Steven Tyler With The Loving Mary Band / Budokan 2017 / 2CD+ 1 Bonus Single DVDR

Steven Tyler / Budokan 2017 / 2CD+ 1 Bonus Single DVDR / Zodiac
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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 11th April 2017 Plus Bonus DVDR “BUDOKAN 2017 THE VIDEO”

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From topical boiling solo arrival in Japan, the second best album is out! The first day “OSAKA 2017 (Zodiac 244)” which was released the other day has received great popularity, this time is the second day. It is an audience album of “April 11, 2017: Nippon Budokan” performance. This solo arrives in Osaka and Nippon Budokan only twice. This work is the second one, it is the final performance.
This work which contained such Japanese Budokan performance is terribly powerful. “OSAKA 2017” was a remarkable work by Masters “Nishi Nippon Strongest Taper”, but the quality of this work is also a step …. No, it is a finest board that does not draw a half step. It is a work of masterpieces named in the Kanto region, but the goodness of this person is the best “Budokan”. It was a long time ago that “Budokan is sounds bad” is a long time ago, but Nippon Budokan is special but sound is not good. When it is good and bad, the difference between the good position and the different place is so intense that you can not stably mass-produce the name recording unless you are a sound recordingist. The recordingist who made this work a thing is a good thing enough to say that he is an expert who has repeated masterpieces at its Nippon Budokan.
Actually, the sound of this work is abnormal level high sound quality. It seems that it was recorded around the fifth row of the arena, but its proximity is a furious direct feeling. Not only the singing voice of Steven Tyler, but also each one of the mixed reputation choruses delivered separately arrives. Of course, the band performance is also extremely clear, rhythm corps and guitar are clear all the way up to banjo and mandolin. Even the “skimmer” of one tone is brilliant, it can not feel cloudy or turbidity at all. It is an ultra clear sound as if that octagonal space became even a tank of ultrapure water. Come over it, rich until deep bass. The vibe that shakes the floor gets awesome, it roars beautifully, and the waveform of the acoustic wave that is neatly arranged floats in the eyes. If it is only direct feeling and clearness, it is called “just like a sound board”, but it is such a dimension that it will not be a compliment. So far all the sounds are beautiful, so I can not see the recording of a grand Japanese Budokan.
The solo performance drawn with such a sound is also excellent. Above all, the 69-year-old is a wonderful song of the best Stephen, but it is just like AEROSMITH. This work is also a solo unique back band, THE LOVING MARY BAND is amazing. It is a country band led by Marty Frederiksen who is producer / songwriter of AEROSMITH, an ensemble which is unlikely to be accomplished by a rapidly-developed band which tends to be in the back of solo singer just because he is active regularly. Besides, the members are also composer groups, and the level of musical qualities are different from those around them. There is also a sense of a little phrase, and even the viewpoint of grasping the whole band is transparent.
It is the repertoire of familiar AEROSMITH accounting for about half of what it shines especially. Frederiksen is also called Blaine after “NINE LIVES”, understanding of music is deep, yet arranging added to the accent is also attractive. Other members are also individualistic, but especially those who shine are Elisha Hoffman & Rebecca Lynn Howard’s couple. Elisha is a multiplayer manipulating banjo / mandolin / steel guitar and seasons AEROSMITH ‘s famous songs group, Rebecca’ s singing voice is amazing anyhow. Also with a female singer / songwriter, Suzie · McNeill, each song shows a beautiful chorus (or say, almost a side vocal), but especially Janice Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz” will not even ever take on the leading actor Even Do not let the powerful beauty be heard. Of course, while doing the face of “Oh, it is terrible!”, Too, Stephen who turns back at Janice ‘s “Piece Of My Heart” is also fluffy.
That Rebecca is also a master of performance, undulating the base with grooves with boobs and Kosi, carving a female drummer: Sara Tomek and a powerful beat. The masterpiece is a title song of a solo album “We’re All Somebody From Somewhere”, it changes from country rock to funk and shows SLA & THE FAMILY STONE’s “Thank You” in a rough technique.

All songs are fresh themselves, including “Whole Lotta Love” of LED ZEPPELIN which became a great excitement and the piano playing of “Home Tonight” which I could not listen at Osaka performance. It’s different from AEROSMITH but it is a Japanese budokan full of opens like Steven. It is a masterpiece painted with sounds that make the best of everything possible. Like “OSAKA 2017” contain it in a permanently preserved press 2 CD and take it to your hand.

