Rolling Stones / Warsaw 2018 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Warsaw 2018 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at PGE Narodowy, Warsaw, Poland 8th July 2018

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This year’s “NO FILTER” European tour took place at the Warsaw performance with the auspices of Chiaki. As it is the last day of this time, although the appearance of items was awaited as soon as possible, the two kinds of audience recordings that first appeared appeared to be two strange sound sources, which is stereo far from the sound image. Frankly saying that it was not at a level that can be released with press CD, it has been treated as release on CD-R. Also at the time of this website announcement, it was enough to write “monaural (magical)” unexpectedly, and in stereo it sounded fairly distant and fighting began, roughly about 2018 It is what has been done.
But we kept you waiting! Finally, Audience Recording which captured Warsaw of Tour · Finale with quality suitable for press CD exactly will appear. Moreover, it was not what appeared on the net, but an audience recording obtained from our own network at the time of this release. Overseas maniacs went to Warsaw performances and gave them recordings that they kept on offering to release on press CD. After all, audience recording that appeared on the net immediately after the performance is such a state, there is no sign that there will be an upper version since then, coupled with the land pattern of Warsaw and will be forgotten as it is … as it seemed to be, It was just like grace from heaven.

The sound quality of this sound source is interesting, but this is really wonderful. In the same “NO FILTER” Europe tour, there was a sense that the best sound source concentrated on the beginning of the tour in the case of last year, but in this case the best audience recording began to appear from the latter half of the tour, the result was Berlin and Prague . The sound source of this time is quietly like the sound quality that takes between them. In other words, although it can not go as far as Prague on sound image, yet it is more textured than Berlin. Because the securing of the position of the taper was not immediately decided, the sound image is unstable slightly in the early two songs. But after ‘Tumbling Dice’ you can enjoy it with great sound quality.
Although the recording itself is balanced although the sound image is on, although it is balanced overall, it is very tense (it does not go up to the taste), equalizing it there, improving the clearness at a stretch, furthermore the upper version that it increases the feeling of bones It was finished. Since the original feature was excellent recording, it became a stable press CD release that will be enjoyable widely from beginner to mania by this process.

And from the last day of the tour, Stones’ performance is awesome, and it is a wonderful thing that everyone will tell you a tightened performance while having fun. The situation was able to be confirmed even with a splendid angle movie in the DVD – R and gift items attached at the time of the previous release of CD – R, but it is still wonderful to listen with excellent sound quality recording in this way. I heard powerful performances that became a unified band from the opening. The fact that the performance of the latter half of the tour, such as Prague, was substantial in Marseille has been proved by the previous release, but it is finally wonderful if it is the last day.
Because of that, it seems probably that Mick’s momentum had surplus, In “Bitch” he got confused by mistaking the lyrics, but there was a happening that Mick could return to the original by continuing to play without being disturbed by the band. The subsequent performance is powerful anyhow and exquisite entanglement that Keith responds quickly when Mick sings “Robert Johnson’s” Come On In My Kitchen “which was customary in” Midnight Rambler “is also evident. It was a song that I really enjoyed performing every evening since the middle of the tour. In addition, with this sound source, nearly the audience counts as ‘1,2,3’ at the timing when the same song starts, just as if Stones sings as if he began playing him as a signal A happy scene unique to audience recording.
As for Mr. Mick ‘s microphone went into trouble at the beginning of “Sympathy For The Devil”, I was asked to confirm with gift DVD – R, and it was a day when I heard a performance suitable for decorating the final day of the tour. But at first Warsaw would have been disappointed by the fact that only sound sources that wanted to suspect that this is the sound of 2018? Limited press CD of ultimate quality audience recording which will eliminate such stress will finally appear. I really kept you waiting!

今年の「NO FILTER」ヨーロッパ・ツアーの千秋楽を飾ったのがワルシャワ公演。今回の最終日ということから早急にアイテムの登場が待たれましたが、はじめに登場した二種類のオーディエンス録音は何とモノラルに音像が遠いステレオという、一筋縄ではいかない二種類の音源が登場。率直に言ってプレスCDでリリース出来るレベルでなかったことからCD-Rでのリリースという扱いに留まってしまいました。本サイト告知時にも、思わず「モノラル(まじかっ)」と書いてしまったほどでしたし、ステレオでは音が遠い上に喧嘩が始まってしまうという、おおよそ2018年らしかぬ録音クオリティには苦笑させられてしまったものです。

気になる今回の音源の音質ですが、これが実に素晴らしい。同じ「NO FILTER」ヨーロッパ・ツアーでも昨年の場合は極上音源がツアー序盤に集中した感がありましたが、今回の場合はツアー後半から極上オーディエンス録音が登場し始め、その結果がベルリンとプラハでした。今回の音源は奇しくもそれらの間を取り持つような音質。つまりプラハ程オンな音像とまではいかないが、それでいてベルリンよりは骨太な質感。テーパーのポジション確保がすぐに決まらなかったからか、序盤の二曲では若干ながら音像が不安定。しかし「Tumbling Dice」以降は素晴らしい音質で楽しめます。

そのせいかミックの勢いが余ってしまったのでしょう、「Bitch」では彼が歌詞を間違えて混乱するも、バンドが惑わされずに演奏を続けたことでミックも元に戻れるというハプニングがありました。それ以降の演奏はとにかく力強く、「Midnight Rambler」で恒例となったロバート・ジョンソンの「Come On In My Kitchen」をミックが口ずさむと、すかさずキースがフレーズを返すというという絶妙な絡みも冴え渡っている。ツアー中盤以降、本当に毎晩の演奏が楽しみな曲でした。おまけに今回の音源では同曲が始まるタイミングにジャストフィットで近くの観客が「1,2,3」とカウントしており、まるでストーンズが彼を合図に演奏を始めたかのように聞こえてしまうのがオーディエンス録音ならではの愉快な場面。
「Sympathy For The Devil」開始時にミックのマイクが不調に陥ってしまったハプニングに関してはギフトDVD-Rでご確認いただくとして、ツアー最終日を飾るに相応しい演奏が聞かれた一日。それでいて当初は「これが2018年の音?」と疑いたくなるような音源ばかりが登場したことに落胆したマニアが多かったであろうワルシャワ。そんなストレスを解消してくれる独自入手の極上クオリティなオーディエンス録音の限定プレスCDが遂に登場します。本当にお待たせしました!


Disc 1 (61:16)
1. Intro 2. Street Fighting Man 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice 5. Just Your Fool
6. Bitch 7. Like a Rolling Stone 8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 9. Paint It Black
10. Honky Tonk Women 11. Band Introduction 12. You Got the Silver
13. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (69:48)
1. Sympathy for the Devil 2. Miss You 3. Midnight Rambler 4. Start Me Up 5. Jumping Jack Flash
6. Brown Sugar 7. Gimme Shelter 8. Satisfaction

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