Scorpions / Super Rock 84 In Japan / 1DVD

Scorpions / Super Rock 84 In Japan / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live at Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 11th & 12th August 1984. Pro-Shot


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Popular laser disc reissue series, the latest bullet is SCORPIONS of “SUPER ROCK ’84”! This series, praised and the “world’s best” discerning overseas mania to use the Japanese edition laser disk, the concept is to encapsulate the press DVD on that was digitized at a high-end equipment of professional use. After all Japan is sensitive to new technologies and new media since the 1980s, spread even if the laser disc lineup also manufacturing accuracy was also best in the world. Then, DVD to, but is not would have been deprived of its seat, even in the 21 century has passed 15 years now, it does not work at the time are all on DVD. In other words, the Japanese edition laser disk at the time is the best record in existence. Even such a Japanese board laser disc, it is the mania in mania is using carefully selected only those of the best preserved that owned.
In addition, we consider the best environment for as long as you can think of even when digitized. Now but laser disc is even difficult times to get a decent player, in this series, overseas manufacturers and Exclusive partnership with high-end equipment and know-how of specs that exceed much the consumer machine. And we have pulled out all of the information that has been confined to laser disk to the limit. Its quality is evident from the fact that many of the lineup is in entirely bestseller. Is while owns a real laser disks and “Images do not appear so beautiful N beauty ‘s player of the internal”, it is about are also customers Kudasaru purchase many times during.

Well, this work SCORPIONS knitting of such popular series. Moreover, it is a milestone of Japan of HR / HM scene is “SUPER ROCK ’84”! “SUPER ROCK ’84” Speaking of, MSG that WHITESNAKE and Ray Kennedy of John Sykes era sing, but has been prized BON JOVI immediately after the debut, in terms of the momentum and awards of the adequacy of the band, SCORPIONS what There it shows us the performance of the golden age midst the number one act !! lords board “LOVE AT FIRST STING” has sparked a firestorm in the world. “SUPER ROCK ’84” This is why it was at that time the most big bands in the starring band but, ANVIL as “Is the not mind if Michael undercard”, appeared as a three-fastest second only to BON JOVI. It became a rare concert that unfolds golden performance during golden age during the day.
And, the amazing sight during the day. In this series we have WHITESNAKE and MSG also release, but clearly beyond comparison to the night of the video. Difference another edge is like, I have resolution of laser disks surpass much the VHS has been demonstrated Ikan’naku. And, size and human flock of venue to be displayed on the bright screen! Sense of scale of Klaus Neighborhood feature barking toward far in a small audience of carpet in perspective is not odd. There was a similar cut in outflow professional shot of WHITESNAKE, again this spectacle is impossible unless a super-sharp image quality ….
Set list also condensed from “LOVEDRIVE” to “LOVE AT FIRST STING” to 11 songs. Like luxurious Greatest Hits such as whether to play in ideal flow the best album will be one after another showcase. Although WHITESNAKE and MSG has been cut a few songs, cut the third place of the SCORPIONS, only “Kojonotsuki” a cappella. Precisely because appearance time is short, the music selection Which song “Korezo!” Is carefully selected to, playing one song intimacy. Very raw scorpion of Tokuno is I enjoy plenty.

In addition, in this work there is also a sense of more than just “one of the great live video”. It is, M.S.G .. Actually, with this festival, THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP has become to be given one of the separator. On the undercard of the live that is the turning point, I had a brother who continued to support his brother. The last of the “SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN” of MSG this week release, but Klaus and Rudolf was jump in “Doctor Doctor” has been inserted, just “SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN” is, of MSG and SCORPIONS Two is you become a figure of the first truth in pairs. “LONESOME CROW”, “LOVEDRIVE” “ROCK WILL NEVER DIE”, “LIVE AT WACKEN OPEN AIR 2006” …… many times intersect SCORPIONS and Michael of life. The two “SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN” is also one of therein. Yet the work of a single one of the band, is there any “Schenker brother of work”. If the monument than that official can not leave, underground is not only to realize the world’s highest quality. Wherever hot as a single live, as in deep video and think the life of brothers in history. By all means, please let shine forever in your shelf!

