Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators / Osaka On Fire / 2CD

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators / Osaka On Fire / 2CD / Zodiac

Translated text:
Live at Namba Hatch, Osaka , Japan 9th February 2015


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GUNS N ‘ROSES and Hissage masterpieces “WORLD ON FIRE” which became a can of satisfaction reminiscent of the times, SLASH you came back to Japan. The one that was complete recording at ultra-high quality audience recording of angry waves live in the “February 9 Nanbahatchi performances” from the Japan tour tour the first day is here! Recording person, Mr. your familiar “West strongest taper”. Only Mr. that we have created a number of name recorded in the same venue in, you can expect a high quality of peace of mind, but this time it is imposing appeared in course of as press CD with a perfect sound quality than always to far exceed the expectations.

Speaking of SLASH, but we came to Japan at that Ozzfest Japan 2013, as the Japan tour since March 2011. The 2011 tour, for which has been set in the schedule of March 14 to March 18, stop all except the Osaka tragic earthquake immediately after impact. This tour is very to SLASH, has a meaning of refocus also for the fans, any performance also full of spirit, has sparked a storm of diverse content and set list of daily specials, and a great play and enthusiasm in various places acclaimed. Of course, this Osaka also has become a great content live.
Live start from previous work good glue from “APOCALYPTIC LOVE,” “You’re A Lie”. Overwhelming sound like clear and powerful were living together from the beginning of one sound is gone out from the speaker. Sound also I very close, but in fact, recording position second floor. Says West strongest taper who who knows the venue acoustic, “I Locle if this place! This venue” likely they are. In fact, “and far from the stage, in sense of distance is born to the sound?” And Geki is near the sound of the like overturn the concept of coming Todoroi from the master. Vivid protagonist of guitar SLASH such as line recording. Since equalizing feeling is almost no natural sound quality, it might be better When asked by a little up the volume than usual.
“Nightrain” of then was started from 4 count of cowbell is GUNS N ‘ROSES! Venue to suddenly masterpieces to heat up. While approaching to close the more bizarre musical tone, sounds pretty far is tremendous upsurge of 1 floor seats. Well, … what a such thing as “this venue if the second floor.” Recording person, rather than just venue acoustic rich live experience, know until either the audience is what glue to each venue. Audience recording is sound largely in the arms of the taper, but just Takumi technique! Indeed, people called “strongest” is different ….
In Japan tour of all three performances, this Osaka concert is also the day the song of GUNS N ‘ROSES is most showcase. GUNS N has been showcased all eight songs ‘song of ROSES, the “Nightrain”, “Sweet Child O’ in Mine” not be removed absolute such as “Paradise City” masterpieces, became the most Kiki far from of this live “Rocket Queen “, joined the suddenly set list from the Netherlands of 24 November 2014 (not play now even by the upstream!) rare song” Double Talkin ‘Jive “, one song” You Could Be Mine of this tour of eyeball “(suddenly play is not listed in the original set list in Osaka), and has been showcased in Osaka only as” Out Ta Get Me “and” Mr. Brownstone “. Action of SLASH of those days and immutable, guitar tone, phrase also GUNS N ‘you the majestic figure of ROSES era to flash back. Each time GUNS N ‘ROSES masterpieces that will not fade will showcase, audience that reaches a peak of tension. Many times even Osaka enthusiasm …… wow to repeat the climax several times.
Of course, plenty of play from became a can of satisfaction “WORLD ON FIRE”. “Dirty Girl,” “The Dissident,” “Battleground” is, this day premiere. Unbelievably it as being very first time showing off the perfect performance. Album a good song Guns color was stronger with the title song in “Wicked Stone”, the rare song that has been unveiled only in Osaka. And, but already the album title song can be said to have reached the realm of classic “World On Fire”, the venue has given rise to a chorus of greatly climax fan. The first solo album of SLASH “SLASH”, previous work “APOCALYPTIC LOVE”, and VELVET REVOLVER of set list that played even songs of SLASH history, covers the classics that we have produced until now was SLASH solo concert in Japan in history, the strongest of it is best song selection.

