Steve Hackett / Live At The Agora / 2CDR

Steve Hackett / Live At The Agora / 2CDR / Highland Project

Translated Text:
Live At The Agora, Cleveland, OH October 20th 1981. Soundboard


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2 Disc title was complete recording from high-quality sound board recording master performances in the October 20, Ohio Cleveland Agora than migrated Steve Hackett ’81 US tour to solo activities from Genesis appeared!

This time dare is the sound board LIVE collector attention that unfolds is different Steve Hackett own view of the world and Genesis in performance with a focus on showing off from the solo album in Zu 演-Ra the Genesis number!



01. The Air / Conditioned Nightmare/2. Jacuzzi/3. Funny Feeling/4. Ace Of Wands/5. Picture Postcard/6. The Steppes/7. Every Day/8. The Red Flower Of Tachai / Tigermoth/9. Horizons/0. Kim/10 Overnight Sleeper

1. Slogans/2. A Tower Struck Down/3. Spectral Morning/4. Land Of A Thousand Autumns / Please Don’t Touch/5. Band Introduction/6. The Show/7. Clocks

Live At The Agora, Cleveland, OH October 20th 1981

Highland Project. HLP-140A/B

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