Dream Theater / Definitive Osaka 1993 Dat Master / 2CD

Dream Theater / Definitive Osaka 1993 Dat Master / 2CD /Zodiac

Translated Text:
Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 28th August 1993 STEREO SBD

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The revolutionary board “IMAGES AND WORDS” era when the goddess of music smiled. The second volume of its superb sound board in Japan is appearing.
The legendary board “DEFINITIVE OSAKA 1992 (Zodiac 311)” released the other day is very popular, but the engraved in this work is the second visit to Japan “MUSIC IN PROGRESS TOUR”. Among them is ultra super stereo sound board recording recorded at “Osaka Festival Hall Show” on August 28, 1993. From the second visit to Japan, the official work “LIVE IN TOKYO” has also been released, but this work is completely different performances. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the schedule of the time.

· August 23: Tokyo Kokenkin Kinenkan
· August 25: Nakano Sanguraza
· August 26: Nakano Sanguraza ← ※ Official image
· August 28: Osaka Festival Hall 【this work】

Over, all four performances. Although the number of performances is not so much, the hall is one size larger than the hall. Above all, the hot weather at that time can be felt where the second time has been realized as early as 8 months after the first visit to Japan. The Osaka performance of this work was a concert which is the final day of such a Japan tour (in the end, Osaka was the last to come to Japan).
Such a show is also known as a spill sound board, but this work was again converted to CD from its original DAT. Although it had been finished immediately after playing the last “Learning To Live” in the past, the original DAT continued to rotate afterwards, and also recorded the final BGM. This work, including those scenes, is a complete version longer than 6 minutes. However, such length is only evidence of Daito DAT. The truly wonderful thing is the sound that is recorded because of the DAT recorded directly on the scene. Early departure from the trends of the time or sound equalization by equalizing, especially the bass was raised too much and it stayed up. However, this work is a genuine original sound. The guitar is overcome to the vibe of the string, and the bus drum which had been crushed by the previous episode is drawn vividly to the moment when it disappears from the rise of 1 stroke 1 stroke. At that time, the sound itself that was flowing to the sound board table on the spot was directly poured into the brain.
A show drawn with such original sound is overwhelming. As well as the first visit to Japan, all songs of the super name board “IMAGES AND WORDS” are the axis, but was it conscious of a short period of re-arrival? “WHEN DREAM AND DAY UNITE” The number “Afterlife” and “A Fortune In Lies” were chosen, “To Live Forever” which was the B side of “Eve” and single “LIE” was played as soon as possible . Arrangement is also devised, the theme of the TV drama “Spy Dai Taisen” is played in the ending of “Metropolis – Part I”, and the introduction of “Take The Time” will also be “The Mirror” later “Puppies On Acid “has been inserted.
Such re-arrival show was also apparent in the official video “LIVE IN TOKYO”, but this work is a further complete recording. Besides “Metropolis – Part I / Mission Impossible”, “Afterlife”, “Eve”, “Learning To Live” is also cut at “LIVE IN TOKYO”, and “Another Day” Live. Moreover, they are screwed into the brain by a unified super-superb sound board.

Participant leakage Osaka performance in “IMAGES AND WORDS” era revived with original sound of DAT. It is a sister work of the revisited version that inherits the beauty of “DEFINITIVE OSAKA 1992” altogether. Although the previous work was also a super masterpiece that symbolizes one music genre, trying to taste the continuation in the same dimension. Cultural heritage grade stocks, again!

音楽の女神が微笑んだ革命盤『IMAGES AND WORDS』時代。その超極上サウンドボード・イン・ジャパンの第2弾が登場です。
先日リリースされた初来日の伝説盤『DEFINITIVE OSAKA 1992(Zodiac 311)』が大人気真っ盛りですが、本作に刻まれているのは続く2度目の来日“MUSIC IN PROGRESS TOUR”。そのうち「1993年8月28日:大阪フェスティバルホール公演」で記録された超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。2度目の来日からはオフィシャル作品『LIVE IN TOKYO』でものこされていますが、本作はまったくの別公演。まずは、当時の日程からショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。

・8月26日:中野サンプラザ ←※公式映像

そんなショウは流出サウンドボードでも知られていますが、本作はその大元DATから再度CD化されたもの。既発ではラストの「Learning To Live」演奏後にすぐ終了していましたが、オリジナルDATはその後も回り続け、終演BGMも収録していた。本作はそうしたシーンも含め、6分以上長い完全版なのです。ただ、そうした長さはあくまでも大元DATの証拠にすぎません。真に素晴らしいのは、現場で直接記録したDATだからこそのサウンド。既発は当時の流行からかイコライジングで音圧稼ぎをしており、特に低音域を上げすぎてこもってさえいました。しかし、本作は正真正銘のオリジナル・サウンド。ギターは弦のヴァイヴまで克明で、既発では潰れていたバスドラも1打1打の立ち上がりから消えゆく刹那まで鮮やかに描かれる。当時、現場のサウンドボード卓に流れていたサウンドそのものが脳みそに直接流し込まれるのです。
そんなオリジナル・サウンドで描かれるショウが圧倒的。初来日と同じく超名盤『IMAGES AND WORDS』の全曲が軸となっていますが、短い期間の再来日を意識したのか、それ以外は結構入れ替え。『WHEN DREAM AND DAY UNITE』ナンバーも「Afterlife」や「A Fortune In Lies」がチョイスされ、「Eve」やシングル『LIE』のB面曲となった「To Live Forever」が早くも演奏されている。アレンジもひと工夫されており、「Metropolis – Part I」のエンディングにはTVドラマ『スパイ大作戦』のテーマが演奏され、「Take The Time」のイントロにも後に「The Mirror」となる「Puppies On Acid」が挿入されているのです。
こうした再来日のショウは公式映像『LIVE IN TOKYO』でもうかがえましたが、本作は更に上行く完全収録。先述の「Metropolis – Part I / Mission Impossible」「Afterlife」「Eve」の他「Learning To Live」も『LIVE IN TOKYO』ではカットされていますし、PVに差し替えられていた「Another Day」も本生ライヴ。しかも、それらを統一した超極上サウンドボードで脳みそにねじ込まれるのです。

関係者流出DATのオリジナル・サウンドで甦る『IMAGES AND WORDS』時代の大阪公演。まさに『DEFINITIVE OSAKA 1992』の美点をそっくり受け継ぐ再来日バージョンの姉妹作です。前作も1つの音楽ジャンルを象徴してしまう超傑作でしたが、その続きを同次元で味わえようとは。文化遺産級の銘品、再び!


Disc 1 (57:58)
1. Metropolis – Part I 2. Mission Impossible 3. Afterlife 4. Under A Glass Moon
5. Wait For Sleep 6. Surrounded 7. The Ytse Jam 8. Puppies On Acid 9. Take The Time

Disc 2 (59:40)
1. To Live Forever / Improvised Jam 2. A Fortune In Lies 3. Band Introductions
4. Another Day 5. Pull Me Under 6. Eve
7. Learning To Live ★13:42 以降から次曲の最後まで既発未収録。
8. Outro – Twin Peaks ★アウトロSEは2曲分最長収録

James LaBrie – lead vocals John Petrucci – guitar, background vocals
Kevin Moore – keyboard John Myung – bass Mike Portnoy – drums, percussion



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