Various Artists / California Live Yokohama Stadium 1981 / 4CD

Various Artists / California Live Yokohama Stadium 1981 / 4CD / Zion

Translated Text:
Live at Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama, Japan 11th September 1981


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In the latter half of the 1970s and early 1980s artists on the American West Coast, including Eagles, boasted tremendous popularity in Japan. In 1977, Jackson Brown and JD · Saoza participated on the second day of the nostalgic “rolling coconut review” and brought the wind of the west coast to Japan, and in 1979 Linda Ronstautt I came to Japan and showed great excitement. It is now only nostalgic events to come to Japan. A luxurious Japanese arrival event as if it took over such a flow has been taking place in 1981.
That is “THE CALIFORNIA LIVE”. It is now an event that has not been handed down much, but JD, Linda, and James Taylor have also appeared here, and literally California artists are literally seen in Japan in a very luxurious manner Event. It is the venue where Yokohama Stadium and Koshien are used to make the era feel at this event where performances were held once in Kanto and Kansai. It will be a venue choice for the Yokohama Arena and the Osaka Dome now, but in 1981 it was a time when live actively began to take place in the stadium in Japan. We will release the sound source of Yokohama performance which was held on September 11 among “THE CALIFORNIA LIVE” twice done this time.
The advent of the weather-free influence of the arena led me to no longer play western music using the stadium in Yokohama, but at that time it was nostalgic that I was positively positively used as a live venue. I can not help feeling the fact that it was a very valuable event now that the live gathering the leading artists on the West coast gathered at this venue.

It was Ronin of California craftsman band who is also familiar with this. It was a band formed around Wadi Waktel and Dan Dagmore who served as Linda’s backs, and I also miss nostalgic attention in Japan as a result of the band name taken from the samurai “Ronin”. Whether any song is a unique rock number called West Coast tone melody in Stones riff, it is also convincing that Waktel will join the band of Keith Richards later afterwards. He is full-time acting as lead vocalist and MC, but because he is not familiar with Frontman, he is constantly listening to the screaming MC, which is interesting. He also joined the back of the artist after this, and it was virtually out of the office.
It was JD · Saucer that first appeared as a star following the so-called undercard play of Ronin. Like his musicality, 70% of the songs played here are relaxed melodies. At that time Showa ‘s Japan was overwhelmingly supported by “Honesty” and “Ye Study” rather than straight rock. In addition, it is a race that listens to the performance, and it really feels good to hear his mellow tunes echoing in the evening stadium. Besides, from the stage of JD, Danny · Coochmar, Lee · Schuller, Ras · Cancel and others are appearances. Not only starring artists but also back musicians were luxurious events gathered by the West Coast’s top musicians.

If we divide this event into the first half and the second half, it should be called the beginning of the second half, Linda. In Koshien, the order of appearance of her and JD was changed, but in the first half it is better to construct a Yokohama stadium that is a songwriter for craftsmen or professional and the second half is Hana star. Linda of that time is a hottest popularity. A set list that made the album “MAD LOVE” a big hit (her album sold most in Japan) the previous year and studied Elvis Costello from “Party Girl” from the album. Costello at that time was notoriously famous for general music fans, so the achievement that Linda made him aware of by covering the song was great. Also the famous “I Can not Let Go” version of Hollies is a number from “MAD LOVE”, but here and again this nostalgic rosemary Butler is singing with Linda. A year ago when she sang the theme of “Dirty Hero”. And when it comes to the live final stage “Poor Poor Pitiful Me”, Linda is reliable enough to sing “Yokohama” and sing it.
James Taylor will serve as a bird. In his case the release of “DAD LOOVES HIS WORK” and hit this year marked the beginning of the first commercial peak. Therefore, the height of the peak was too short and it was just before moving to a personalized activity. Because of that, only the song “Her Town Too” was played from the latest album “DAD LOVES ~” which was just released. Of course, as with album version, duet with JD. Although it may have been said that it was an event / stage trial, as a result, Taylor ‘s famous songs before that are arranged rather than the promotion of the new album “Unbelievable” Best of “set. Rather it was a masterpiece staging as one of the artists who led the 70s.
Incidentally, this event was done under Peter Asher Produce, but in the first place all the artists performed in past recordings such as Usher ‘s producer and participation in the chorus, so to speak, it is also a “Usher” connection event It is said. It was also an event that showed that Peter & Gordon, or British Asher of “Love without a World” had a great influence in the West Coast Rock world in the 1970s.

At the end is an event that seems to be an event from Taylor’s head. Chuck Berry’s “Rock & Roll Music” performed at the performer total. Lead vocal is a sight that seems to be the finale seeming to sing while replacing Taylor – Waktel – JD – Linda in turn. This familiar tapers that captured this memorable event are familiar tapers that have recorded various Japanese performances with different qualities so far. It has continued to provide audience recording of high-level Japanese performance until now, but the sound source of this time is unexpectedly the sound quality of the marvel that it will reign in the top (possibly the top). It is no longer necessary to express “on-sound image” or “clearness”, as it is a tremendous recording state as if the band were in front of me. If this sound source had been released in real time, it would have been misunderstood that it was definitely a sound board, this is a different quality. Californian night in September 37 years ago that revives with its highest sound quality. If you ring with loud sounds you will definitely have time slips at Yokohama Stadium in 1981! Great!

