Slayer / Osaka 2017 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Slayer / Osaka 2017 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Zodiac

Translated Text:
Live at Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan 13th October 2017 plus Bonus DVDR “Osaka 2017 Video”

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The Emperor SLYER who came back after two years. That latest and best album is on its way. They released “REPENT LESS” in the fall of 2015 and visited Japan for participating in “LOUD PARK”. I came back to serve as the first day of “LOUD PARK” this year which will be two years later. In the meantime there is not a new work, but it is definitely popular after all whether it should be called the emperor or not.
In addition to “LOUD PARK 17” this time again, a single performance is realized. This work is super and superb audience album of its only solo show “October 13, 2017: Namba Hatch Show”. Include the meaning of the record, let ‘s keep the schedule here.

· October 13: Namba Hatch 【this work】
· October 14: LOUD PARK 17

[Miracle recording, again! 】
The biggest point of such work is an unusual high quality sound! To be honest, SLAYER is not a band that makes noise like “a great seller No.1!”, But the sound of this work was too strong. A rugged direct feeling, vivid detail of detail is called “as if it is a sound board”. Even if it is compared with “REPENT LESS IN OSAKA (Zodiac 149)” two years ago when “Miracles Recording!” Was touched, I will not yield a half step … … Is it clear, clear and sharp taste is for this work Is winning! It is an ultra superb gem that can not help being preserved permanently.
Of course, I got such a name recording as a thing, “familiar” West Japan strongest taper “. As its name suggests, he knows every live spot in western Japan, but “Namba Hatch” is good at being good at it. Far away from the backyard of the house, the venue filled up at the room level no longer. Positioning, equipment, setting … … “Victory equation” is already fully established. However, masterpieces and masterpeople do not always stop evolving. This time, “Strongest” recorded even the same equipment as the previous work “REPENT LESS IN OSAKA”, but also introduced new equipment. Double recording was given, we offered a more great master choice. This work is a sound that has further improved with the power of the new aircraft.

【More violent and latest SLAYER】
As drawn by that sound as usual … … rather than being two years ago it became tougher Metal. Between the two years the set also changed, 6 songs replaced. The basic is also “1st – 5th + 21st century”, but this time a center of gravity is placed on masterpiece “SEASONS IN THE ABYSS”, and five songs covering half of the album are adopted. Old Slasher Tearful tears of “The Antichrist” “Fight Till Death” and new songs “You Against You” “Cast The First Stone” are also shown.
And above all, the performance is amazing. Unlike the two years ago when the new work was just out, the degree of fight further increased, spurring for the first time in the violence. The 80’s number is overwhelmed with such a fast tempo that exceeds that time, new songs “You Against You” and “Cast The First Stone” are heavier than the album. Although it says that all members are in their mid 50’s, it is a tremendous powerful force. Indeed, “2017 the strongest metal album” is.

SLAYER, which has not declined yet, and is even more violent after a long career. It is the newest and most expensive record board in history. Even this work alone is a strange metal album of an extraordinary level, but let me introduce a book that will further deepen my feelings at the end. That is “OSAKA 2017 (Zodiac 250)” of MEGADETH · ANTHRAX recorded in May this year. This is also the finest item by “Mr. Strongest” hand. Three of the four heavenly kings can be collected by the same recordingist, but that is not all. The shine of MEGADETH which again got a great success, ANTHRAX which reached the region of the grand master who has not yet arrived in humanity, and the violent SLAYER of this work … “2017” · “Living like” of three people is super metal · It can be tasted with sound.
Following MEGADETH · ANTHRAX, the original slash that hit Japan. We confined it to the press 2CD which leaves the emperor ‘s heavy heavy and fast live forever. Tearing the five organs, a slush metal that shakes the sixth sense. Please, enjoy with the whole body!
2年ぶりに戻ってきた帝王SLYER。その最新・極上ライヴアルバムが登場です。2015年秋に『REPENTLESS』をリリースし、“LOUD PARK”参戦のために日本を訪れた彼ら。その2年後となる今年も“LOUD PARK”の初日トリを務めるために帰ってきました。その間に新作があったわけでもないのですが、さすがは帝王と言うべきか、根強い人気ぶりです。
今回も“LOUD PARK 17”以外にも単独公演が実現。本作は、その唯一の単独ショウ「2017年10月13日:なんばHatch公演」の超・極上オーディエンス・アルバムです。記録の意味も込め、ここに日程を記しておきましょう。

