Whitesnake / Definitive Glasgow 1984 / 1CD

Whitesnake / Definitive Glasgow 1984 / 1CD/ Zodiac
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Live at Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK 1st March 1984.  Stereo SBD

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Even in the days of John Sykes, the only Daimyo Daimyo board sound board album is reprinted at the latest remaster! Of course, there are SUPER ROCK ’84, SUPER ROCK’ 84, Spokane performance, ROCK IN RIO etc … on the sound board of the Sixth era …… There are many books, but this work is definitely different from any of them. It is the big decision board of “six people formation with John · Sykes”!
It is contained in this work “Glasgow Show on March 1, 1984”. This show is FM broadcast, it is a large staple known as the only stereo soundboard with six people formation. Since long ago, “NO HIBERNATION”, “GAMBLER COME BACK” and many others have been developed, and we have repeated upgrades in a long history. And this work is its latest decision board. It is the highest peak board which I brushed up with the latest remaster to the same title “DEFINITIVE GLASGOW 1984” that shocked “Finally Official!”

【”What is a six-person formation with sieces”? 】
Before shifting to anxious contents, why this work is the only one, why is “special six-squirrel formation” special? Let’s start with a basic review first …
Wikipedia joined Sykes and Neil Murray and solidified the new lineup in December 1983. In January 1984, WHITESNAKE released “SLIDE IT IN (UK MIX)” by Old Menzu. At the same time, we will send Sykes & Murray to the United States to make “SLIDE IT IN (US REMIX)”. In addition to the oncoming schedule of only 10 days (!), There was a sudden illness of Keith Olsen who was in charge of remixing, and full replacement of Sykes was not realized. Other members remain in the UK, and it seems that a synthesizer (Bill · Quoumo for one opinion) was substituted when saying “I want the sound here” even with drums and keyboards. From the day after the remix work, I entered the photo session and the mime appearance of the television, tour, rehearsal, the tour started from the middle of February. The “SLIDE IT IN” tour, although it is a single world tour, has the following 3 lineups in its journey.

● February 17 – 1984 – April 5
6 person formation: Mel · Galley entering (28 performances)
● April 8 – 16, 1984
5 person formation: Galley drops out due to injury (6 performances)
● June 30, 1984 – November 19, 1985
4 person formation: John Lord departs (74 performances)

It was forced to subtract change of GENESIS stone in just one year. And, as you can see from the number of performances, most of it is the “4 person formation” era. There is only a Glasgow performance on the “six person formation” sound board.

【Large decision board to revive with latest remaster】
Well, this work is the highest peak even such a unique soundboard. I refined the master who came out as the same title “DEFINITIVE GLASGOW 1984” with remastering. From the previous work, “It is not comparable with the previous departure!” Although it was praised greatly as “to be issued on an official basis”, it was sold out and discontinued in a hurry to the utmost in popularity for the first time in too much popularity. It reprinted here.
And, in addition to the “ultimate form”, the theme made with this mastering was “three – dimensional”. Since the taste of “six person formation” exists in Sykes and Mel’s twin guitar, it aimed at a sound where distribution and entanglement emerge more vividly. As a result, in the previous work, I understand clearly and clearly the part like “I understand two …”. Of course, not only the guitar, but also the baseline floats from the drum cleanly, and the color of Mel’s singing voice and Mel’s singing voice is splendid colorfully. In addition to the official-class sound, it is a sound that can fully enjoy the dynamism of this great family “6 people”.

[Original Sykes version “SLIDE IT IN!”] What is drawn with that sound is what makes us think “the original US board” SLIDE IT IN “was supposed to be like this. As mentioned above, “SLIDE IT IN (US REMIX)” was made with extremely unnatural work, and Mickey Moody’s guitar was also left in a large amount in half-baked. However, the version that can be heard in this work was arranged with Sykes from the beginning. In other words, this work is also the only line recording that conveys “SLIDE IT IN” of the new six person formation. Indeed, in “US REMIX”, Murray’s base which had only been a mature play to get into the finished product, regains its original sparkle, and the distribution of twin guitars is also fully considered the personality of Sykes. There are songs for which Gayray takes a solo, but most of the leads are Sykes. Perhaps I was aiming for a band that clarified the role sharing of rhythm / lead / guitar such as SCORPIONS and AC / DC. If it did not fall short of a sudden illness of Keith Olsen, “US REMIX” might have been like this … such a clear orientation is drawn on the Official-grade soundboard.
Moreover, “Here I Go Again” and “Fool For Your Loving” which can not be heard also on the attached CD of the official DVD “LIVE IN ’84” are also delicious. Yes, you can listen to Saikus version of super confidently made by Adrian Vandenberg or Steve Vai’s guitar on the sound board! In “Here I Go Again”, Gayleigh & Sykes traces the original solo in twin and it is a style that two people share with “Fool For Your Loving”, so it is not a siroki’s solo playing solo. However, there is somewhat full of odorigato like Sykkus. “After all, Sykes was destined to enter a white snake … …” and a sense of acquiring is exploding.