Playing not only the set list also great. Play of SLASH has Saewata~tsu to dull over the whole volume. That is a masterpiece of play of prime place is “Rocket Queen”. Long solo spanning the 18 minutes it has been incorporated into the song sublime (track time 2: 20 to 20: up to 20)! Play approaching Kiki defeat playing over the body and soul that passion is Flaring in Suponteniasu is, all the fans, though, is a must listen part that I would like you to listen to all the people who love rock guitar! The medium-term LED ZEPPELIN, such as reminiscent of Jimmy Page of age (and in many ways) thrilling play not miss heard also, even for one sound. This long solo, really seems to play dictates of feelings, length changes every time live. This Osaka performance record of the “18 minutes” is the longest of the three, even during the performance.
Also listen to far from the sound of the best Les Paul world. Sweet and thick Les Paul that nothing but SLASH sound, “Sweet Child O ‘Mine” Is it a whopping great tone of intro. You let me get drunk enjoyed the mellow tone as if aged wine. And, recording that the guitar sound, captured largely without beginning to end to collapse. You look amazing!
Now, equal partners and became also great word Miles Kennedy vocal of SLASH. Longer without the presence of Miles is not an exaggeration to say that it is not done the activities of SLASH. Relaxed, clear voice with Axl Rose, I have sung with good songs owner sang super unique singing voice, such as Scott Weiland. Now the hard rock scene, vocalist that can present a high level of performance up to this point it is enough to not think a little float.
Live up to about two and a half hours to end among the large upsurge in the classic “Pa radise City”. Until the end of a show of announcement following the feedback sound of 2 minutes close intense guitar also fully recorded. You can soak plenty to great live lingering.

Our shop release sold out in a short period of time the other day, was a monumental work of early also Ganzubuto among fans “RITZ 1988: DEFINITIVE EDITION” to listen to, and I think again GUNS N ‘re-recognized who also covered the splendor of ROSES you. Band is present even now, but unfortunately its contents, completely different band and those days. GUNS N ‘ROSES reunion of the original members of the world aspire to, you will not be expected probably anymore. Aroused obtained feelings in the chest with: “RITZ 1988 DEFINITIVE EDITION”, please try by all means listen to this live. Spirit Guns of those days had is, I think still of being noticed in that alive in the SLASH now. It is by no means means “SLASH = GUNS N ‘ROSES alternative product”. Poison and pomp that Guns of those days had. SLASH is not only inherits them, continue sublimed higher. So, Masa now, I SLASH has entered a new peak.
And meet the expectations of all the fans, was Nejifuse even people not interested, this SLASH Japan tour. The best one among them, it is live album was put together in one in craftsmanship. The containment the SLASH, which celebrated its time of climax to the press 2CD again, this weekend, and will deliver to you.

GUNS N’ ROSES時代を彷彿させる会心の出来となった名作「WORLD ON FIRE」を引っ提げ、日本に戻ってきたSLASH。そのジャパンツアーからツアー初日の「2月9日ナンバハッチ公演」でのライブを怒涛の超高音質オーディエンス録音にて完全収録した1本が登場です! 録音者は、ご馴染「西日本最強テーパー」氏。同会場で数々の名録音を生み出してきた氏だけに安心の高音質を期待できますが、今回は期待を遥かに上回るいつも以上に完璧な音質で当然のごとくプレスCDで堂々の登場です。

SLASHといえば、あのOzzfest Japan 2013で来日していますが、ジャパン・ツアーとしては2011年3月以来。その2011年ツアーも、3月14日から3月18日の日程で設定されていたため、悲劇的な震災直後の影響で大阪を除いてすべて中止。今回のツアーは、SLASHにとっても、ファンにとっても仕切り直しの意味を持ち、どの公演も気迫に満ち、日替わりのセットリストと多彩な内容、そして素晴らしいプレイで各所で熱狂と絶賛の嵐を巻き起こしました。もちろん、この大阪も素晴らしい内容のライブとなっています。
ライブは前作「APOCALYPTIC LOVE」からのノリのよい「You’re A Lie」からスタート。最初の一音からクリアさと迫力が同居したような圧倒的な音がスピーカーから飛び出してきます。音も非常に近いのですが、実は、録音ポジションは2階席。会場音響を知り尽くした西日本最強テーパー氏いわく、「この会場で録るならこの場所!」なのだそう。実際、マスターから轟いてくるのは“ステージから遠いと、音に距離感が生まれるのでは?”という概念を覆すような激近サウンドなのです。主役のSLASHのギターはライン録音のような生々しさ。イコライジング感がまるでないナチュラルな音質ですので、いつもよりボリュームを少し上げて聞かれるとベターかもしれません。
次にカウベルの4カウントから始まったのはGUNS N’ ROSESの「Nightrain」! いきなりの名曲に会場はヒートアップ。楽音が異様なほど間近に迫りながら、1階席の凄まじい盛り上がりがかなり遠くに聞こえる。なるほど、「この会場なら2階席」とはこういうことなのか……。録音者は、豊富なライヴ経験で会場音響だけではなく、会場ごとに観客がどういうノリになるかまで把握している。オーディエンス録音は、テーパーの腕でサウンドが大きく左右されますが、まさに匠技! さすが、「最強」と呼ばれる人は違う……。
全3公演のジャパン・ツアーで、この大阪公演はGUNS N’ ROSESの曲が一番多く披露された日でもある。全8曲披露されたGUNS N’ ROSESの曲は、その「Nightrain」「Sweet Child O’ Mine」「Paradise City」といった絶対外せない名曲に、今回のライブの一番の聴きどころとなった「Rocket Queen」、2014年11月24日のオランダから突如セットリストに加わった(本家でさえ今はプレイしない!)レア曲「Double Talkin’ Jive」、今回のツアーの目玉の1曲「You Could Be Mine」(大阪では当初セットリストには載っておらず突如プレイ)、そして大阪のみで披露された「Out Ta Get Me」と「Mr. Brownstone」。あの頃と不変のSLASHのアクション、ギターのトーン、フレーズもGUNS N’ ROSES時代の雄姿をフラッシュバックさせます。色褪せることのないGUNS N’ ROSESの名曲が披露されるたび、テンションのピークを迎えるオーディエンス。何度も何度も絶頂を繰り返す大阪の熱狂……凄い。
もちろん、会心の出来となった「WORLD ON FIRE」からもたっぷりプレイ。「Dirty Girl」「The Dissident」「Battleground」は、この日が初演。とても初めて披露しているとは思えないほど完璧な演奏です。アルバムでもタイトル曲とともにガンズ色が強かった佳曲「Wicked Stone」は、大阪でのみ披露されたレア曲。そして、すでに名曲の域に達しているといえるアルバムタイトル曲「World On Fire」でも、会場は大いに盛り上がりファンの合唱を生んでいます。SLASHの最初のソロアルバム「SLASH」、前作「APOCALYPTIC LOVE」、そしてVELVET REVOLVERの曲までもプレイしたセットリストはSLASHの歴史、今まで生み出してきた名曲を網羅したSLASHのソロ来日公演史上、最強のベスト選曲です。