大人気のレーザーディスク復刻シリーズ、最新弾は“SUPER ROCK ’84”のSCORPIONSです! このシリーズは、目の肥えた海外マニアが“世界最高峰”と湛える日本盤レーザーディスクを使用し、プロユースのハイエンド機材でデジタル化した上でプレスDVDに封入するのがコンセプト。なにしろ日本は、80年代から新技術・新メディアには敏感で、レーザーディスクにしても普及もラインナップも製造精度も世界一でした。その後、DVDにその座を奪われてしまうわけですが、21世紀も15年が経ったげんざいでさえ、当時の作品が総てDVD化されているわけではない。つまり、当時の日本盤レーザーディスクは、現存する最高の記録です。そんな日本盤レーザーディスクでも、マニア中のマニアが所有していた最高の保存状態のものだけを厳選して使用しているのです。

さて、本作はそんな大人気シリーズのSCORPIONS編。しかも、日本のHR/HMシーンのマイルストーンとなる“SUPER ROCK ’84”です! “SUPER ROCK ’84”と言えば、ジョン・サイクス時代のWHITESNAKEやレイ・ケネディが歌うM.S.G.、デビュー直後のBON JOVIが珍重されていますが、バンドの勢いやショウの充実度で言えば、SCORPIONSこそがナンバー1アクト!! 大名盤「LOVE AT FIRST STING」が世界中で大旋風を巻き起こしている黄金期まっただ中のパフォーマンスを見せてくれるのです。“SUPER ROCK ’84”出演バンドの中で当時最もビッグなバンドだったわけですが、「マイケルの前座なら構わないさ」とANVIL、BON JOVIに次ぐ三番手として出演。黄金期中の黄金パフォーマンスを日中で繰り広げるというレアなコンサートとなったのです。
そして、その日中の光景が凄い。このシリーズではWHITESNAKEやM.S.G.もリリースしていますが、夜間の映像とは比較にならないほど鮮明。もうエッジがまるで違い、VHSを遙かにしのぐレーザーディスクの解像度がいかんなく発揮されているのです。そして、その明るい画面に映し出される会場のサイズや人の群れ! 遠近法で遠く小さな観客の絨毯に向かって吠えるクラウス・マイネのスケール感はハンパではありません。WHITESNAKEの流出プロショットでも同様のカットはありましたが、やはりこのスペクタクルは、超鮮明な画質でなければあり得ない……。
セットリストも「LOVEDRIVE」から「LOVE AT FIRST STING」までを11曲に凝縮。まるでベスト盤を理想的な流れで演奏するかのような豪華なグレイテスト・ヒッツが次々と披露されていきます。WHITESNAKEやM.S.G.は何曲かカットされましたが、3番手のSCORPIONSのカットは、アカペラの「荒城の月」のみ。出演時間が短いからこそ、選曲はどの曲も“これぞ!”だけに厳選され、演奏は1曲入魂。まさに特濃の生蠍がたっぷりと味わえるのです。

また、本作には単なる「1本の素晴らしいライヴ映像」以上の意味もあります。それは、M.S.G.。実は、このフェスをもって、THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUPはひとつの区切りを付けることになってしまった。そのターニングポイントとなるライヴの前座には、弟を支え続けた兄がいた。今週リリースのM.S.G.の「SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN」のラストには、クラウスとルドルフが飛び入りした「Doctor Doctor」が挿入されていますが、まさに「SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN」は、M.S.G.とSCORPIONSの2本が対になって初めて真実の姿となるのです。「LONESOME CROW」「LOVEDRIVE」「ROCK WILL NEVER DIE」「LIVE AT WACKEN OPEN AIR 2006」……何度も交差するSCORPIONSとマイケルの人生。2本の「SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN」もまた、そのなかのひとつ。1つひとつのバンドの作品でありながら、“シェンカー兄弟の作品”でもあるのです。その記念碑をオフィシャルが残せないというのであれば、アンダーグラウンドが世界最高クオリティを実現させるしかない。1本ライヴとしてどこまでも熱く、歴史に残る兄弟の人生を想うほどに深い映像。ぜひ、あなたの棚で永遠に輝かせてください!

1. Blackout 2. Coming Home 3. Bad Boys Running Wild 4. Make It Real 5. Big City Nights
6. Coast To Coast 7. Rock You Like A Hurricane 8. Can’t Live Without You
9. Dynamite 10. The Zoo 11. Can’t Get Enough 12. Big City Nights (Ending Credits)


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