Sykes’ subscription was the greatest change in WHITESNAKE history. One piece that you can hear the dream ensemble that caught that moment and not realized in the official album. There was a number of official videos and sound boards in “Four person formation”, and there was a television picture of Stockholm that was also formulated in “5 person formation”. This work is the highest peak live album of “6 person formation” which was the only missing.
Although the life of this work is in a rare lineup and the highest-class sound board, the shine just increases to know the history. It is a super important work which should also be called “real sycus version SLIDE IT IN” · “missing link to SERPENCE ALBUS”. Here is a tremendous resurrection!
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ジョン・サイクス時代でも、唯一無二の大名盤サウンドボード・アルバムが最新リマスターで復刻です! もちろん、サイクス時代のサウンドボードにはSUPER ROCK’84やスポケーン公演、ROCK IN RIO等々……何本もあるわけですが、本作はそのどれもとも決定的に違う。「ジョン・サイクス入り6人編成」の大決定盤なのです!
本作に収められているのは「1984年3月1日グラスゴウ公演」。このショウはFM放送され、6人編成で唯一のステレオ・サウンドボードとして知られる大定番。古くから『NO HIBERNATION』『GAMBLER COME BACK』等々といった幾多の既発を生み出し、長い歴史でアップグレードを繰り返してきました。そして、本作はその最新決定盤。「遂にオフィシャル級!」と衝撃を振りまいた同題作『DEFINITIVE GLASGOW 1984』を最新リマスターでブラッシュアップした最高峰盤なのです。

サイクスとニール・マーレイを加入させ、1983年の12月に新ラインナップを固めたWHITESNAKEは、1984年1月に旧メンツによる『SLIDE IT IN(UK MIX)』をリリース。それと同時にサイクス&マーレイを米国に送り込み、「SLIDE IT IN(US REMIX)」を製作します。わずか10日間(!)の突貫スケジュールに加え、リミックスを担当したキース・オルセンの急病もあってサイクスの全面差し替えは実現しませんでした。他のメンバーは英国に残っており、ドラムやキーボードでも“ここの音が欲しい”というときには、シンセサイザー(一説にはビル・クオモ)で代用されたようです。リミックス作業の翌日からフォトセッションやテレビのマイム出演、ツアー・リハーサルに入り、2月半ばからツアーが開始しました。その「SLIDE IT IN」ツアーは、1本のワールド・ツアーとは言え、その行程には以下の3ラインナップがあります。



さて、そんな唯一無二のサウンドボードでも最高峰となるのが本作。同題『DEFINITIVE GLASGOW 1984』として世に出たマスターを、さらにリマスターで磨き上げました。前作からして「既発とは比較にならない!」「オフィシャルで出すべき」と大絶賛されたわけですが、あまりの人気ぶりにあっと言う間に完売・廃盤。ここに復刻したわけです。

【本来あるべきサイクス版『SLIDE IT IN』!?】
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、「本来のUS盤『SLIDE IT IN』はこうなるはずだった」と思わせるもの。先述のように『SLIDE IT IN(US REMIX)』は、極めて不自然な作業で作られ、ミッキー・ムーディのギターも大量に残る中途半端な出来でした。しかし、本作で聴けるバージョンは最初からサイクスと共に組み上げられたアレンジ。つまり、本作は“新6人編成の『SLIDE IT IN』”を伝える唯一のライン録音でもある。実際、『US REMIX』では完成品にハメ込むために大人しいプレイに徹するしかなかったマーレイのベースも本来の輝きを取り戻し、ツインギターの配分もサイクスの個性を十分に考慮されている。ギャレイがソロを執る曲もあるにはありますが、ほとんどのリードはサイクス。恐らくSCORPIONSやAC/DCのようなリズム/リード・ギターの役割分担を明確にしたバンドを目指していたのでしょう。もし、キース・オルセン急病に倒れていなかったら『US REMIX』はこうなっていたのではないか……そんな明確な志向がオフィシャル級サウンドボードで描かれるのです。
さらに、オフィシャルDVD『LIVE IN ’84』の付属CDでも聴けない「Here I Go Again」と「Fool For Your Loving」も美味しい。そう、後にエイドリアン・ヴァンデンバーグやスティーヴ・ヴァイのギターでリメイクされる超自信作のサイクス・バージョンが、サウンドボードで聴けるのです! 「Here I Go Again」ではギャレイ&サイクスがツインでオリジナルのソロをなぞり、「Fool For Your Loving」でも2人で分け合うスタイルなので、サイクス独りの弾き倒しソロというわけではありません。しかし、そこかしこにサイクスらしいオブリガートが満載。“やはり、サイクスは白蛇に入る運命だったんだ……”と得心するセンスが炸裂しています。

本作の命はレアなラインナップと最高級サウンドボードにあるわけですが、歴史を知るほどに輝きは増すばかり。“本当のサイクス版SLIDE IT IN”・“SERPENCE ALBUSへのミッシング・リンク”とも呼ぶべき、超重要作。ここに堂々の復活です!

1. Gambler 2. Guilty Of Love 3. Ready An’ Willing 4. Love Ain’t No Stranger
5. Here I Go Again 6. Crying In The Rain 7. Soldier Of Fortune
8. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 9. Fool For Your Loving


David Coverdale – Vocal John Sykes – Guitar Mel Galley – Guitar Neil Murray – Bass
Cozy Powell – Drums Jon Lord – Keyboards

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