOUR WINGS” in the Aerosmith album, “TOYS IN THE ATTIC”, but three works of “ROCKS” has been launched in Quadra phonic LP in the 1970s, the environment that can be played on the current LP itself valuable In severe even situation, other than was released in Super Audio CD “TOYS IN THE ATTIC”, it was not able to enjoy this surround sound.
This time, use a good valuable Quad phonic LP of state this also valuable dedicated equipment, and Kon’vu~ato to digital extracts the four channels. PPCM 96kHZ / 24BIT, recorded in four channels of high-resolution formats and Dolby Digital 4 channel (here playable in DVD player of DVD-AUDIO playback disabled).
The speaker is different from that of the original even four without, you can also enjoy in this Quadra follower mix the two-channel stereo for Nick.
Of course, not the one that was to surround the all-too-common stereo audio in virtual, fan just be able to enjoy the time multitrack realistic surround that has been mixed from willingly of course, audio-mania is also a must-have item!

1975年に発売されたエアスミスのセカンド・アルバム「GET YOUR WINGS」のクアドラフォニックLPが、オリジナル通りの4チャンネルのマルチトラック収録のDVDオーディオで登場!

エアロスミスのアルバムではこの「GET YOUR WINGS」、「TOYS IN THE ATTIC」、「ROCKS」の3作が70年代にクアドラフォニックLPで発売されましたが、現在LP自体が貴重な上に再生できる環境も厳しい状況で、スーパーオーディオCDで発売された「TOYS IN THE ATTIC」以外は、このサラウンド・サウンドを楽しむ事が出来ませんでした。
今回、状態の良い貴重なクアドフォニックLPとこれまた貴重な専用の機材を使用し、この4チャンネルを抽出しデジタルにコンヴァート。PPCM 96kHZ/24BIT、4チャンネルのハイレゾ・フォーマットとドルビー・デジタル4チャンネル(こちらはDVD-AUDIO再生不可のDVDプレイヤーでも再生可)で収録。
1. Same Old Song and Dance / 2. Load of the Thighs /3. Spaced /4. Woman of the World /5. S.O.S. (TOO BAD) / 6. Train Kept a Rollin’ / 7. Seasons of Wither / 8. Pandora’s Box



PCQ 32847 DVD-A

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