Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited / Band With Orchestra Tour 2018 / 4CDR

Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited / Band With Orchestra Tour 2018 / 4CDR / Galaxy

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Live At Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK October 5th 2018. Audience

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From the latest tour of “Band With Orchestra” co-starred with the full orchestra of Steve Hackett in 2018, London London Royal Festival Hall performances and Birmingham Symphony Hall performances from the highest quality high quality digital audience recording Appears as a masterpiece complete collection of 2 performances in 4 set set! In live performances by full orchestra, we show off generic songs and solo numbers of former Genesis. Genesis collector who captured an unprecedented luxury and abundant performances It is a highly recommendable title to listen to 2018’s latest live 2 performances of attention!


01. Intro
02. Dance On A Volcano
03. Out Of The Body
04. The Steppes
05. Firth Of Fifth
06. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
07. Blood On The Rooftops
08. Shadow Of The Hierophant (with Amanda Lehmann)
09. Outro

01. Intro
02. …In That Quiet Earth
03. Afterglow
04. Serpentine Song (with Amanda Lehmann and John Hackett)
05. El Nino
06. Supper’s Ready
07. Band Introductions
08. The Musical Box
09. Outro
◆Live At Royal Festival Hall, London, U.K. October 4th 2018

01. Dance On A Volcano
02. Out Of The Body
03. The Steppes
04. Firth Of Fifth
05. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
06. Blood On The Rooftops
07. Shadow Of The Hierophant

01. …In That Quiet Earth
02. Afterglow
03. Serpentine Song
04. El Nino
05. Supper’s Ready
06. The Musical Box
◆Live At Symphony Hall, Birmingham, U.K. October 5th 2018

Galaxy. GX091A/B/C/D

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