Sheryl Crow / Haifa Blues Festival 1995 / 1CDR

Sheryl Crow / Haifa Blues Festival 1995 / 1CDR / Project Zip

Translated Text:
At Haifa Blues Festival, Haifa, Israel 6/27/1995. Soundboard


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ow first appearance valuable high-quality sound board Live Sheryl Crow ’95 that became one of the veteran female artist to represent the United States!

The recording from the broadcast master the stage in which “Haifa Blues Festival” was held at the June 27 95 Israel.

Now valuable Zeppelin cover “Deja Maker” even NOA guest participation in “I Shall Believe” from the hit song “All I Wanna de”, “Run Baby Run”.

It is already must listen live large recommendation that captures the time of Sheryl Crow, which is 20 years ago!





At Haifa Blues Festival, Haifa, Israel 6/27/1995

01. Leaving Las Vegas
02. Love Is A Good Thing
03. Can’t Cry Anymore
04. Run Baby Run
05. The Na-Na Song
06. Strong Enough
07. D’yer Mak’er
08. I Feel Happy
09. All I Wanna Do
10. I Shall Believe (with special guest – Noa)
11. Keep On Growing

Project Zip. PJZ-534

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