YES / Tokyo 2019 Final Night / 2CD

YES / Tokyo 2019 Final Night / 2CD / Virtuoso
Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan 24th February 2019

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A performance of “50TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR”, and it was a show of only one time in the world, “24th February 2019: Tokyo Dome City Hall”. The best original recording is appeared in permanent storage press 2CD.
The 50th anniversary of the visit to Japan this year is acclaimed in Tomeisaka after acclaim. In our shop, such a day has been reported daily by masterpiece recording. This work is also the final bullet. First, let’s organize the collection by date.

・ February 19 “NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019” Disc 1-2
・ February 20 “NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019” Disc 3-4
・ February 22 “TOKYO 2019 1ST NIGHT”
・ February 23 “TOKYO 2019 2ND NIGHT”
・ February 24: Tokyo Dome City Hall [This work] ※ Note: Only representative works each day.

Above, all 5 performances. Only “NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019” was introduced from Amity label, but all subsequent Tokyo performances are press CDs. This work completes the best sound collection.
Even in such a masterpiece series, this work is a remarkable work that slipped through. After all, the show is too special. Daily set called topic this tour, but this is the first thing in the history of YES of coming to Japan. Up until now, it was about the replacement of the encore, but this time, it has changed significantly to the main story set and concept. Even the new song inspired the 50th anniversary set full of rare songs. Although there was a place to be heard each day, it was the last day that got the most attention among them. First, let’s organize the concepts of each day.

・ February 19 (Nagoya): “Crisis” completely reproduced
・ February 20 (Amagasaki): “Crisis” completely reproduced
・ February 22 (Tokyo): “Crisis” completely reproduced
・ February 23 (Tokyo): Best song selection set
・ February 24 (Tokyo): “Third album” perfect reproduction ← ★ this work ★

… and is like this. This work was a perfect reproduction show of the well-known “third album”. The first three days of the show also featured a high degree of completion, but “crisis” was also experienced in Japan in 2014. In contrast, the third album is the first in Japan. Moreover, this is rare in the whole world. This was also a reproduction show itself in 2014, but only for this day at “50 TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR”. The rhythm team was strengthened with Billy Sherwood & Jay Sheren, and also the originalator: Toni Kay. What’s more, the show combined with the rare music of the 50th anniversary was only one day in the whole world.
The sound which recorded such a show is also wonderful. The show itself was reported on the gift album “TOKYO 2019 DAY 3” the other day, but this work is a completely different recording. “TOKYO 2019 DAY 3” was also a masterpiece that it was a shame to be a gift, but this work is a superb recording of exquisite items over a circle. Anyway, it is lonely and beautiful. There is no need to make a mistake on the soundboard as a lively whistling will occur in the opening scene, but it is not surprising that the playing sound itself is a mistake. A thick, solid core arrives straight to the contour, and the detail of the detail is as clear as FM broadcast. But when I listened to my headphones, I noticed a faint venue sound. And it’s great because it doesn’t become cloudy or cloudy. It produces a feeling of “falling down” to the chorus specific to YES, giving gloss and gloss to the sound of the instrumental tone.
Moreover, the balance is excellent. While each instrument is beautifully separated, each one is thick like a rough rope. The treble extends beautifully as if the venue has no ceiling, and the midrange is full of delicacy in touch. And the bass. A line of attack sounds like gori gori and bing bins, as well as a detailed vive drawing grooves. It is a live album that draws a symphonic world while they are intertwined delicately.

● The first part (disk 1)
It is unbearable that such a sound is drawn only once in the world. The show consists of two parts + encore, the same as other days, and the first part concentrates on the 50th anniversary special feeling. Basically, it is the second day of Tokyo the day before, and it is a form that omits only “Clap” that has been turned to “third album” reproduction. The “Heart of the Sunrise”, which was not played on Nagoya, Osaka or Tokyo on the first day, will also be shown.
The “Close to the Edge” that celebrates the opening with the “Heart of the Sunrise” is a staple, but in the meantime, it is a compilation of rare songs. Mid-’70s Parallels and ‘Madrigal’ burst into action, and ” Nine Voices ” in the 90’s and ‘We Can Fly’ in the 2000s. Above all “Sweet Dreams” of “Time and words” is glad. Two songs from the same album are not as broad, and they create a variety of “50th Anniversary” feelings.

● second part + encore (disc 2)
And, the second part is the “third album” reproduction that I have been waiting for. The start is appearance of Tony Kay who participated as a guest! Tony’s participation was also a point in this tour, but the first part of this day there are no guests. It is the first appearance here. Although it is a scene that rises every night, its impression is exceptional when it is a “third album” reproduction. Unfortunately there are only 2 songs “Yours Is No Disgrace” and “Starship Trooper” as well as other performances, but that means “third album” A side. Though not all, the sense of concept also blurs. Also, Alan White will participate in “Starship Trooper”.
Another point is the first time in Japan “A Venture”. Even if there are a lot of rare songs coming to Japan, this song is only for this day. You can enjoy the extremely rare songs played just because the album is reproduced with the best sound.

