Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited / Royal Festival Hall 2018 / 2CDR

Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited / Royal Festival Hall 2018 / 2CDR / Amity

Live At Royal Festival Hall, London, UK 4th October 2018.


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A topic boiling full orchestra collaboration live album is appearing. Steve Hacket is a memorable new performance in April this year, but its tour “GENESIS REVISITED, SOLO GEMS & GTR” ended in July. Currently, we are doing a mini-tour with the organizing orchestra of 41 people in my home country. Today, the tour is also continuing at this moment, but with its first report, the finest live album arrived early.
It is recorded in such a work “London performances on October 4, 2018”. It is a superb audience recording at the venue “Royal Festival Hall”. I am also worried about that wonderful concert, but first of all it’s a show position. Let’s review the outline of the tour currently in progress.

· October 1: Nottingham
· October 3rd: Manchester
· October 4: London 【this work】
· October 5th: Birmingham
· October 7: Gateshead
· October 8: Glasgow
>> Coco <<
· October 10th: Ipswich
· October 11th: London

Over all, 8 performances. Currently, at the timing when it took six performances, the London performance of this work is the third public performance. This work which recorded such a scene is a beautiful recording of an overwhelming audience, both clear and direct. While banding the orchestra, each note is delicate but still powerful. The performance on the band side is nearly on without a sense of distance, the orchestra side is tight and fine without mixing 41 sounds. It is difficult to balance such a co-star with the band being buried in the orchestra, or contrary orchestra to the degree of BGM, but this work is almost ideal. The orchestra draws a beautiful and magnificent world, and the drum sounds with heavy bass on it are penetrated with a sense of rock beat, and the leading role guitar and vocals dance vividly to the edge. I think the rock & orchestra is the ideal sound.
What’s even wonderful is the sense of unity unique to space recording. It is easy to lose the natural live feeling by overlapping the orchestra on the sound board of the band, but this work is a one-shot on site scene. Vacuum packs the venues of the venues that have been thoroughly kneaded, and you can experience the spectacles born in 100% of yourself as a result of rock and orchestra getting together.
The show drawn with such a superb sound is the huge and beautiful Symphonic Rock ‘s Togenau Town. The tour name is simply “GENESIS REVISITED 2018”, and the axis is the famous group of GENESIS. The solo number is also played about five songs, except for all it is GENESIS number and is selected evenly from all albums except “Dazzling Broadway”. Especially in the Peter Gabriel era, great songs such as “The Musical Box”, “Firth of Fifth”, “Dancing With the Moonlit Knight” were chosen as a response to “Supper’s Ready”, and from the time of solo and 4 person formation the number of 5 minutes center. I think that it is probably selected by compatibility with the orchestra, but the splendid contrast is also a bright show. Among them, “Shadow of the Hierophant” of “VOYAGE OF THE ACOLYTE” is exceptional. While featuring Amanda · Reymann ‘s beautiful voice, draw a magnificent rock symphony beyond 10 minutes. What a wonderful thing of a rocky deep power and a beautiful and extensive orchestra on the verge of its bike … ….
The highlights of the show are still GENESIS. Especially the last two “Supper’s Ready” “The Musical Box” two performances which are performed over about 40 minutes are overwhelming. Singing the lead is of course Nad Sylvain, the singing voice that closely resembles Gabriel is wrapped in a full orchestra, and the fantasy GENESIS world is magnificently reborn. The super masterpieces, which became the world standard of Symphonic Rock, together with YES, CAMEL, etc. will be revived with the live orchestra … …. Hackett’s “GENESIS REVISITED” has also continued for a long time, but this work is completely exceptional one.

“GENESIS meets orchestra” …… It is a masterpiece that can taste the dreamlike world with the finest sound. It is far beyond the dimension of Hackett’s latest report, and is a live album suitable for calling it just as a treasure of progressive rock. Please enjoy this world of this blissfully to my heart’s content.

話題沸騰のフル・オーケストラ共演ライヴアルバムが登場です。今年4月の来日公演も記憶に新しいスティーヴ・ハケットですが、そのツアー“GENESIS REVISITED, SOLO GEMS & GTR”は7月に一旦終了。現在は、母国で41人編成オーケストラとのミニ・ツアーを行っております。今、この瞬間もツアーは続行中ですが、その第一報にして極上のライヴアルバムが早くも到着しました。

・10月4日:ロンドン 【本作】

そんな極上サウンドで描かれるショウは、巨大で美しいシンフォニック・ロックの桃源郷。ツアー名はシンプルに“GENESIS REVISITED 2018”となっており、軸となるのはGENESISの名曲群。ソロ・ナンバーも5曲ほど演奏されますが、それ以外はすべてGENESISナンバーで『眩惑のブロードウェイ』以外の全アルバムから満遍なくセレクト。特にピーター・ガブリエル時代は「Supper’s Ready」を筆答に「The Musical Box」「Firth of Fifth」「Dancing With the Moonlit Knight」といった大曲が選ばれ、ソロや4人編成時代からは5分台のナンバーが中心。恐らくはオーケストラとの相性で選曲されているのだと思いますが、見事なコントラストも鮮やかなショウなのです。その中で例外的なのは『VOYAGE OF THE ACOLYTE』の「Shadow of the Hierophant」。アマンダ・レイマンの美声をフィーチュアしつつ、10分超えの壮大なロック・シンフォニーを描きだす。そのビビる寸前のロックなド迫力と美麗で広大なオーケストラの何と素晴らしい事か……。
ショウのハイライトは、やはりGENESIS。特に約40分をかけて演奏されるラストの「Supper’s Ready」「The Musical Box」2連発は圧倒的。リードを歌うのはもちろんナッド・シルヴァンで、ガブリエルに酷似した歌声がフル・オーケストラに包まれ、幻想のGENESIS世界が雄大に生まれ変わる。YESやCAMEL等と共にシンフォニック・ロックの世界基準ともなった超名曲が生オーケストラとの共演で甦る……。ハケットの“GENESIS REVISITED”も長く続いてきましたが、本作はまったくもって別格の1本です。

“GENESIS meets オーケストラ”……その夢のような世界を極上のサウンドで味わえる大傑作です。単にハケットの最新レポートという次元を遙かに超え、まさにプログレッシヴ・ロックの至宝と呼ぶに相応しいライヴアルバム。この至福の世界、どうぞ本作で心ゆくまでご堪能ください。

Disc 1(57:25)
1. Intro 2. Dance on a Volcano 3. Intro 4. Out of the Body 5. The Steppes 6. Firth of Fifth
7. Intro 8. Dancing With the Moonlit Knight 9. Blood on the Rooftops 10. Intro
11. Shadow of the Hierophant (with Amanda Lehmann) 12. Outro

Disc 2(67:43)
1. Intro 2. …In That Quiet Earth 3. Afterglow 4. Intro
5. Serpentine Song (with Amanda Lehmann & John Hackett) 6. Intro 7. El Nino
8. Supper’s Ready 9. Introduction/Crowd 10. The Musical Box 11. Outro

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