それが「THE CALIFORNIA LIVE」。今となってはあまり語り継がれることもなくなった感のあるイベントですが、ここにはJDやリンダ、さらにジェームス・テイラーが出演し、文字通りカリフォルニアのアーティストたちが日本で一堂に観られるという非常に豪華なイベント。関東と関西で一回ずつの公演が行われた本イベントで時代を感じさせるのが、何と言っても横浜スタジアムと甲子園という使用会場。今なら横浜アリーナと大阪ドームという会場選択になるのでしょうが、1981年といえば日本でもライブがスタジアムで積極的に行われ始めた時代。今回は二回行われた「THE CALIFORNIA LIVE」の内、9月11日に行われた横浜公演の音源をリリースいたします。


このイベントを前半と後半に分けるとすれば、後半の始まりというべきがリンダでしょう。甲子園では彼女とJDの出演順が入れ替わっていたのですが、前半が職人や玄人向けソングライターで後半が華のあるスターという横浜スタジアムの構成の方が良いのでは。ましてや当時のリンダは人気絶頂。前年にアルバム「MAD LOVE」を大ヒット(日本で一番売れた彼女のアルバム)させ、同アルバムからのエルヴィス・コステロ作「Party Girl」などを散りばめたセットリスト。当時のコステロは一般の音楽ファンへの知名度はまだまだでしたので、リンダが曲をカバーしたことで彼を知らしめた功績は大きい。またホリーズのバージョンも有名な「I Can’t Let Go」もまた「MAD LOVE」からのナンバーですが、ここではこれまた懐かしのローズマリー・バトラーがリンダと共に歌っています。彼女が「汚れた英雄」のテーマを歌う一年前のこと。そしてライブ終盤「Poor Poor Pitiful Me」になるとリンダは「ヨコハマ」を盛り込んで歌う余裕が頼もしい。
トリを務めるのがジェームス・テイラー。彼の場合はこの年に「DAD LOVES HIS WORK」のリリースとヒットによって最初の商業的ピークが終わりを迎えた時期。よって絶頂期は過ぎつつマイペースな活動へと移る直前でもあったのです。そのせいかリリースされたばかりだった最新アルバム「DAD LOVES~」からは「Her Town Too」一曲しか演奏されませんでした。もちろんアルバム・バージョンと同様にJDとのデュエット。イベント・ステージのトリだということもあったのでしょうが、結果としてニューアルバムのプロモートよりも、それまでのテイラーの名曲をズラリと並べた文句なしの「ベスト・オブ」セット。むしろ70年代をリードしたアーティストの一人としての王者然としたステージングが圧巻でした。

最後はイベントらしくテイラーの音頭からチャック・ベリーの「Rock & Roll Music」を出演者総出にて演奏。リードボーカルはテイラー~ワクテル~JD~リンダの順番で交代しながら歌っているのがフィナーレらしくて楽しい光景です。このあまりにも懐かしいイベントを捉えてくれたのは、これまでにも別格のクオリティでさまざまな日本公演を録音してくれたおなじみのテーパー。これまでもハイレベルな日本公演のオーディエンス録音を提供し続けてくれましたが、今回の音源はその中でも間違いなく上位(もしかしたらトップ)に君臨するであろう驚異の音質。もはや「オンな音像」やら「クリアネス」といった表現すらいらなくなる、まるでバンドが目の前にいるかのような凄まじい録音状態。仮にこの音源がリアルタイムでリリースされていたとしたら、確実にサウンドボードだと誤解されたであろう、これぞ別格のクオリティ。その最高の音質で蘇る37年前の9月の熱きカリフォルニアン・ナイト。大音響で鳴らせば1981年の横浜スタジアムにタイムスリップ間違いなし!サイコー!


Disc 1(30:40)

1. America The Beautiful 2. Here Come The Runner 3. Hey Nadine 4. Band Introductions
5. Love’s Coming Into My Life Again 6. Up On The Cross 7. Feels Right

Disc 2 (47:32)

1. Intro 2. Simple Man, Simple Dream 3. Banging My Head Against The Moon
4. Mexico 5. Silver Blue 6. Prisoner In Disguise 7. Band Introductions
8. You’re Only Lonely 9. If You Don’t Want My Love 10. Home By Dawn 11. Trouble In Paradise
12. ‘Til The Bars Burn Down 13. James Dean

Disc 3 (56:23)

1. Intro 2. Mad Love 3. It’s So Easy 4. Party Girl 5. Willin’
6. I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love With You) 7. I Can’t Let Go 8. Blue Bayou
9. Faithless Love (with J.D. Souther) 10. Hurt So Bad 11. Poor Poor Pitiful Me
12. You’re No Good 13. How Do I Make You 14. Back in the U.S.A. 15. Desperado

Disc 4 (64:09)

1. Intro 2. Sweet Baby James 3. Wandering 4. Riding on a Railroad 5. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine
6. How Sweet It Is 7. Fire and Rain 8. You’ve Got a Friend 9. Her Town Too
10. Your Smiling Face 11. Mexico 12. Country Road 13. Up on the Roof
14. Steamroller 15. Rock & Roll Music (with All)


Waddy Wachtel – Vocals, Guitar Dan Dugmore – Guitar Rick Marotta – Drums
Stanley Sheldon – Bass


Waddy Wachtel – Guitar Danny Kortchmar – Guitar Billy Payne – Keyboards
Kenny Edwards – Bass Bob Glaub – Bass Leland Sklar – Bass Russell Kunkel – Drums
Rosemary Butler – Vocals David Lasley – Vocals Arnold McCuller – Vocals


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