話題沸騰のソロ来日公演から、2本目の極上ライヴアルバムが登場です! 先日リリースされた初日の『OSAKA 2017(Zodiac 244)』が大好評を賜っておりますが、今回は2日目。「2017年4月11日:日本武道館」公演のオーディエンス・アルバムです。今回のソロ来日は、大阪と日本武道館の2回のみ。本作は2本目にして、最終公演なのです。
そんな日本武道館公演を収めた本作は、凄まじく強力。『OSAKA 2017』は、名匠“西日本最強テーパー”氏の会心作だったわけですが、本作のクオリティもまた一歩も……いえ、半歩も引かない極上盤。関東で名を馳せる名手の作なのですが、この方の得意はズバリ“日本武道館”。「武道館は音が悪い」と言われたのは遙か昔の話ですが、それでも日本武道館が特別が音が良いわけではない。良い時とそうでない時、良いポジションと違う場所の差が激しく、音響を熟知した録音家でないと安定して名録音を量産できないのです。本作をモノにした録音家は、その日本武道館で名作を連発している専門家と言っても良いくらいの凄腕なのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるソロ公演は、絶品にもほどがある。何よりも69歳にして絶好調なスティーヴンの歌いっぷりが素晴らしいのですが、それだけならAEROSMITHと変わらない。本作は、ソロならではのバックバンド、THE LOVING MARY BANDも凄い。AEROSMITHのプロデューサー/ソングライターでもあるマーティ・フレデリクセンが率いるカントリー・バンドで、レギュラーで活動しているだけにソロシンガーのバックにありがちな急造バンドではあり得ないほど完成されたアンサンブル。しかも、メンバーは作曲家集団でもあり、その辺のプレイヤーとは音楽的な資質のレベルも違う。ちょっとしたフレーズにもセンスがあり、バンド全体を把握する視点までもが透けるのです。
それが殊更輝くのは、約半数を占めるお馴染みのAEROSMITHのレパートリー。フレデリクセンが『NINE LIVES』以降のブレインということもあって、楽曲への理解も深く、それでいてアクセントに加えられたアレンジも気が利いている。他のメンバーも個性派ぞろいですが、特に輝くのはエリシャ・ホフマン&レベッカ・リン・ハワードの夫婦。エリシャはバンジョー/マンドリン/スチールギターを操るマルチプレイヤーでAEROSMITHの名曲群を味付けしますし、レベッカの歌声はとにかく凄い。同じく女性シンガー・ソングライターのスージー・マクニールと共に各曲で美しいコーラス(と言いますか、ほとんどサイドヴォーカル)を披露しますが、特にジャニス・ジョップリンの「Mercedes Benz」では主役スティーヴンさえも食ってしまいかねないド迫力の美声を轟かせる。もちろん「おぉ、凄ぇな!」という顔をしながらも、やはりジャニスの「Piece Of My Heart」でやり返すスティーヴンも流石です。
そのレベッカは演奏も達者で、ブンブンとコシのあるグルーヴでベースをうねらせ、女性ドラマー:サラ・トメクとパワフルなビートを刻む。圧巻はソロ・アルバムのタイトル曲「We’re All Somebody From Somewhere」で、カントリー・ロックからファンクへと豹変し、さらにSLY & THE FAMILY STONEの「Thank You」をブチ込むという荒技を見せつけます。

大盛り上がり大会となったLED ZEPPELINの「Whole Lotta Love」や大阪公演では聴けなかった「Home Tonight」のピアノ弾き語りも含め、どの曲も新鮮そのもの。AEROSMITHとはチョット違うけど、どこまでもスティーヴンらしさ全開の日本武道館。その一部始終を極上究めるサウンドで描ききった大傑作です。『OSAKA 2017』と同じく永久保存のプレス2CDに封じ込め、あなたのお手元へ。

Disc 1 (50:21)
1. Intro. 2. Sweet Emotion 3. Cryin’ 4. I’m Down 5. Oh! Darling 6. Come Together
7. Love Lives 8. Jaded 9. Love Is Your Name 10. I Make My Own Sunshine
11. Mercedes Benz 12. Piece of My Heart 13. Livin’ on the Edge

