YES / Definitive Union Demos 1990-1991 / 2CD + Tour Programme Replica

YES / Definitive Union Demos 1990-1991 / 2CD + Tour Programme Replica/ Virtuoso
The Most Complete, Best Sounding Union Demos Collection STEREO SBD

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Eight people who dominated twists and turns even in complicated YES history era YES. The highest peak demo album of its only work “Crystal” appears.
“Crystal” demonstration sound source has been known for a long time, but this work is neither its copy nor remaster reprint. Recently announced by overseas Coremania, compiled with the longest and best truck collected over the years. Although the music closely resembles the already-existing boot leg, the quality is totally different. The upgraded width differs for each track so it can not be mentioned in a bite, but the best quality that none of the songs have heard. It is a big decision board which does not compare even if it listens side by side with the regular official album.
Such a work can be roughly divided into four sections. Let’s introduce each one.

【DISC 1 / Track 1-10: Official UNION Promo Version (10 songs)】
First of all, there are 10 tracks from the promotion board of “Crystal” released on February 28, 1991 Arista label. Of course, only the version is different from the regular version, it is a perfection degree that can be said as a separate mix version rather than a demonstration. If you try to organize each song easily ……

“I Would Have Waited Forever”: Long version.
“Shock To the System” short version.
“Without Hope You Can not Start the Day”: Intro is not a piano but a guitar, bass, Chris’ vocals are featured, and the final guitar solo and multi-round vocals are also experimental versions.
“Lift Me Up”: Another version that Trevor Rabin sings.
“Dangerous”: A club version featuring a rhythm break.
“Ankor Wat”: Instrument Version.
“Silent Talking”: There is no intro vocal and a closing section of heavy percussion was added at the end.
“The More We Live – Let Go”: a richer version of vocal harmony and guitar.
“Holding On”: There is no vocal in the intro and the song composition is also changed. Some vocals / takes are also different.
“Take the Water to the Mountain”: This is a version added chorus and guitar solo separately from the regular version.

【DISC 1 / Track 11-14: another different version collection (4 take)】
The next four tracks are another version with high completeness. Origin is not clarified, but here is also a take of sound and perfection that is inferior to regular take.

“Mountain Exit”: The ending part of “Take the Water to the Mountain”.
“Dangerous # 1”: a club version different from the above.
“Dangerous # 2”: Natural version.
“Give and Take”: another version of the bonus song. It is a rough mix style take with small vocals and percussion, no backing vocals.

【DISC 2 / Track 1-11: UNION Demo (11 Take)】
On behalf of Disk 2, a demo collection that will be the production process. Disk 1 was a different version where the difference from regular tracks was interesting, but this is an early version sound source that enjoy unpublished songs and the process of growing songs. Of course, it is a rough take, but you can enjoy it all with the highest peak sound ever.
This section is also divided into two parts, ABWH side and 9015 YES side when viewed closely. First, the 6th take at the beginning is a demonstration by ABWH. In addition to demo “She Walks Away (3 Take)” and “Shot in the Dark (2 take)” demo, a demonstration of the initial version “It Must Be Love” of “Without Hope You Can not Start the Day” is included. After all the take of “She Walks Away” “Shot in the Dark” with songs is the best. The following two songs (Track 7 – 8) are also ABWH side sound sources, temporary mixes by Scott Van Zen “Without Hope You Can not Start the Day” “Dangerous”. Scott is a session guitarist who also participates in KISS’s “REVENGE” “CARNIVAL OF SOULS” as a composer.
And the next three songs (Track 9 – 11) are demonstrations on 90125 YES side. In addition to “Lift Me Up” sung by Rabin, “The More We Live – Let Go” sung by Chris & Billy Sherwood, he also includes an unreleased song “Say Goodbye” by Chris. Although it does not go to disk 1 on the sound side, arranging is considerably kneaded, especially “Say Goodbye” is a famous masterpiece which is unfortunate that it ended in unpublished.

【DISC 2 / Track 12-14: Others】
The last section is like a bonus track, miscellaneous rare take from 1976 to 1994. The first thing that appears is “Distant Thunder” which will be the only 90’s recording of this work. A song written by John Anderson and Vangelis in 1986, the original song of “Children of the Light” later. Although it was recorded as a demonstration at ABWH, this work also includes a playing version played on the radio program “TOMMY VANCE SHOW” recorded on August 5, 1994.
Next is an out take for “Tomato” “Are Are Born”. It is the original version of the song re-recorded by John’s solo work “Seven Poems”. The last two take is a reprint of Eddie Jobson’s first solo single “Yesterday Boulevard” announced in 1976.