・10月13日:なんばHatch 【本作】
・10月14日:LOUD PARK 17

そんな本作最大のポイントは、異常なほどのハイクオリティ・サウンド! 正直なところ、SLAYERは「凄い売れ筋No.1!」と騒ぐバンドではなかったりもするのですが、本作のサウンドは強力すぎた。苛烈なダイレクト感、異様に鮮やかなディテールは「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶしかない。「奇跡録音!」と騒がれた2年前の『REPENTLESS IN OSAKA(Zodiac 149)』と比べても、半歩も譲らない……と言いますか、クリアさ、シャープなキレ味は本作の方が勝っている!? 永久保存せざるをえない超・極上の逸品なのです。
そんな名録音をモノにしたのはもちろん、お馴染み“西日本最強テーパー”氏。その名の通り、西日本のあらゆるライヴスポットを知り尽くされているわけですが、中でも“なんばHatch”は得意中の得意。自宅の裏庭どころか、もはや自分の部屋レベルで通い詰めた会場。ポジショニング、機材、設定……“勝利の方程式”がすでに完全に確立しているのです。しかし、名手・名人は常に進化を止めないもの。今回、“最強”氏は前作『REPENTLESS IN OSAKA』と同一機材でも録音したのですが、さらに新たな機材も導入。ダブル録音され、よりグレイトなマスターを選択してご提供くださった。本作は、その新機材の威力で更にアップしたサウンドなのです。

そのサウンドで描かれるのは相変わらず……と言うより、2年前より更に強靱になった帝王メタル。2年の間にセットも変化があり、6曲が入れ替え。基本は同じく「1st-5th+21世紀」なのですが、今回は名作『SEASONS IN THE ABYSS』に重心が置かれ、アルバムの半分に及ぶ5曲を採用されている。そこにオールドスラッシャー感涙の「The Antichrist」「Fight Till Death」や、新曲「You Against You」「Cast The First Stone」も披露されるのです。
そして何より、演奏ぶりが凄い。新作が出たばかりだった2年前とは違い、練度は更に上がり、暴虐ぶりに拍車がかかっている。80年代ナンバーは当時を超えるような超速テンポでブチかまされ、新曲「You Against You」「Cast The First Stone」はアルバム以上の激重。メンバー全員が50代半ばだと言うのに、凄まじいド迫力。まさに、“2017年最強のメタル・アルバム”です。

いまだ衰えず、長いキャリアを経て更に暴虐化しているSLAYER。その最新・史上最高峰盤です。本作だけでも異様なほどの極上メタル・アルバムですが、最後にさらに感慨を深めてくれる1本をご紹介しておきましょう。それは今年5月に録音されたMEGADETH・ANTHRAXの『OSAKA 2017(Zodiac 250)』。これも“最強”氏の手による極上品です。四天王のうち3組を同一録音家でコレクションできるわけですが、それだけではない。再び大成功を手にしたMEGADETHの輝き、人類未到のライヴ達人の域に達したANTHRAX、そして本作の暴虐SLAYER……三者三様の“2017年”・“生き様”が超メタル・サウンドで味わえるのです。

Disc 1 (43:38)
1. Intro. 2. Delusions of Saviour 3. Repentless 4. The Antichrist 5. Disciple 6. Postmortem
7. Hate Worldwide 8. War Ensemble 9. When the Stillness Comes 10. You Against You
11. Mandatory Suicide 12. Fight Till Death