“50th Anniversary + Third Album” Night which was only once in the whole world. It is a decision board which permanently saved the precious field scene with the best sound. Even in the 50th anniversary of highly acclaimed Japan, this is a true hit. Please enjoy yourself with Press 2CD.

“50TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR”の全世界千秋楽にして、世界で1回だけのショウだった「2019年2月24日:東京ドームシティホール」公演。その極上オリジナル録音が永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。

・2月19日『NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019』Disc 1-2
・2月20日『NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019』Disc 3-4
・2月22日『TOKYO 2019 1ST NIGHT』
・2月23日『TOKYO 2019 2ND NIGHT』
・2月24日:東京ドームシティホール 【本作】

以上、全5公演。『NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019』のみAmityレーベルからのご紹介となりましたが、その後の東京公演はすべてプレスCD。本作で極上サウンド・コレクションが完成するのです。

・2月24日(東京):『サード・アルバム』完全再現 ←★本作★

……と、このようになっています。本作は、名盤『サード・アルバム』の完全再現ショウだったわけです。冒頭3日間の再現ショウも高い完成度が話題になりましたが、『危機』は2014年の来日で経験済みでもあった。それに対し、『サード・アルバム』は日本初。しかも、これは全世界的にも珍しい。これまた2014年に再現ショウ自体はあったのですが、“50TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR”ではこの日だけ。ビリー・シャーウッド&ジェイ・シェレンでリズム隊が強化され、さらにオリジネイター:トニー・ケイまで参加。しかも、50周年ならではのレア曲と組み合わされたショウは、全世界でもこの1日だけだったのです。
そんなショウを記録したサウンドも素晴らしい。このショウ自体は、先日ギフト・アルバム『TOKYO 2019 DAY 3』でレポートしておりましたが、本作はまったくの別録音。『TOKYO 2019 DAY 3』もギフトにはもったいないという傑作でしたが、本作は輪をかけて絶品な極上録音なのです。とにかく瑞々しく美しい。開演シーンで生々しい喝采が沸き起こるのでサウンドボード間違える事はありませんが、演奏音自体は間違えても不思議ではない。輪郭までくっきりとした骨太な芯が真っ直ぐに届き、ディテールの細やかさはFM放送のように鮮明。それでいてヘッドフォンで耳を澄ますと、うっすらとした会場音響にも気づく。しかも、それが濁りや曇りにならないから素晴らしい。YES特有のコーラスに“降り注ぎ”感を演出し、器楽音の鳴りに艶と光沢を与えている。

そんなサウンドで描かれるのが世界で1回だけのショウだからたまらない。ショウは他日と同じく2部構成+アンコールとなっており、第一部は50周年の特別感を濃縮したもの。基本的には前日の東京2日目を踏襲しており、『サード・アルバム』再現に回された「Clap」だけを省略したカタチ。名古屋・大阪・東京初日では演奏しなかった「Heart of the Sunrise」も披露されます。
その「Heart of the Sunrise」とオープニングを飾る「Close to the Edge」こそ定番ですが、その合間はレア曲で綴る集大成。70年代中期の「Parallels」「Madrigal」が連発し、90年代の「Nine Voices」や2000年代の「We Can Fly」も披露。何より『時間と言葉』の「Sweet Dreams」が嬉しい。同じアルバムから2曲はない幅広さで、バラエティ豊かな“50周年”感を描いてくれます。

そして、第二部はいよいよお待ちかねの『サード・アルバム』再現。そのスタートは、ゲスト参加したトニー・ケイの登場! 今回のツアーではトニーの参加もポイントでしたが、この日の第一部はゲストなし。ここで初めて登場となりました。毎晩盛り上がるシーンではあるものの、『サード・アルバム』再現となればその感慨は格別。残念ながら他公演と同じく2曲「Yours Is No Disgrace」「Starship Trooper」だけですが、これはつまり『サード・アルバム』A面ということ。全部ではないにしろ、コンセプト感も滲むのです。また、「Starship Trooper」ではアラン・ホワイトも参加します。
もう1つのポイントは何と言っても日本初公開「A Venture」。レア曲たっぷりの来日でも、この曲はこの日だけ。アルバム再現だからこそ演奏される激レア曲を極上サウンドで楽しめるのです。



Disc 1 (61:57)
1. The Firebird Suite 2. Close to the Edge 3. Nine Voices (Longwalker) 4. Parallels
5. Madrigal 6. Fly From Here, Part I: We Can Fly 7. Sweet Dreams
8. Heart of the Sunrise

Disc 2 (69:03)
1. Intro. 2. Yours Is No Disgrace 3. Clap 4. Starship Trooper
5. I’ve Seen All Good People 6. A Venture 7. Perpetual Change
8. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed 9. Band Introductions
10. Roundabout

Steve Howe – guitar, vocals Alan White – drums Geoff Downes – keyboards, vocals
Jon Davison – vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion Billy Sherwood – bass, vocals
Jay Schellen – drums Tony Kaye – keyboards

Virtuoso 396/397

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