Y & T / Sellersville 2019 / 2CDR

Y & T / Sellersville 2019 / 2CDR / Shades

Live At Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, pA, USA 6th March 2019.

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This is the schedule of “45 ANNIVERSARY TOUR” published to date. Although the home base California is held in a separate frame, other than that, the North American tour is conducted. The cellarsville performance of this work was a concert that hits the middle 10 performances of such “North America # 1”.
The quality of this work that recorded the show is the best audience recording that I want to line up with “super” Zurazura … … Is it? Suddenly, I apologize for not being relied upon. As a matter of fact, it is definitely a hat for audience recording only to the master that the recorder himself has published, but it does not seem so regardless of where it is heard. There is no sense of distance, and the immersive feeling that guitars and drums are sounding in the brain is great, and the singing level is also poured into the microphone. Furthermore, the firewood at the site is far from it. It is a feeling of close contact that you think “Mike even pasted to PA?”, But it does not chat at all even if it approaches Fortissimo. If it is a blind test, it will definitely answer “Taku directly connected sound board!” Immediately, maybe it may be a person concerned recording …..
What is drawn by the transcendental sound which becomes doubtful by all means is also the 45th anniversary show of this excellent again. In Japan, the two days were changed to “45th Anniversary Set (Selected from All Album)” and “Fan Request”, but this film is a delicious treat for both parties. On the first day of the Japan tour, as with “KAWASAKI 2019 1ST NIGHT (Shades 1007)”, it is selected from all albums from the debut of the YESTERDAY AND TODAY era to the latest “FACEMELTER”, and shows Y & T’s history from corner to corner It is a live album concentrated on
Of course, that is not the same as “KAWASAKI 2019 1ST NIGHT”. In comparison, songs such as “Hard Times”, “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark”, “Don’t Wanna Lose”, “Lipstick And Leather” and “Straight Thru The Heart” are missing, “Lonely Side Of Town” “Come In It has been replaced by From The Rain, I Believe In You, and Go For The Throat. The point is particularly high “Go For The Throat”. It is a really cool selection such as the B side of the 1985 single “All American Boy”, and it is a hidden masterpiece that I did not play in Japanese performances. Actually, this was realized by the request from the fan. In other words, this work is a show that meets the fan request while being a “whole set” only because it is the 45th anniversary.

The 12 albums announced in 45 years are concentrated on one stage, and the show is too delicious to meet even more enthusiastic requests. It is a live album where you can experience the whole story in a transcendent sound that can only be thought of as a direct coupled sound board. The two series of Japanese performances “KAWASAKI 2019 1ST NIGHT” and “2ND NIGHT (Shades 1008)” were also extraordinary, but a major edition that is no less inferior to any other will reach from overseas. An ensemble comes also more than a Japanese performance, and one that can enjoy “45 ANNIVERSARY TOUR” while driving at full power. Please try.

これが現在までに公表されている“45 ANNIVERSARY TOUR”のスケジュール。本拠地カリフォルニアを別枠で押さえていますが、それ以外にも北米ツアーを実施。本作のセラーズビル公演は、そんな「北米#1」のド真ん中10公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そのショウを記録した本作のクオリティは「超」をズラズラと並べたい極上オーディエンス録音………ですよね? いきなり、頼りなくなって申し訳ありません。実のところ、録音者自身が公開したマスターだけに確実にオーディエンス録音のハズなのですが、どこをどう聴いてもそう思えない。距離感ゼロどころか、ギターやドラムが脳内で鳴っているような没入感が絶大で、歌声もマイクに流し込まれる吐息レベル。さらに現場の喝采も遙かに遠い。「PAにマイクでも貼り付けた?」と思うほどのド密着感でありながら、フォルテッシモに迫ってもまったくビビリもしない。ブラインド・テストされたら間違いなく「卓直結サウンドボード!」と即答してしまいますし、もしかしたら関係者録音なのでしょうか……。
何とも疑り深くなる超絶サウンドで描かれるのは、これまた絶品の45周年ショウ。日本では2日間を「45周年記念セット(全アルバムからセレクト)」「ファンリクエスト」とセットを変えていましたが、本作は両者の美味しいどこ取り。日本公演の初日『KAWASAKI 2019 1ST NIGHT(Shades 1007)』と同じようにYESTERDAY AND TODAY時代のデビュー作から最新『FACEMELTER』までの全アルバムからセレクトされ、Y&Tの歴史を隅から隅まで1回のショウに濃縮したライヴアルバムなのです。
もちろん、だからと言って『KAWASAKI 2019 1ST NIGHT』と同じなわけではない。比較すると「Hard Times」「Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark」「Don’t Wanna Lose」「Lipstick And Leather」「Straight Thru The Heart」といった曲が落ちており、「Lonely Side Of Town」「Come In From The Rain」「I Believe In You」「Go For The Throat」に入れ替えられているのです。特にポイントが高いのは「Go For The Throat」。1985年のシングル『All American Boy』のB面という実に渋いセレクトであり、日本公演では演奏しなかった隠れ名曲なのです。実はこれ、ファンからリクエストで実現したもの。つまり、本作は45周年だからこその「全作セット」でありつつ、ファンリクエストにも応えたショウなのです。

45年で発表した12枚のアルバムを1回のステージに濃縮し、さらにマニアックなリクエストにまで応えた美味しすぎるショウ。その全貌を卓直結サウンドボードとしか思えない超絶サウンドで体験できるライヴアルバムです。日本公演の2連作『KAWASAKI 2019 1ST NIGHT』『同 2ND NIGHT(Shades 1008)』も超絶でしたが、まさか勝るとも劣らない大名盤が海外からも届こうとは。日本公演よりさらにアンサンブルもこなれ、全力運転中の“45 ANNIVERSARY TOUR”を楽しめる1本。ぜひ、お試しください。

Disc 1(78:19)
1. Intro 2. Hurricane 3. Lonely Side Of Town 4. Don’t Stop Running 5. Black Tiger
6. Come In From The Rain 7. Mean Streak 8. Midnight In Tokyo 9. Face Like An Angel
10. Earthshaker 11. Struck Down 12. I Want Your Money 13. I Believe In You

Disc 2(65:14)
1. Hang ‘Em High 2. 21st Century 3. Go For The Throat 4. Contagious 5. Summertime Girls
6. I’ll Cry 7. Rescue Me 8. I’m Coming Home 9. Encore Break 10. Sail On By
11. Open Fire 12. Forever

Dave Meniketti – Vocals, Guitar John Nymann – Guitar Mike Vanderhule – Drums
Aaron Leigh – Bass

Shades 1037


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