Whitesnake / Monsters Of Rock 1983 / 1DVD+1CD

Whitesnake / Monsters Of Rock 1983 / 1DVD+1CD / Non Label

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Live At Monsters Of Rock Festival, Castle Doington, UK 20th August 1983 & Tour Rehearsals In November 1982. SBD/ Pro-Shot


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Gift to your lover “Bruce White Snake”, a master piece of ultimate was born! Second edition of the laser disc reprint series that stole the topic “like image quality! Never seen,” said: But “30th Anniversary Edition SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN”! It is the one that brought the studio a Japanese board laser disc at that time, was touted as the world’s highest quality of “MONSTERS OF ROCK ’83”, was DVD with professional equipment.
Of course, not stop laser reprinted just this time, bonus recorded professional shot of drum solo that caused directly Cozy ownership from β cassette (official unreleased). In addition, was brushed up was recorded in super sound board the tour rehearsal also “TOUR REHEARSALS 1982” is a gorgeous set of press DVD + CD and more! This weekend, from the ear from the eye, you will be exhausted to enjoy was revealing to ~ 1983 1982 “Power Bruce White Snake”!

First of all, the main part of the “MONSTERS OF ROCK ’83”. The beauty of this video, splendor of sound shock! While retaining the natural warmth of analog recorded from, super image quality that looks firmly to how the force enters the upper arm of Kavu~aderu that holds the microphone. Very different from the VHS tape of traveling, a sense of stability noiseless laserdisc unique. DVDR as well, you HAVE a laser disks, you will be surprised, “the amount of information up here! Did clogged” and to cause video shoddy. It was great too “SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN”, but professional recording of the Holy Land at Donington is expected. Mix full of dynamism and neat while large family of six is beyond the “SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN”! During this period, there are ultra-classic boot leg that contains the Ludwigshafen performances of March 19 also “LIVE … IN THE WEST OF THE RHINE”, but the quality is top to ensure that this work of the official recording. As long as it is not even a regular excavation from the official, the video more than this work is virtually impossible!
However, only the image quality and sound quality can not be a “Masterpiece”. Only live to be spelled out in the super quality is truly amazing! In the middle of “SLIDE IT IN” Production, WHITESNAKE at the time just released single “Guity Of Love / Gamber” to match this “MONSTERS OF ROCK 1983” appeared. Band potential that produced a masterpiece that will change the fate of White snakes,’s a masterpiece that dripping plenty!
Are here is, WHITESNAKE that was molting powerful welcomed three Cozy Powell, Mel galley, Colin Hodgkinson. Slightly different from the classic snake that not stop Old fans love, but only “the United Kingdom 100%”. 1 mm also shake from blues-rock of Kavu~aderu …… White Snake mark that should not be in the “screaming” never even roar with full force and John Road, decide brilliant Mickey Moody plenty of Elmore James juice, also honky tonk piano it is not Yes Te.
Even if the three of new subscribers, and only the strong man in the UK was renowned in the blues-rock funky in the 70s. Of course, the type is different from the Marsden / Pace / Murray, but also watch was revived after a long time juicy and “Is not No Love In The Heart Of The City” and “Mistreated”, and blues of 50? 60s / taste you do not put out only humans that R & B has been carved into the blood is plenty.
Wonderful is especially rhythm. Intense beat of Cozy would make you the behind the scenes (! Even the Murray) the bassist for most, presence of Hodgkinson not drawn an inch is amazing. While recording the album, Cozy is of that forthcoming as “me listen to say the drummer is a little” is a famous story, but it probably was able to produce bullet groove that is not buried with each other because it is such a two people. Hodgkinson you through to funk, and doing the jazz rock, revered Robert Johnson while a bassist. Precisely because he who knows the black music, rather than a metallic luster that shine’s a “shiny black”.
Stalwart Mel galley fan clock band, of TRAPEZE is involved in such a rhythm. You make intense vibe to blues-rock of the White Snake flow, nothing can be become a metallic its groove. After this, WHITESNAKE Back to the studio by doing the 7 performances, off the rudder to large metal road along with the completion of the “SIDE IT IN”. Reason alone the White Snake “blues-rock only” has arrived, this work is why was the big stage of the ultimate.
Again points of this work up to, would be “Mistreated”. Cozy and that who knows the song in RAINBOW, Orijineita: Feast of Kavu~aderu. Professional shots as well, it’s in line also listen only “MONSTERS OF ROCK ’83”. And Reateiku that can not be seen even in the “LIVE … IN THE WEST OF THE RHINE” and “Guilty Of Love”. After that, the song is played in a variety of metallic members, but the line take in the “SLIDE IT IN” production lineup, the one and only this work. It is the taste, such as accent phrase taste of guitar column uplifting rich elasticity, twin, only Orijineita is familiar, the best and nothing but this six!
And, bonus video drum solo, which has been also included in the “BEHIND THE HISTORY”. Fresh from β cassette (Sony L370 PAL Beta Video), I was re-digitized at a high-end environment similar to that of the main part of the Cozy autograph also “Cozy Powell Drum Solo Donington”. It was leaking from the official video regrettably, but it is drum solo of the largest ever using fireworks to helicopters and actual equipment. Solo flashy most large gimmick most underpinned by belief Kavu~aderu “that it is worth to do, worth too spear there” and, in the life of Cozy. It is a must see because I shot the pro!