“Crystal” which was extremely colorful even in YES history. It is a demo album of the highest peak quality ever before the scenes. It is now “two YES age” again, but it is a bit difficult to think of subliming to a luxurious project so far. Two pairs that can taste the era that was so special with a superb sound. Please enjoy with the permanent preservation press 2CD to your fullness.

★ All 28 pages of World Tour · Color · Brochure with replicas reprinted in miniature size.


【DISC 1/Track 1-10:公式UNIONプロモ・バージョン(10曲)】

「I Would Have Waited Forever」:ロング・バージョン。
「Shock To the System」ショート・バージョン。
「Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day」:イントロがピアノではなくギターやベース、クリスのヴォーカルがフィーチュアされ、終盤のギターソロやマルチラウンドのヴォーカルも実験的なバージョン。
「Lift Me Up」:トレヴァー・ラビンが歌う別バージョン。
「Ankor Wat」:インスト・バージョン。
「Silent Talking」:イントロのヴォーカルがなく、終盤にヘヴィなパーカッションのクロージング・セクションが追加されたバージョン。
「The More We Live – Let Go」:ヴォーカル・ハーモニーとギターがより豊かなバージョン。
「Holding On」:イントロにヴォーカルがなく、曲構成も変わっているバージョン。一部のヴォーカル・テイクも異なっています。
「Take the Water to the Mountain」:正規版とは別コーラスやギターソロが追加されたバージョンです。

【DISC 1/Track 11-14:他の別バージョン集(4テイク)】

「Mountain Exit」:「Take the Water to the Mountain」のエンディング・パート。
「Dangerous #1」:上記とは異なるクラブ・バージョン。
「Dangerous #2」:ナチュラル・バージョン。
「Give and Take」:ボーナス曲の別バージョン。ヴォーカルやパーカッションが小さく、バッキング・ヴォーカルもないラフミックス風テイクです。

【DISC 2/Track 1-11:UNIONデモ(11テイク)】
このセクションも細かく見るとABWH側と、9015YES側の2つに分けられる。まず、冒頭の6テイクはABWHによるデモ。アルバム未収録の「She Walks Away(3テイク)」「Shot in the Dark(2テイク)」デモに加え、「Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day」の初期バージョン「It Must Be Love」のデモを収録。やはり「She Walks Away」「Shot in the Dark」の歌入りテイクが最高です。その後の2曲(Track 7-8)もABWH側の音源で、スコット・ヴァン・ゼンによる仮ミックス「Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day」「Dangerous」。スコットはKISSの『REVENGE』『CARNIVAL OF SOULS』にも作曲家として参加しているセッション・ギタリストです。
そして続く3曲(Track 9-11)は、90125YES側のデモ。ラビンが歌う「Lift Me Up」、クリス&ビリー・シャーウッドが歌う「The More We Live – Let Go」に加え、クリスによる未発表曲「Say Goodbye」を収録しています。サウンド面ではディスク1には及びませんが、アレンジはかなり練られており、特に「Say Goodbye」は未発表に終わったのが惜しい名曲です。

【DISC 2/Track 12-14:その他】
最後のセクションはボーナス・トラック的なもので、1976年から1994年の雑多なレア・テイク。最初に登場するのは本作唯一の90年代録音となる「Distant Thunder」。1986年にジョン・アンダーソンとヴァンゲリスによって書かれた曲で、後の「Children of the Light」の原曲。ABWHでもデモ録音されましたが、本作は1994年8月5日収録のラジオ番組“TOMMY VANCE SHOW”で演奏した弾き語りバージョンを収録しています。
続くは『トーマト』用のアウトテイク「Some Are Born」。ジョンのソロ作『七つの詩』でも再録された曲のオリジナル・バージョンです。最後の2テイクは1976年に発表されたエディ・ジョブソンの初ソロシングル『Yesterday Boulevard』を復刻したものです。




Disc 1 (68:23)
1. I Would Have Waited Forever 2. Shock To the System 3. Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day
4. Lift Me Up 5. Dangerous 6. Ankor Wat 7. Silent Talking 8. The More We Live – Let Go
9. Holding On 10. Take the Water to the Mountain 11. Mountain Exit 12. Dangerous #1
13. Dangerous #2 14. Give and Take

Disc 2 (71:50)
1. She Walks Away #1(instrumental) 2. She Walks Away #2 3. It Must Be Love
4. Shot in the Dark (early demo) 5. Shot in the Dark 6. She Walk Away (instrumental #2)
7. Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day 8. Dangerous 9. Lift Me Up
10. The More We Live – Let Go 11. Say Goodbye
12. Distant Thunder (Jon on Tommy Vance show 5th August 1994)
13. Some Are Born (from Tormato Sessions 1978)
14. Yesterday Boulevard (Eddie Jobson solo single)
15. On a Still Night (Eddie Jobson solo single)


Virtuoso 387/388

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