Whitesnake / Definitive Sapporo 1983 2nd Night / 2CD

Whitesnake / Definitive Sapporo 1983 2nd Night / 2CD /ZODIAC

Live at Hokkaido Koseinenkin Kaikan, Sapporo, Japan 8th February 1983

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A powerful 1983 white snake greeted by the late Cozy Powell and Mel Galley. The original recording of the shock that conveys the Japanese performance is a new excavation.
衝 撃 The performance recorded on the Shock Master was “February 8, 1983: Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall”. It is a superb audience recording that captures the whole picture. Although it was a very popular WHITESNAKE from the first visit to Japan, the popularity of Japan became the first peak with the arrival of Cozy. In our shop, we have archived the pattern with many masterpieces. First, let’s look back on the dates at that time and organize the collection.

・ February 7: Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall
・ February 8: Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall 年 ← ★ This work ★
・ February 10: Fukushima Cultural Center
・ February 12 “MILITARY GARRISON (Utsunomiya)”
・ February 14 “ULTIMATE SIN (Osaka)”
・ February 15 “ULTIMATE SIN (Osaka)”
・ February 16: Kyoto Hall
・ February 18: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
・ February 21 “MILITARY GARRISON (Nagoya)”
・ February 22 “DEFINITIVE BUDOKAN 1983”
・ February 23 “PYTHON MAGNUM (Budokan)”
* Note: Only representative works on each day.

More than 11 performances. The White Snake has visited Japan 15 times so far, but the average is 7.4 performances. Eleven performances is the second-ever number of performances after the 1997 Sayonara Tour, and of course the highest during the Blues Rock era. A large stage Nippon Budokan was also set up, so you can see how popular it was at the time. Such a Japan tour started from Hokkaido. This was the second concert.
本 This work recorded at such a show is exactly an audience recording of shock. First of all, full show recording. As a matter of fact, this show has been around for a long time, but it is an incomplete version in which the solo time of “Love Hunter” and each member has been greatly dropped, probably to fit on one CD. On the other hand, this work can enjoy a full show from before the start to “We Wish You Well”. And even better is the sound. It has been made into a CD from a master cassette that was directly transferred from the recording artist himself, and it is fiercely neat anyway!密 着 Although it is not a sound board-like close feeling, its sound is mellow and mellow, but it does not conceal details. The essence is a wicked core. The core of each musical instrument arrives at hand so that the sound of the hall can be forcibly swept away, and it is vivid to the sense of separation without clumping. This tour is famous for the outflow sound board of Nippon Budokan, but this work is not a mysterious mix where the rhythm guitar disappears, but the entire ensemble. Rather, it is a rare name recording where the sound becomes thicker and enhances dynamism.
フ ル The full show that was drawn with such a sound was John Road and said to be “No.1 Japan tour ever”. Although this tour is still limited to fixed sets, it is also a good opportunity to organize it.

● LOVEHUNTER (2 songs)
・ Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues / Love Hunter
● READY AN ‘WILLING (2 songs)
・ Ready An ‘Willing / Fool For Your Loving
● COME AN ‘GET IT (2 songs)
・ Don’t Break My Heart Again / Wine, Women An ‘Song
● SAINTS & SINNERS (3 songs)
・ Rough An ‘Ready / Here I Go Again / Crying In The Rain
● Others (3 songs + α)
・ Soldier Of Fortune / Solo time for everyone / (Ain’t No Love) In The Heart Of The City / Thank You

… and it looks like this. From “LOVEHUNTER” to “SAINTS & SINNERS”, well-selected classic snakes are well-balanced, and in the interim, all members are solo (capella’s “Soldier Of Fortune” is Cavadale’s solo. ). Of course, there is also a solo of Cozy, but here “Overture 1812” with “633 bomber” instead of “Mars”. Along with the MSG era, you can experience the most gorgeous and long version of solo in Cozy history with the finest sound on site.
Such a show could be enjoyed all over Japan, but here in Hokkaido, the special performance is amazing. The essence is cozy. In 1984 there was even heavy metallic due to a chemical change with John Sykes, but in 1983 it was powerful but hard rock. Of course, it’s totally different from the suppleness of Ian Pais, but it’s groovy with a powerful attack. I guess Colin Hodgkinson is a big part of this. It is said that he did not hear what Koji said, but that is why he does not lose the groove. Just like the jazz rock rise, it’s in sharp contrast to Neil Murray, who is dexterous and reads the air, who has been accustomed to the metallic style.
And the sound of this work can taste the taste of such 1983 to the maximum. Hodgkinson is a bassist whose attack sound is too sharp (depending on the sound), although the bass is actually somewhat round. However, in this work, the sense of unity with the drum is turned into power by the sound, and the gap between the grooves in the core of the rugged feel emerges. In this case, the cozy suddenly comes to life. Bashabasha Dokandkan and the rampage roar with a tremendous force, but still do not buzz, the guitar, organ, and the singing voice of the majestic Cavadale come in clearly. Even if you pay attention to the melody and beat that each person spins while fully enjoying the power and groove, it is clear. It is a name recording like a special sound to taste “1983 white snake”.

HIWHITESNAKE is different from the delicate feeling of Bernie Marsden era and the aggressive metal feeling of John Sykes era. This live album allows you to enjoy the whole body of blues rock specializing in strong power and grooves. It’s not just a first-time rarity, it’s not a piece that fills the collection. Permanent preservation press 2CD that plenty of “real value of 1983” that can be drawn only by the audience. One of the rich and powerful British blues rock extremities. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.
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Heart Of The City/Thank You

……と、このようになっています。『LOVEHUNTER』から『SAINTS & SINNERS』までクラシック・スネイクの名盤たちからバランス良くセレクトされ、合間合間にはメンバー全員のソロ(アカペラの「Soldier Of Fortune」はカヴァデールのソロと言っても良いでしょう)を盛り込む。もちろん、コージーのソロもあるわけですが、ここでは「火星」ではなく「633爆撃隊」付きの「序曲1812年」。MSG時代と並び、コージー史上もっともゴージャスで長尺なバージョンのソロを極上サウンドで現場体験できるわけです。


Disc 1 (54:33)
1. Intro.
2. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
3. Rough An’ Ready
4. Ready An’ Willing
5. Don’t Break My Heart Again
6. Here I Go Again
7. Love Hunter
8. Micky Moody Solo
9. Colin Hodgkinson Solo
10. Micky Moody Solo (reprise)
11. Love Hunter(reprise)
12. Crying In The Rain incl. Mel Galley Solo
13. Soldier Of Fortune

Disc 2 (39:35)
1. Jon Lord Solo
2. Cozy Powell Solo feat. 633 Squadron & 1812 Overture
3. (Ain’t No Love) In The Heart Of The City
4. Fool For Your Loving
5. Thank You
6. Wine, Women An’ Song
7. We Wish You Well

David Coverdale – Vocals Mel Galley – Guitar, Vocals Micky Moody – Guitar, Vocals
Jon Lord – Keyboards Colin Hodgkinson – Bass Cozy Powell – Drums




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