Furthermore, Tsuariha sound source also Special accessories in the press than CD Cozy tape as a bonus and more! It is a sound that has been released as one disc of “PRODUCTION REHEARSALS” once, but this time, you get the kind of original cassette Cozy owned new, it has re-digitized with the latest equipment. Already issued also became a hot topic as “high-quality sound of a miracle”, but firmly and reverberant sound of cymbals that disappeared when removing hiss, to a fine sound that did not know in the “PRODUCTION REHEARSALS” in the original cassette it had been recorded! This time, pick up to maximize the amount of information possessed by the original cassette, further, that the pitch had been crazy here and there over the whole volume correction also. I finished with perfect specification of the ultimate. Vividness of the sound, a Katsuaki reality is a different thing anymore!
For “SAINTS & SINNERS” tour, and will introduce again for those who do not know already issued a “PRODUCTION REHEARSALS”, what is housed in this work in Kyapaton Studios in London suburbs in November 1982 through rehabilitation that have been made. All members are aligned, MC also song order also playing will be unfolds just like a real live. It’s also where a prudent course, because it is not in production, but the minute details of the keyboard bass or confusing until you hear a crisp ear in concert. Organ of John is a must listen to realism in particular!
In addition, differences such as Kavu~aderu to serve the foreman in everywhere, and stage albums and usually, the glimpse is the back side of the musicians work for assembling the concert point. This work which itself is a fun one, but listen to this once, how the rehearsal comes floating in live other. You are the seasoning of magic to brighten even the live collection you have.

Of the six that were recorded this work, three Cozy, Mel, of John I have left this world anymore. It is a 6-people are told the “transition period” in the history of WHITESNAKE, but the journey is too short, you can not get back again. It is one that can be enjoyed in the most high quality on the planet, the cypress stage of collapse up close was an instant shine and formed shortly after rehearsal of “power blues White Snake”. Press DVD + CD set of superb maturity of reaching point of departure passion and filled with plenty. By all means, to your collection!

“ブルース白蛇”をこよなく愛するあなたに贈る、究極のマスター・ピースが誕生しました!「SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN: 30th Anniversary Edition」でも「こんな画質は見たことない!!」と話題をさらったレーザーディスク復刻シリーズの第二弾! 当時、世界最高品質と謳われた「MONSTERS OF ROCK ’83」の日本盤レーザーディスクをスタジオに持ち込み、プロ仕様機材でDVDした1本です。
もちろん、今回もただのレーザー復刻に止まらず、コージー所有のβカセットから直に起こしたドラムソロのプロショット(オフィシャル未収録)をボーナス収録。さらにさらに、ツアー・リハをスーパー・サウンドボードで記録した「TOUR REHEARSALS 1982」もブラッシュアップした、プレスDVD+CDの豪華セットです! この週末は、1982年~1983年に現出した“パワーブルース白蛇”を眼から耳から、満喫しつくしていただきます!

