Van Halen / Live Without A Net / 1DVDR

Van Halen / Live Without A Net / 1DVDR / Non Label

Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven CT USA 27th August 1986. PRO-SHOT

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A masterpiece video “LIVE WITHOUT A NET” from the Sammy Hagar era. The super beautiful version is here.
This official video was exactly the pinnacle of VAN HALEN during the Sammy era. Of course, they also have a masterpiece “LIVE: RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW” that recorded the heyday, but this video explodes the tension that opened up a new era with the masterpiece “5150”. It was a tremendous live video that spilled out with joy and fulfillment that won the member change that was also a bet and seized further success. Of course, it was soon discontinued due to the fate of the 80’s video, but in 2004 when Sammy returned temporarily, it was made into a DVD. The official DVD is now out of print, and even used ones have a premiere. This work is a copy of such an official DVD. .. .. Well, there isn’t. In fact, among overseas enthusiasts, it is said that the highest peak version of this video is not the official DVD, but the original release version laserdisc of the 1980s, which is also the Japanese version. This work is an elaborately digitized piece from the Japanese version LD.
In fact, the quality is super beautiful. The official DVD seems to have been mastered to emphasize the highlights of the screen, probably because it was fashionable at the time, and although the screen was smooth, it was strangely smooth and the fine parts were crushed. However, this work is different. The texture is super detailed. You can feel the graininess of the film used for shooting, not the dimensions of the members’ hair and wrinkles in their costumes. Even the rays of the spotlight dancing on the stage have the presence of “film”. The official side may have crushed it because the analog feeling of this film is not suitable for the digital age, but it is this work that looks “real” to the current eyes where the digital feeling has become commonplace. is.
Moreover, its freshness is also ultimate. It is resistant to deterioration over time and is preeminently stored only on laser discs that surpass VHS in resolution, and the color development itself is the same because it uses a mint board. The sense of stability of playback that cannot be expected with VHS is also tremendous, and you can fully enjoy the beauty of the image that even the original master tape may no longer remain.
What is drawn with such quality is a very fresh and extremely enthusiastic performance like a new band just formed. I’m sorry to say that this work was shot at “August 27, 1986 New Haven Performance”. Here, let’s confirm the position of the show from the schedule at that time.

<< March 24, “5150” released >>
・ March 27-May 31: North America # 1 (47 performances)
・ June 28-September 1: North America # 2 (40 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ September 5: MTV VIDEO AWARDS
・ September 27-November 3: North America # 3 (24 performances)

This is the whole picture of the glorious “5150 TOUR”. The New Haven performance of this work was the 37th performance of “North America # 2”. The journey around North America was not a “world” tour, but it was a circuit that carefully focused on its home country. This work was just past the turnaround, and it was the timing when I felt the wind of great success with my whole body. You can enjoy such a stage, but it is not a full recording due to the fate of the video work at that time. Let’s organize the contents of the set here.

● “5150” number (6 songs)
・ Summer Nights / Get Up / Dreams (×) / 5150 / Best of Both Worlds / Love Walks In / Good Enough (×) / Why Can’t This Be Love
● Others (5 songs)
・ Dave era number: You Really Got Me (×) / Ain’t Talkin”bout Love / Panama
・ Sammy’s solo song: There’s Only One Way to Rock / I Can’t Drive 55
・ Others: Rock’N’Roll [LED ZEPPELIN cover] * Note: The “x” mark is a song that was cut in this work.

… And it looks like this. It’s just a comparison with the standard set of the tour, so it’s possible that I was playing a special cover, but for the time being, three songs have been cut. I wanted to record the rare “Good Enough”, but I’m fortunate to be able to see “Get Up”, which was also only for this tour (!?).
Aside from the complaints 34 years ago, the performance of spinning such a set is amazing. Sammy’s “There’s Only One Way to Rock”, which strongly impresses the new band from the beginning, explodes, but the spinning performance of the example is also very fast and sharp. Even after that, the performance of tremendous tension was bitten, but the honeymoon mood has a stronger impact than that. Frequently entwined with each other, talking and playing with each other, even though there is no particular need. Even between songs, I burst into laughter when playing with the thrown shoes and pouches, and in the introduction of the members before the solo time, I was praised with all the words (Since this work is based on the Japanese version, all MCs have Japanese subtitles. Masu). Now that I know the twists and turns after that, this good friendship itself permeates my eyes and chest.

