Aerosmith / Hampton 1987 / 1CD

Aerosmith / Hampton 1987 / 1CD / Zodiac

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Live at Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA. USA 16th November 1987 STEREO SBD


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Still, giant reign at the top of the rock world, AEROSMITH. Maximum in 1987, which became the turning point of the official class sound board album in their career is appeared!
That the present work has been recorded is “November 16, 1987 Hampton performances”. This is a classic sound that has been radio broadcasting for some time, but from the unused broadcast disk of the WESTWOOD ONE, It is one that has been digitized directly with the latest equipment. Moreover, in this work has been Japan Broadcasting “Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)” is also added. In recent years, this day full version audience also been excavated of, but also pseudo full version that patches and sound board has appeared, sound quality difference could that would afloat is bitter smile if you are too violently, listening indeed. However, the present work is to abandon the complete recording of the show (“Magic Touch”, “I’m Down” is unreleased) instead, sound board sound source only the full coverage of this day. By applying a polite mastering, and finished to gulp communication transmural of live albums do not know at all joints. Korezo, is the ultimate upgrade board of highest sound source that did not ceded the seat of many years large classic!
The sound, the more perfect it is not know how I explain how what. Recordings if professional, mix also professional. Because even I degradation also zero in the broadcast disk straight drop, no different just official album. That’s, I “PERMANENT VACATION” even listen to continue with sound quality as much as there is no discomfort.
And, its performance is also referred to as the official class …… or, it is the definitive stage to be left to the official. History of AEROSMITH, also it can be said that the second time of the debut “PERMANENT VACATION” is thoroughly but became a big hit on the equation of the calculated exhausted victory, and turn to the stage AEROSMITH large explosion of “raw”. Voice of Steven Tyler at the time 39-year-old, even while missing completely the grassy smell, youthfulness intact. I am diverge about choking a thick sex appeal. New song is kept to a degree “Dude (Looks Like A Lady),” “Rag Doll”, Zurari luxury sets, such as whether to introduce the history to a new fan (!’re Me Starring until “Lightning Strikes”). However, the 1970s and is neither as it is, only luxury of big-production is plus. RUN? Co-star of the DMC, such as it was hit by Narifuri may unexpected Chikarawaza “PERMANENT VACATION”, it is the careful and a strange stage boldly to tailwind is at once blast that have piled up.
Strategy certainly in the “PERMANENT VACATION” was superb. However, no matter how precisely calculated, not be able to move the age by itself. Was considered as “AEROSMITH is still great” in front of an audience of gathered eyes, what if there is overwhelm performance, and I was able to lay the foundation of the throne and then up to 28 years. So, here to listen performance, hot as unexpected willing even Narifuri it may unexpected strategy, hot air to the comeback. “We are. Not finished! Does not end” it’s a firm determination to. Concentration and heat of this up to tremendous, even 70s was innocent intently, not listen even now that way down is in the dignity of grand champion sumo. Here only, it’s the only of magma in 1987.

Chuck Berry from tighten know Ronnkunroru birth to Mantenka in “Maybellene”, ’60 this year. In the history of the long-standing lock, and Nagarae as bosom Merobando, the band celebrated the second time his third break there was some. However, as AEROSMITH of 1987, the band / artist who played a stunning comeback in the firm determination not. One and if the age is built musicians anyone has changed the dream to reality that hope, and I the passion and magic is one jammed to overflowing with the highest sound quality. Tokuno of live album should leave in rock history, I will deliver you to the press CD that remains forever!


本作が収録されたのは「1987年11月16日ハンプトン公演」。かねてよりラジオ放送されてきた定番音源ですが、そのWESTWOOD ONEの未使用放送ディスクから、最新機材でダイレクトにデジタル化された1枚です。しかも、本作では日本放送された「Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)」も追加。近年、この日の完全版オーディエンスも発掘され、サウンドボードとパッチした疑似完全版も登場していますが、さすがに音質差があまりに激しく、聴いていて苦笑いが浮かんでしまうものでした。しかし、本作はショウの完全収録を放棄する(「Magic Touch」「I’m Down」が未収録)代わりに、この日のサウンドボード音源だけを完全網羅。丁寧なマスタリングを施すことで、繋ぎ目もまったく分からない一気通貫のライヴ・アルバムに仕上げました。これぞ、長年大定番の座を譲らなかった最高峰音源の究極アップグレード盤です!
そのサウンドは、何をどう説明していいか分からないほど完璧。録音もプロフェッショナルなら、ミックスもプロ仕様。さらに放送ディスク直落としで劣化もゼロなのですから、まさに公式アルバムとなんら変わらない。それこそ、「PERMANENT VACATION」と続けて聴いても違和感がないほどのサウンド・クオリティなのです。
そして、そのパフォーマンスも公式級……と言いますか、公式に残すべき決定的なステージです。AEROSMITHの歴史上、二度目のデビューとも言える「PERMANENT VACATION」は、徹底的に計算され尽くした勝利の方程式の上に大ヒットしましたが、一転してステージでは“生”のAEROSMITHが大爆発。当時39歳のスティーヴン・タイラーの歌声は、青臭さが完全に抜けつつも、若々しさはそのまま。濃厚な色気をむせ返るほどに発散しています。新曲は「Dude (Looks Like A Lady)」「Rag Doll」程度に抑え、新しいファンに歴史を紹介するかのような豪華セット(「Lightning Strikes」まで演っている!)をずらり。しかし、70年代そのままでもなく、ビッグ・プロダクションの豪華さだけが上乗せされている。RUN?DMCとの共演、なりふり構わぬ力業でヒットさせた「PERMANENT VACATION」など、慎重かつ大胆に積み上げてきた追い風が一気に爆風に変わったステージなのです。
確かに「PERMANENT VACATION」での戦略は見事でした。しかし、いかに精緻に計算しようとも、それだけでは時代を動かすことはできない。集まった目の前の観客に「AEROSMITHはやっぱり凄い」と思わせ、圧倒するパフォーマンスがあればこそ、その後28年に及ぶ王座の礎を築くことができたのです。そう、ここで聴けるパフォーマンスは、なりふり構わぬ戦略さえも厭わぬほど熱い、カムバックへの熱気。「俺たちは終わらない。終われない!」という固い決意なのです。この凄まじいまでの集中力と熱さは、ひたすらに無垢だった70年代でも、横綱相撲の貫禄で押し切る現在でも聴けない。ここだけの、1987年だけのマグマなのです。


1. Toys In The Attic 2. Same Old Song And Dance 3. Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)
4. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) 5. Big Ten Inch Record 6. Lightning Strikes 7. Rag Doll
8. Back In The Saddle 9. Last Child 10. Guitar Intro. 11. Draw The Line 12. Rats In The Cellar
13. Dream On 14. Sweet Emotion 15. Train Kept A Rollin’ 16. Walk This Way

Steven Tyler – Vocals Joe Perry – Guitar Brad Whitford – Guitar Tom Hamilton – Bass
Joey Kramer – Drums



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