まずは、本編の「MONSTERS OF ROCK ’83」。この映像の美しさ、音の素晴らしさは衝撃! アナログ収録由来の自然な暖かみを保持しつつ、マイクを握るカヴァデールの二の腕に力が入る様子までしっかりと見えるスーパー画質。テープ走行のVHSとはまるで違う、レーザーディスクならではのノイズレスな安定感。粗雑なビデオ起こしDVDRはもとより、レーザーディスクをお持ちの方でも、「ここまでの情報量がつまっていたのか!」と驚かれることでしょう。「SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN」も素晴らしかったですが、さすがは聖地ドニントンでのプロ収録。6人の大所帯ながら端正かつダイナミズムに溢れたミックスは、「SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN」を超えています! この時期には、3月19日のルートヴィヒスハーフェン公演を収めた超名作ブートレッグ「LIVE… IN THE WEST OF THE RHINE」もありますが、画質はオフィシャル収録の本作が確実に上。公式から正規発掘でもされない限り、本作を超える映像は事実上不可能です!
しかし、画質・音質だけでは「マスターピース」にはなれません。そのスーパークオリティで綴られるライヴこそが真に素晴らしい! 当時のWHITESNAKEは「SLIDE IT IN」製作の真っ最中で、この「MONSTERS OF ROCK 1983」出演に合わせてシングル「Guity Of Love/Gamber」をリリースしたばかり。白蛇の運命を変えることになる名盤を生み出したバンド・ポテンシャルが、たっぷりと滴る名演なのです!
新加入の3人にしても、70年代にファンキーなブルースロックで名を馳せた英国の強者ばかり。もちろん、マースデン/ペイス/マーレイとはタイプが異なりますが、ジューシーな「Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City」や久々に復活した「Mistreated」を観ても、50?60年代のブルース/R&Bが血に刻まれた人間にしか出せない味わいがたっぷり。
そんなリズム隊にファンクロック・バンド、TRAPEZEの重鎮メル・ギャレイが絡む。そのグルーヴは白蛇流のブルースロックに強烈なヴァイヴを加えても、メタリックにはなりようがない。この後、7公演をこなしてスタジオに戻るWHITESNAKEは、「SIDE IT IN」の完成と共にメタル道へ大きく舵を切ります。それだけに本作は“あくまでブルースロック”な白蛇が辿り着いた、究極の大舞台だったわけです。
本作最大の見所は、やはり「Mistreated」でしょう。RAINBOWで曲を知り尽くしたコージーと、オリジネイター:カヴァデールの饗宴。プロショットはもとより、ラインで聴けるのも「MONSTERS OF ROCK ’83」だけです。そして「Guilty Of Love」も「LIVE… IN THE WEST OF THE RHINE」でさえ観られないレアテイク。その後、さまざまメンバーでメタリックに演奏される曲ですが、「SLIDE IT IN」製作ラインナップでのラインテイクは、本作が唯一無二。弾力豊かな躍動感、ツインが絡むギターの旨み、オリジネイターだけが熟知するフレーズのアクセントなど、この6人にしか出せない最高の味わいです!
そして、ボーナス映像は「BEHIND THE HISTORY」にも収録されていたドラムソロ。コージー直筆の「Cozy Powell Drum Solo Donington」も生々しいβカセット(Sony L370 PAL Beta Video)から、本編と同様のハイエンド環境で再デジタル化しました。惜しくもオフィシャル映像からは漏れましたが、実機のヘリコプターや花火まで使った史上最大級のドラムソロです。「やるべき価値のあることは、やりすぎる価値がある」というカヴァデールの信念に支えられた、コージーの人生で最も大仕掛けで最も派手なソロ。そのプロショットなのですから必見です!

さらにさらに、ボーナスとしてコージー・テープよりツアーリハ音源もプレスCDで特別付属します! かつて「PRODUCTION REHEARSALS」のディスク1としてリリースされていた音源ですが、今回、新たにコージー所有のオリジナルカセットの現物を入手、最新機材で再デジタル化しました。既発も「奇跡の高音質」と話題になりましたが、オリジナルカセットにはヒスノイズを除去する際に消えてしまったシンバルの残響音など、「PRODUCTION REHEARSALS」では分からなかった微細な音までしっかりと記録されていたのです! 今回は、オリジナルカセットの持つ情報量を最大限に拾い上げ、さらに、ところどころ狂っていたピッチも全編にわたって補正。究極のパーフェクト仕様に仕上げました。そのサウンドの生々しさ、克明なリアリティは、もはや別物です!
既発「PRODUCTION REHEARSALS」をご存じない方のために再度ご紹介しますと、本作に収められているのは「SAINTS & SINNERS」ツアーのため、1982年11月にロンドン郊外のキャパトン・スタジオで行われた通しリハ。メンバー全員がそろい、MCも曲順も実際のライヴさながらに演奏が繰り広げられます。もちろん、本番ではないので慎重なところもあるのですが、その分、コンサートでは分かりにくいベースやキーボードの細部まで耳元でクッキリと聞こえる。特にジョンのオルガンはリアルさは必聴です!



Live at Monsters Of Rock Festival, Castle Donington, UK 20th August 1983
Taken from the original Japanese laser disc(TOLW-3061)

1. Introduction 2. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues 3. Rough An’ Ready
4. Ready An’ Willing 5. Guilty Of Love 6. Here I Go Again 7. Lovehunter
8. Micky Moody Guitar Solo 9. Lovehunter (reprise) 10. Mistreated 11. Soldier Of Fortune
12. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 13. Fool For Your Loving 14. We Wish You Well

Bonus Track
Taken from Sony L350 PAL Beta Video (titled “Cozy Powell Drum Solo Donington”) Belonged to Cozy Powell
15. Cozy Powell Drum Solo



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