Tedeschi Trucks Band / Tokyo 2019 2nd Night / 2CD

Tedeschi Trucks Band / Tokyo 2019 2nd Night / 2CD / Zion

Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan 15th June 2019

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 Tokyo 3 DAYS left by today’s best live act. The vertex original recording is a press CD for 3 simultaneous release decisions. This work is its second. It is a super-superior audience recording of “June 15, 2019: Tokyo Dome City Hall” performance.
 The 2019 tour to Japan will be concluded in Tokyo 3 DAYS, but this week the top works of the 3 performances will be permanently preserved on the Press 2 CD. First of all, let’s check the collection on the schedule.

・ June 11 “AMAGASAKI 2019”
· June 12: Zepp Nagoya
“June 13: Move & Off”
· June 14 “TOKYO 2019 1ST NIGHT”
· June 15: Tokyo Dome City Hall [This Work]
· June 16 “TOKYO 2019 FINAL NIGHT”

 Above, all 5 performances. This day too, I could enjoy it with the 6-disc set “TOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019 (Uxbridge 1055)” that completed the Tokyo 3 performances with the same sounder collection, but this work is a completely separate recording from that masterpiece, and more high It is a live album of a miracle that studied the sound quality.
 In fact, the sound of this work is amazing. Too wonderful. It is an original master of only this work that was given by the recording person himself, but a thick core arrives straight, and the feeling is extremely on. And the details are as vivid as the eye. I also notice that I often pick up a faint hole sound when I use my headphones well, but it colors the singing voice of Susan Tedeschi even more, and the high-lifting feeling of the slide guitar is also enhanced. ing. It’s as beautiful as an FM sound board and an official live album, yet it doesn’t feel like it was remixed later. It is an ultra-superior sound world that has a quality that apart from the audience, but also dwells in elegance that can only be achieved with the audience recording.
 And it’s amazing because the beauty is stable. What made this work a thing is one of Japan’s leading masters who has worked on many press titles, and it is no wonder that there is no shaking in the setting of the microphone or a chatter at highlights. As I mentioned in the commentary of “TOKYO 2019 1ST NIGHT (Zion-145)”, although the basic quality was the best of the basic quality, “KOKYO DOME CITY HALL 2019” of Uxbridge label is when the clapping strikes There was also a slight sense of incongruity (it was a very subtle level, and I was only anxious compared to this master). However, this work does not have such a minor distortion. Both hot burning jams and emotions are carefully incorporated into the crystal clear to every corner.
 The second day of Tokyo drawn with such a sound is the show that was said to be the most unique in this Japan Tour. For comparison with other performances, let’s analyze the set in this work.

・Don’t Drift Away、Idle Wind
・Laugh About It、Let Me Get By、Just As Strange
・Hard Case、I’m Gonna Be There、Shame
・Anyday(DEREK AND THE DOMINOS)、Get What You Deserve(THE DEREK TRUCKS BAND)、Sweet Inspiration(THE SWEET INSPIRATIONS)、Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’(THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND)、Space Captain(ジョー・コッカー)
※( )内はオリジナル・アーティスト

 It is also a feature that there was no selection from “REVELATOR”, but more than that is the number of daily variations. Although there was a song called “Only for this day” in each performance, it was the second day in Tokyo that the number of songs was the largest. So are the original “Don’t Drift Away”, “Idle Wind” and “Just As Strange”, and “THE DEREK TRUCKS BAND AGE” Get What You Deserve “, DEREK AND THE DOMINOS” Anyday “, THE SWEET INSPIRATIONS” “Sweet Inspiration”, Joe Cocker’s “Space Captain” is also only this day. Of the 15 songs that were played, 7 were numbers that could not be heard in other shows.

 The second day in Tokyo, where a diverse repertoire was presented, even at the ever-changing TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND. It is a live album that vacuum-packed a rare set of ultra-superior sounds only if it will be during that day because it will be three days continuous performance in the same venue. A unique masterpiece in the release rush this time. Please enjoy yourself with the permanent storage press 2CD.

★ Only the first 50 will be released with a numbered sticker.

Disc 1 (51:42)
1. Intro 2. Anyday 3. Laugh About It 4. Hard Case 5. Don’t Drift Away
6. Get What You Deserve 7. I’m Gonna Be There 8. Sweet Inspiration 9. Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’

Disc 2 (57:51)
1. Let Me Get By 2. Just As Strange 3. How Blue Can You Get? 4. Idle Wind
5. Shame 6. Space Captain


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