At that time, it was ridiculed as “VAN HAGAR”, but that was also the truth. A new band that accepts Sammy’s solo songs and brings each other’s music on an equal footing. It was a legendary quartet that won No. 1 in the United States at the same time as it was formed and did not give up the throne until the collapse 10 years later. This work is a masterpiece that spells the start dash with a clear visual beauty up to the film feeling. The darlings of the times … No, the four people who were the times themselves. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.

サミー・ヘイガー時代の名作映像『LIVE WITHOUT A NET』。その超美麗バージョンが登場です。
 このオフィシャル映像は、まさにサミー時代VAN HALENの頂点でした。もちろん、彼らには全盛期を記録した大作『LIVE: RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW』もありますが、この映像は名盤『5150』で新時代を切り拓いたテンションが爆裂。賭けでもあったメンバーチェンジに勝ち、さらなる成功を掴み取った歓喜と充実感が溢れて滲んでこぼれ出す凄まじいライヴ映像でした。もちろん80年代映像の宿命ですぐに廃盤になりつつ、サミーが一時復帰した2004年にはDVD化が実現。その公式DVDも今は廃盤となり、中古でもプレミアが付いている状況です。本作は、そんな公式DVDのコピー。。。では、ありません。実のところ海外マニアの間では、この映像の最高峰版は公式DVDではなく、80年代のオリジナル・リリース版レーザーディスク、それも日本盤だと言われている。本作は、その日本盤LDから精緻にデジタル化した1枚なのです。
 これが栄光の“5150 TOUR”の全体像。本作のニューヘイヴン公演は「北米#2」の37公演目でした。北米だけを巡る行程は“ワールド”ツアーではなかったわけですが、その分母国を入念にサーキット。本作はその折り返しをすぎた頃で、大成功の風を全身で実感しているタイミングでした。そんなステージを楽しめるわけですが、当時の映像作の宿命でフル収録ではない。ここでセットの内容も整理しておきましょう。
・Summer Nights/Get Up/Dreams(×)/5150/Best of Both Worlds/Love Walks In/Good Enough(×)/Why Can’t This Be Love
・デイヴ時代ナンバー:You Really Got Me(×)/Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love/Panama
・サミーのソロ曲:There’s Only One Way to Rock/I Can’t Drive 55
・その他:Rock ‘N’ Roll[LED ZEPPELINカバー]
……と、このようになっています。あくまでツアーの標準セットとの比較なので、もしかしたら特別なカバーなども演奏していた可能性もありますが、とりあえずカットされているのは3曲。レアな「Good Enough」は収録して欲しかったところですが、同じくこのツアーだけだった「Get Up」が観られるのは不幸中の幸い(!?)です。
 34年前の愚痴はさておき、そんなセットを紡ぐパフォーマンスが凄いのなんの。冒頭から新生バンドを強烈に印象づけるサミーの「There’s Only One Way to Rock」が炸裂するわけですが、例のクルクル回るパフォーマンスもえらく早くてキレッキレ。その後も凄まじいテンションの演奏がブチかまされていくわけですが、それ以上に強烈なインパクトなのが蜜月なムード。互いにじゃれ合うように頻繁に絡み、特に必要もないのに側により、話しかけ、ふざけ合う。曲間でも投げ込まれたクツやポーチで遊んでは大爆笑し、ソロタイムの前のメンバー紹介では言葉を尽くした大絶賛(本作は日本盤が元ですので、すべてのMCに日本語字幕が付きます)。その後の紆余曲折を知る今となっては、この仲の良さ自体が眼と胸に染みるのです。
 当時は「VAN HAGAR」と揶揄されたものですが、それは真理でもありました。サミーのソロ曲も受け入れ、互いの音楽を対等に持ち込んだ新バンド。結成と同時に全米No.1を勝ち取り、10年後の崩壊まで王座を譲らなかった伝説のカルテットだったのです。本作は、そのスタート・ダッシュをフィルム感まで克明な映像美で綴る最高傑作。時代の寵児……いえ、時代そのものであった4人の姿。どうぞ、胸いっぱいにお楽しみください。
1. Intro
2. Opening
3. There’s Only One Way to Rock
4. Summer Nights
5. Get Up
6. Drum Solo
7. 5150
8. Best of Both Worlds
9. Bass Solo
10. Panama
11. Love Walks In
12. Guitar Solo
13. I Can’t Drive 55
14. Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love
15. Why Can’t This Be Love
16. Rock ‘N’ Roll
17. End Credit
Sammy Hagar – lead vocals, guitar
Eddie Van Halen – guitar, backing vocals, keyboards on “Love Walks In” & “Why Can’t This Be Love”
Michael Anthony – bass, backing vocals
Alex Van Halen – drums, percussion


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