Who, The / Birmingham 1989 3rd night / 3CDR

Who, The / Birmingham 1989 3rd night / 3CDR / Uxbridge

National Exhibition Centre , Birmingham , UK 9th October 1989

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THE WHO in 1989 ended the 80’s with the 25th anniversary “THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT TOUR”. Introducing the original recording that will be released for the first time in the world where you can experience the scene at its best.
It was “October 9, 1989 Birmingham performance” that was imbued with such a work. It is an excellent audience recording that recorded the whole story. Speaking of “THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT TOUR”, the official live album “JOIN TOGETHER” is also left, but of course this work is a separate performance. First, let’s look back at the schedule at that time and check the position of the show.

・ June 21-July 30: North America # 1 (24 performances)
・ August 5-September 3: North America # 2 (16 performances)
・ October 6-10: UK # 1 (Birmingham 4 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ October 23-November 2: UK # 2 (6 performances in London)

This is THE WHO in 1989. “JOIN TOGETHER” was an edited live album compiled from the North American leg, but this work is from England. It was the third performance of “UK # 1”. Since then, they haven’t performed concerts (except for some event appearances), and it’s seven years later in 1996 that they resume their tour activities. This work is also a live album where you can experience a full show on the verge of entering a long pause.
This work recorded at such a show is a valuable and superb audience recording. Our shop offers original works of a famous recording artist living in London (commonly known as “British master”), and this work is not the latest bullet. Actually, it was recorded by a friend of a master. However, it is clear that this person is not a freelancer, and he is quite accustomed to recording from the clearness of this work and the sense of stability. I don’t know if I was taught to record by a master or borrowed equipment, but the personality that balances reality and clarity is very similar.
What is particularly surprising is the direct feeling of the core and the vividness of the details. Although it is direct, it is not a sound board-like zero distance feeling, but a type that does not create a sense of distance because the air feeling is so transparent. If you listen to it with headphones, you can feel the sound of the hall, which gives the naked core dynamism and even makes it glossy. Together with the mysteriously low audience noise, it is extremely easy to listen to, yet it is also a famous recording with a delicious sense of reality unique to guest recordings.
The clear sound is drawn at the 25th anniversary full show when he returned to his home country. The symbol of this tour is “JOIN TOGETHER”, and “TOMMY AND QUADROPHENIA LIVE” has a video of the Los Angeles performance, but this work is completely different from the set. Here, let’s organize the set while comparing it with the two official works.

● 60’s / 70’s
・ My Generation: I’m a Man (★ ☆) / My Generation (★ ☆)
・ A Quick One: Boris The Spider (★)
・ Sell Out: I Can See for Miles / Mary Ann With the Shaky Hands (★ ☆)
・ Tommy: Overture / It’s a Boy / 1921 / Amazing Journey / Sparks / The Acid Queen / Pinball Wizard / We’re Not Gonna Take It / See Me Feel Me
・ Who’s Next: Baba O’Riley (★) / Behind Blue Eyes / Won’t Get Fooled Again
・ Quadrophenia: 5: 15 / Love, Reign O’er Me
・ Who Are You: Trick Of The Light (☆) / Sister Disco (★ ☆) / Who Are You (★)
・ Others: I Can’t Explain (★ ☆) / Substitute (★) / Pictures of Lily (★ ☆) / Magic Bus (★ ☆) / Join Together / Naked Eye (★ ☆) / Summertime Blues (★ ☆)
● 80’s
・ Face Dances: You Better You Bet
・ It’s Hard: Eminence Front (☆)
・ Join Together: Face the Face / A Little Is Enough / Rough Boys
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard on the official “JOIN TOGETHER”. The “☆” mark is a song that cannot be heard even in the Los Angeles performance pro shot recorded in “TOMMY AND QUADROPHENIA LIVE”.

… And it looks like this. The tour has an image of “TOMMY” being reproduced, partly due to the influence of the two official works, but in reality, only a few performances have been reproduced. Only the last “Royal Albert Hall 2 performance” was completely reproduced in the UK, and the Birmingham performance of this work is also Greatest Hits. While the excerpt section of “TOMMY” (the latter half of DISC 1) is provided, there is a wide variety of masterpieces that have been produced over a long career. Of course, the hit songs of the past are widely held, but also valuable songs such as “I’m a Man”, “Mary Ann With the Shaky Hands”, “Trick Of The Light” and “Pictures of Lily” are also shown. You can experience the culmination of the show, which is just right for the 25th anniversary.

It is a shocking original recording that you can enjoy various Greatest Hits with the best sound because you have been released from the complete reproduction of “TOMMY”. It’s said that such recordings haven’t been traded for more than 30 years and have been asleep in secret. How many treasures are hidden in the world? The world’s first live album that lets you experience such excitement. Please enjoy the 3-disc set of 2 hours 52 minutes 22 seconds.

★ A superb audience recording of the world’s first appearance of “October 9, 1989 Birmingham Performance”. Original recording only for this work, digitized directly from the original cassette. Especially surprising is the direct feeling of the core and the vividness of the details. The air is so transparent that it doesn’t create a sense of distance, and the sound of the hall gives dynamism to the naked core, giving it a luster. It is a 3-disc set of 2 hours 52 minutes 22 seconds that you can enjoy plenty of valuable songs that you can not listen to even in the official “JOIN TOGETHER” and “TOMMY AND QUADROPHENIA LIVE”.

★ Recorded from the recorder’s master tape. It is the best sound source that appeared for the first time in the world.