セットリストだけでなく演奏も素晴らしい。SLASHのプレイは全編に渡って冴えに冴え渡っている。その最たるところが「Rocket Queen」での圧巻のプレイです。曲中に組み込まれた18分に及ぶロング・ソロは壮絶(トラック・タイム2:20~20:20まで)! スポンテニアスでパッションが迸る全身全霊をかけて弾き倒す鬼気迫るプレイは、すべてのファン、いえ、ロック・ギターを愛するすべての人に聴いていただきたい必聴パートです! 中期LED ZEPPELIN時代のジミー・ペイジを彷彿させるような(いろいろな意味で)スリリングなプレイは1音たりとも聞き逃せません。このロング・ソロは、本当に感情の赴くまま弾いているようで、ライブの度に長さが変わる。この大阪公演の記録「18分」は、3公演中でも最長なのです。
世界最高のレスポールの音も聴きどころ。甘く太いSLASHにしか出せないレスポールの音、「Sweet Child O’ Mine」のイントロの音色のなんと素晴らしいことか。まるで熟成されたワインのようにまろやかなトーンで存分に酔わせてくれます。そして、そのギター・サウンドを、終始崩れることなく大きく捉えた録音。素晴らしい!
約2時間半に及ぶライブは名曲「Pa radise City」で大盛り上がりのなか終了。2分近い強烈なギターのフィードバック音に続く終演のアナウンスまでも完全に収録。素晴らしいライブの余韻にたっぷりと浸ることができます。

当店が先日リリースし短期間で完売、ファンの間で早くもガンズブートの金字塔となった「RITZ 1988:DEFINITIVE EDITION」を聴き、改めてGUNS N’ ROSESの素晴らしさを再認識された方も多いかと思います。バンドは今でも存在していますが、残念ながらその中身は、あの頃とはまったく別のバンド。世界が熱望するオリジナル・メンバーでのGUNS N’ ROSES再結成は、恐らくもう望めないでしょう。「RITZ 1988:DEFINITIVE EDITION」で掻き立てられた想いを胸に、ぜひこのライブを聴いてみてください。あの頃のガンズが持っていたスピリットが、今もなおSLASHの中に息づいていることに気づかれるのではないでしょうか。それは決して「SLASH=GUNS N’ ROSESの代替え品」という意味ではありません。あの頃のガンズが持っていた毒や華やかさ。SLASHは、それらを継承しているだけではなく、より高く昇華させ続けている。そう、まさ今、SLASHは新たなピークを迎えているのです。


Disc 1 (67:51)
1. Intro 2. You’re A Lie 3. Nightrain 4. Standing In The Sun 5. Dirty Girl 6. Back From Cali
7. Wicked Stone 8. Ghost 9. Double Talkin’ Jive 10. Doctor Alibi 11. You Could Be Mine
12. Out Ta Get Me 13. The Dissident 14. Beneath The Savage Sun

Disc 2 (79:37)
1. Mr. Brownstone 2. Rocket Queen 3. Battleground 4. World On Fire 5. Anastasia
6. Sweet Child O’ Mine 7. Slither 8. Paradise City

Myles Kennedy: lead vocals, rhythm guitar Slash: lead & rhythm guitars
Frank Sidoris: rhythm guitar, backing vocals Todd Kerns: bass, backing vocals, lead vocals
Brent Fitz: drums, percussion


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