Bob Dylan / Osaka 2016 Final Night /2CD

Bob Dylan / Osaka 2016 Final Night /2CD / Zion

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Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 13th April 2016



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Nearly four weeks over performed the Bob Dylan of the Japan tour ends of the large popular. The shop will also have to continue the release of items beginning from Tokyo the third day, but this time following the Sendai last week appeared in Osaka. In this time of the Japan tour, the venue that Festival Hall, which was chosen in Osaka performances. If those of mania that I am looking forward to the shop of the item, but there is no need venue described in ZEP929 and purple, the rock heavyweights serving Dylan went to live in this venue, surprisingly 1997 year only (February 17, 2008). I mean that it held a concert at the Festival Hall since it was realized this time, but during this time the hall is reborn to the second generation from the founder, you might say it was a concert of a substantially new venue. This time, initially twice held in this venue has been announced, the show three days to be additional performances is announced, was carried out in a continuous convenience three nights. This is what was said to be at the time of the Tokyo, but say that it is live configuration sandwiching a break in between, should not be relied forbidden to surprise to the stamina of Dylan Konasu lightly three consecutive days schedule.

From among the three days in a row made the Osaka performances, April 13 days of the third day of this time to be released. Despite was carried out in the historic Festival Hall, the three consecutive nights of performances will be mobilization dull every advance in Osaka, the third day serving Among these additional performances counted in the worst even in the Japan Tour history of Dylan than being? Mobilization of about seems to be. I understand that it was about a black sheet was subjected to the second floor seat or the third floor seat thanks to, the more people who had bought their seat happened to lucky episode that was Turning on the first floor seat. If this is such a situation, hot air could cause been Soga necessary to live. However, although such a place is I seems to live of Dylan, results in rather enthusiastic fans gather, it is said to have been drifting atmosphere which makes rather feel the hot air in the venue.
More than that, it seems to Dylan himself. Without rot thing in this situation, no no but rather that the intervention of the will, I was me showing off a performance that contains the yell more than usual. Previously from Dylan “as long as me audience is one person Demoi, continue to live activity,” but had to leave the remarks of tastes, such as, face of this day is exactly like that Dylan vivid. Not make me hear the best song at full throttle from the opening. Even if from this day rather Dylan, even if from further gathered crowd, club gig state because of the mobilization. Sonaruto is not any wonder as a special chemistry has been created between them and Dylan.

Audience recordings of such a special situation has me captured brilliantly the realism of live that paid off but rather is recorded this time. Until now, but our shop was Mairi release at a press CD limited their own to obtain the sound source, even for this time adopted dare sound source that has spread on the net, nothing but exceptional quality of the sound source can have . Anyway, the sound image is near! Yet for me to tell very easily that Dylan and the band from the opening is in a top condition is “Things Have Changed”. Drummer from the beginning, pleasant kick of the bass drum of George Riseri! If the audience recording has picked up the sound of these instruments, but the low-frequency might mom that would resonate with the Dondoko, dazzling our’re to catch the sound of the bass drum without outline is blurred here. In addition rhythm guitar Stu Kimball that be surprised. A longer range of fully “sound board”, and his play to support the framework of playing would hear diligently.
Such not only stunning reality of each instrument, Womi air feeling … This is what realism of the Festival Hall unique performance, including the Dylan of the vocal. When the construction of the second generation Festival Hall was announced was rife to the opposite voice, this “buzzing” of the venue unique is taken over brilliantly, it has been confined here. While completely different from the past two titles that our shop has been released, yet very stunning recordings Mise captures the compelling sense of realism and Womi taste, charm that it is what was decided to press CD release of this limited such you.
And Dylan is also the venue anyway also passionate. In the first half at the end of the MC the word “everyone” that “Minasaan”, we are Dylan for his issues in the indescribably unique intonation full of margin. Moreover, the heat-up climax of venue from the second part. The periphery of the taper would of had a foreign customer, Dylan was Mise to sing (although, this time there is no mistake to say that singing line) “Sprit On The Water” In response to lyrics cheers rush etc. , great is different climax and sense of realism and again the past two releases. Nightly in high-quality band sound is this time of the Japan tour, which became a reputation, gathered fans who really love Dylan, is a gem to enjoy carefully at a press CD limited literally of special overnight!




そうした特別な状況がむしろ功を奏したライブの臨場感を見事に捉えてくれたのが今回収録されるオーディエンス録音。今までは当店が独自入手した音源を限定のプレスCDにてリリースまいりましたが、今回はネット上で広まった音源を敢えて採用したのも、その音源が持ち得る別格のクオリティに他なりません。とにかく音像が近い!それでいてオープニングからディランとバンドがトップ・コンディションにあることをいとも簡単に伝えてくれるのが「Things Have Changed」。序盤からドラマー、ジョージ・リセリのバス・ドラムのキックが心地よい!オーディエンス録音でこうした楽器の音を拾っている場合、低域がドンドコと響いてしまうことがままありますが、ここでは輪郭がぼやけることなくバスドラの音をキャッチしているのがお見事。さらに驚かされるのがスチュ・キンボールのリズム・ギター。もはや完全に「サウンドボード」の域であり、演奏の骨組みを支える彼のプレイがつぶさに聞き取れてしまうとは。
そしてディランも会場もとにかくアツい。前半終了時のMCでは「皆さん」という単語を「ミナサァーン」という、何とも独特なイントネーションで発してくれたディランは余裕に溢れています。しかも第二部からは会場の盛り上がりがヒートアップ。テーパーの周囲には外人客がいたのでしょう、ディランが熱唱してみせた(もっとも、今回は熱唱路線といっても間違いありませんが)「Sprit On The Water」では歌詞に反応して歓声が沸き上がるなど、ここでも過去二つのリリースとは違う盛り上がりや臨場感が素晴らしい。毎晩の高品位なバンド・サウンドが評判となった今回の来日公演における、本当にディランを愛するファンが集まった、文字通りのスペシャルな一夜を限定のプレスCDにてじっくりと楽しめる逸品です!


Disc 1(46:41)
1. Things Have Changed 2. She Belongs to Me 3. Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ 4. What’ll I Do
5. Duquesne Whistle 6. Melancholy Mood 7. Pay In Blood 8. I’m A Fool To Want You
9. That Old Black Magic 10. Tangled Up in Blue

Disc 2(57:10)
1. High Water (For Charley Patton) 2. Why Try To Change Me Now 3. Early Roman Kings
4. The Night We Called It a Day 5. Spirit on the Water 6. Scarlet Town
7. All Or Nothing at All 8. Long and Wasted Years 9. Autumn Leaves 10. Blowin’ in the Wind
11. Love Sick

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