Disc 2 (53:26)
1. We’re All Somebody From Somewhere 2. What It Takes 3. My Own Worst Enemy 4. Home Tonight
5. Dream On 6. Train Kept A-Rollin’ 7. Janie’s Got a Gun 8. Only Heaven 9. Walk This Way
10. Whole Lotta Love 11. Band Introductions


Steven Tyler / Budokan 2017 The Video / 1 Bonus Single DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 11th April 2017

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“Solo singer” Steven Tyler who has followed his skill band. While attentive again to AEROSMITH, it fascinated charismatic charming full-length show. This volume press 2CD is a name recording that caught the Nippon Budokan performance in superb sound. If there is something missing on that masterboard, only “sight”. So we will present a video collection of the same show’s audience shot as a bonus.
Osaka performance “OSAKA 2017 (Zodiac 244)” which was released earlier was also accompanied by the same image collection, but this work is its Nippon Budokan version. It is not an audience shot of a one-pass penetration but a collection of images of one song unit. As a result, each photographer, angle and quality break apart. It can not be said that “image quality is OK” unconditionally. However, instead each song only contains the best shot chosen. In recent years, with the development of digital equipment, anyone can take a picture, and when a remarkable concert is performed, countless videos of mobile shooting will overflow. This work is a “best version collection” that scrutinized every single movie that appeared on the net.
That sight is similar to AEROSMITH “The world of Steven Tyler”. Unlike the Osaka performance which was a club gig, this work is familiar to Stephen as a Japanese Budokan. You can taste plenty of scales different from the sense of enriching the club. Cool goodness of “Dream On” that you can sing with a danced up expression over a huge screen … …. This landscape is a sense of the workplace that I do not know with only live album with only sound.
To tell the truth, there are few published pictures than the Osaka performance, it is far from the full show. Therefore, this work also recorded the highlight image which digested the show after the main part live video. This is a summary of various songs in 15 minutes. Beautiful shot with no shadows such as the head and arm of the front row in shots which looked directly to the stage. You can see that it is a distant shot if you pull the ending, but it feels like a distance feeling with a bold zoom and a camera shake preventing function of the latest equipment. Of course it is a highlight so you can witness the sights of the show. Godzilla running around? And Rebecca Lynn Howard and the masterpiece duet is perfect. “This is a digest if it is a full picture, but I want to press … …” Such a thought is a masterpiece picture that is gathered up.

While announcing the Farewell tour, Joe Perry said “I can not believe it is the last.” The information of AEROSMITH is complicated, such as entering a studio aiming at making a new album. I wonder when it will come to Japan again as a “solo singer”, will that day really come? Everything is uncertain.
Meanwhile, a solo show realized with only two performances. It is a set of its finest live album and video record. “Solo singer” maybe never again Steven Tyler’s Live in Japan. Please, please do not miss this precious “now” Please do not miss it.
先だってリリースされた大阪公演『OSAKA 2017(Zodiac 244)』にも同日映像集が付属しましたが、本作はその日本武道館版。一気貫通のオーディエンス・ショットではなく、1曲単位の映像を集めたものです。そのため、各曲は撮影者もアングルもクオリティもバラバラ。一概に「画質は○○」とは言えません。しかし、その代わり各曲は選び抜かれたベストショットだけを収録。近年はデジタル機器の発達によって誰でも撮影可能になり、注目のコンサートが行われると、モバイル撮影の動画が無数に溢れ返ります。本作はネットに登場した動画1つひとつを精査した“ベスト・バージョン集”なのです。
その光景は、AEROSMITHとは似て非なる“スティーヴン・タイラーの世界”。クラブギグだった大阪公演とは違い、本作はスティーヴンも慣れ親しんだ日本武道館。クラブの濃縮感とは異なるスケール感がたっぷりと味わえる。巨大なスクリーン越しに表情ドアップで歌いきる「Dream On」のカッコ良さ……。この風景は音だけのライヴアルバムだけでは分からない現場感覚です。


1. Sweet Emotion(End Part)/Cryin’ 2. Love Lives 3. Home Tonight #1 4. Home Tonight #2
5. Dream On 6. Only Heaven 7. Walk This Way #1 8. Walk This Way #2 9. Whole Lotta Love
10. Highlights

COLOUR NTSC Approx.41min.

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