Disc 2 (50:36)
1. Dead Skin Mask 2. Born of Fire 3. Cast the First Stone 4. Hallowed Point
5. Seasons in the Abyss 6. Hell Awaits 7. South of Heaven 8. Raining Blood
9. Chemical Warfare 10. Angel of Death

Tom Araya – bass, vocals Kerry King – guitar Gary Holt – guitar Paul Bostaph – drums



Slayer / Osaka 2017 The Video / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan 13th October 2017 (Synched with CD Audio Masters)

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Over 35 years of age, even the violence continued to evolve the emperor SLAYER. This volume press 2CD is a name that Japan’s boasting masterpiece that its pride has recorded with his arms recorded. Although it is a masterpiece which is originally unnecessary with a bonus, but if you mention what you are missing, it is a “spectacle”. So I prepared an audience shot taken with the same “October 13, 2017: Namba Hatch Show”.
This work compilation gathered the shredded audience shots born from the day. As a result, “Position is ○ ○” and “Camera work is ◇ ◇” can not be completely undecided, but the common quality is the finest quality. It is not just a collection of images, but a collection that sticks to “good viewing visibility”, “stable angle”, “beautiful image quality of the latest digital”. That is why I could not cover all songs, but it was incomplete recording of less than 8 songs / 40 minutes, but the quality is guaranteed for that amount.
It is the sound that further raises the quality. When compiling an audience shot, it is actually easier to create a sense of incongruity in audio than video. A variety of angles can make you feel like a multi camera, but the sound tends to be geeky. Especially SLAYER is a band which does not move from a fixed position, so the sound is important. In this work, in order to dispel the sense of incompatibility, complete super sync of ultra superb sound of main press press 2CD. We maximized the possibilities of carefully selected high quality images.
In fact, the persuasive power of the revived video with a superb sound is overwhelming. It is a dignified appearance, a wicked mood (yes, it is the band in which only speed is noted, but the essence of SLAYER is the mood) also because the sound is superb, the dignity will be warmed up. Especially intense is the first floor shot just before the stage. When “Raining Blood” accelerates, I realize the frenzy of the scene which is furiously desolated, but even in the rampage the sound is extremely distorted and extremely superb. It is not just a big fuss, but because it is a slush metal of the steel wall, it is the essence of “SLAYER ‘s show” which draws out a disturbance from the essence.

Even so, it is amazing. tremendous. The best quality is definitely “2017”, but the mood of the site seems to be in the 80’s and 90’s. There are other bands that do not change music and invariant attitude, but still “for the age” sticks. However, SLAYER does not diminish even fine performance even with the performance quality. The performance that blows out from this work and the enthusiasm enthusiasm are not changed at all from the heyday, but when it says the difference, Tom · araya’s beard turns white and it does not become Hedoban.
Why are they the “king”? In a metal scene with intense and vicious ruffles, why only them will continue to be special. Latest visit to Japan that speaks the reason more louder than a thousand words. Together with the masterpiece live album, please enjoy it altogether!

実際、極上サウンドで蘇った映像の説得力は圧倒的。威風堂々とした佇まい、邪悪なムード(そう、速さばかりが注目されるバンドですが、SLAYERの要はムードなのです)を視角化したライティングもサウンドが極上だからこそ威厳をまとう。特に強烈なのは、ステージ間際の1階席ショット。「Raining Blood」が加速するや猛烈に荒れる現場の狂乱をリアルに捉えているのですが、その大暴れの中でもサウンドは一切乱れず極太・極上。ただの大騒ぎではなく、鉄壁のスラッシュメタルだからこそ騒乱を引き出す“SLAYERのショウ”を本質からえぐり出しているのです。


1. Repentless 2. War Ensemble 3. Seasons In The Abyss 4. Hell Awaits 5. South Of Heaven
6. Raining Blood 7. Chemical Warfare 8. Angel Of Death

COLOUR NTSC Approx.37min.

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