 80年代を25周年“THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT TOUR”で締めくくった1989年のTHE WHO。その現場を極上体験できる全世界初公開となるオリジナル録音が登場です。
そんな本作に吹き込まれているのは「1989年10月9日バーミンガム公演」。その一部始終を収録した絶品オーディエンス録音です。“THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT TOUR”と言えば、公式ライヴアルバム『JOIN TOGETHER』も残されておりますが、もちろん本作は別公演。まずは、当時のスケジュールを振り返ってショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。


これが1989年のTHE WHO。『JOIN TOGETHER』は北米レッグから編纂された編集ライヴアルバムでしたが、本作は母国イギリス。「英国#1」の3公演目にあたるステージでした。その後、彼らは(一部のイベント出演を除き)コンサートを行っておらず、ツアー活動を再開させるのは7年後の1996年。本作は、長大な休止期間に突入する寸前のフルショウを体験できるライヴアルバムでもあるのです。
そんなクリア・サウンドで描かれるのは、母国に還ってきた25周年のフルショウ。このツアーの象徴と言えば『JOIN TOGETHER』ですし、さらに『TOMMY AND QUADROPHENIA LIVE』にはロサンゼルス公演の映像も残されていますが、本作はセットからしてまったく異なる。ここではオフィシャル2作品と比較しながらセットを整理してみましょう。

・マイ・ジェネレーション:I’m a Man(★☆)/My Generation(★☆)
・ア・クイック・ワン:Boris The Spider(★)
・セル・アウト:I Can See for Miles/Mary Ann With the Shaky Hands(★☆)
・トミー:Overture/It’s a Boy/1921/Amazing Journey/Sparks/The Acid Queen/Pinball Wizard/We’re Not Gonna Take It/See Me Feel Me
・フーズ・ネクスト:Baba O’Riley(★)/Behind Blue Eyes/Won’t Get Fooled Again
・四重人格:5:15/Love, Reign O’er Me
・フー・アー・ユー:Trick Of The Light(☆)/Sister Disco(★☆)/Who Are You(★)
・その他:I Can’t Explain(★☆)/Substitute(★)/Pictures of Lily(★☆)/Magic Bus(★☆)/Join Together/Naked Eye(★☆)/Summertime Blues(★☆)
・フェイス・ダンシズ:You Better You Bet
・イッツ・ハード:Eminence Front(☆)
・ジョイン・トゥゲザー:Face the Face/A Little Is Enough/Rough Boys
※注:「★」印は公式『JOIN TOGETHER』で聴けない曲。「☆」印は『TOMMY AND QUADROPHENIA LIVE』に収録されたロサンゼルス公演プロショットでも聴けない曲。

……と、このようになっています。公式2作品の影響もあって『TOMMY』再現のイメージがあるツアーですが、実のところ全曲再現されたのは数公演のみ。英国でも完全再現だったのは最後の“ロイヤル・アルバート・ホール2公演”だけであり、本作のバーミンガム公演もグレイテスト・ヒッツの方。『TOMMY』の抜粋セクション(DISC 1の後半)が設けられつつ、長いキャリアで生み出されてきたバラエティ豊かな名曲群が目白押しなのです。もちろん、歴代のヒット曲も幅広く押さえられておりますが、さらに「I’m a Man」や「Mary Ann With the Shaky Hands」「Trick Of The Light」「Pictures of Lily」といった貴重曲も披露。まさに25周年に相応しい集大成のショウを極上フル体験できるのです。


★世界初登場となる「1989年10月9日バーミンガム公演」の絶品オーディエンス録音。本作だけのオリジナル録音で、大元カセットからダイレクトにデジタル化。特に驚くのは、芯のダイレクト感とディテールの鮮やかさ。空気感があまりにも透き通っているために距離感が生まれないタイプで、ホール鳴りが丸裸の芯にダイナミズムを与え、光沢まで宿らせている。公式『JOIN TOGETHER』や『TOMMY AND QUADROPHENIA LIVE』でも聴けない貴重曲もたっぷり楽しめる2時間52分22秒の3枚組です。


Disc 1 (79:02)
1. Intro Tape
2. I Can’t Explain
3. Substitute
4. I Can See For Miles
5. Introduction to John Entwistle (Roger’s Mistake)
6. Eminence Front
7. Face The Face
8. Pictures Of Lily
9. Introduction to John Entwistle
10. Trick Of The Light
11. Boris The Spider
12. I’m A Man
13. Roger Talking ★0:00 テープチェンジ

14. Overture pt1
15. Overture pt2
16. It’s a Boy
17. 1921
18. Amazing Journey
19. Sparks
20. Acid Queen
21. Pinball Wizard
22. We’re Not Gonna Take It
23. See Me Feel Me

Disc 2 (73:53)
1. Happy Birthday to John
2. Magic Bus
3. Mary Ann With The Shaky Hand
4. Baba O Reilly
5. My Generation
6. A Little Is Enough
7. 5.15
8. Love Reign O’er Me
9. Sister Disco
10. Rough Boys
11. Join Together ★4:16 欠落を拍合わせクロスフェード処理。
12. You Better You Bet
13. Behind Blue Eyes
14. Won’t Get Fooled Again
15. Band Member Introductions
16. Pete’s Keith Moon comments

Disc 3 (19:27)
1. Roger Speaking
2. Naked Eye
3. Summertime Blues
4. Who Are You

Roger Daltrey – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica Pete Townshend – Guitar, Vocals
John Entwistle – Bass, Vocals

John “Rabbit” Bundrick – Keyboards Simon Philips – Drums Steve ‘Boltz’ Bolton – Guitar
Jody Linscott – Percussion Simon Clarke – Saxophone Simon Gardner – Trumpet
Roddy Lorimer – Trumpet Neil Sidwell – Trombone Tim Saunders – Saxophone
Chyna Gordon – Backing Vocal Cleveland Watkiss – Backing Vocal Billy Nicholls – Backing Vocal

Uxbridge 1396


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