YES / Radio Station Master Reels / 2 CDR

YES / Radio Station Master Reels / 2 CDR /Non Label

Live At Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY, USA 13th April 1979.

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From the second North American tour due to have started in April 1979 “TORMATO” tour, the Kentucky Louisville performances of April 13, which corresponds to 5 performances eyes over about 2 hours recorded in ultra-high-quality microphone recording. It appeared on the DJ stage of the radio station “WLRS-102” to the encore of I’ve Seen All Good People after the show. It announced that “this day live in the 102 th time that WLRS has promoted”, the audience will have been recorded the manner in which the standing ovation, this recording take, because there is good too sound, stand microphone that this radio station has been fixed in because that was recorded from the reel tape that was recorded in a professional equipment has become dogma. It has been missing Siberian Khatru and Heart Of The Sunrise at the beginning, but is accrued (which has not been recorded on the original tape), 3 from the music of Future Times until the Roundabout of Angkor, and until the outro tape of unusual 2 minutes, localization and was firm, comparable to the line recording, best you can enjoy almost the entirety of the show in a clear sound. Perhaps because of the recording from the microphone stand, which was erected in the section of the mixer booth, but we picked up the cheers of the surrounding, Tsubudachi the sound of the tone and the vocal is odd not beautiful, also freshness is also very best. Cheers quiet part is everyone would not trusting the sound board sound source, is really high-quality sound. Spread and fullness of sound is really nice, everyone is, to (perhaps for the first time listen to) a high-quality sound with the radio station held a master sound source, you’ll be intoxicated. Also separating feeling and punch of sound alright, excellent microphone recording, I think that may be fully referred to as the emergence of ultra-high-quality master, which is to reaffirm the fact that even to surpass the broadcasting sound source and sound board. After Big medley and this hear in this sound, set down to become Do not Kille The Whale, Omagari Awaken to be unveiled in the second half of the show is, no doubt be greatly impress all of Jesus fan. In dramatic part that keyboard and harp of the intermediate portion of Awaken is throbbing, I never heard once from that take that has been recorded in a clear tone so far. Even in the same microphone recording, equipment and the environment is different, it can be thought of as a one that it can be seen well that can record those amazing so far. All the many analog Petit noise that has been scattered to the original master carefully removed. In addition to re-master the sound, that to brush up, originally, good sound has been achieved further grade up. This is not only absolutely listen, the fan must-have, is the emergence of A New Masterpiece.

1979年4月よりスタートした「TORMATO」ツアーに伴う第二次北米ツアーから、5公演目にあたる4月13日のケンタッキー州ルイスビル公演を約2時間に渡って超高音質マイク録音で収録。アンコールのI’ve Seen All Good People終演後にラジオ局「WLRS-102」のDJがステージに登場。「この日がWLRSがプロモートした102回目のライブ」とアナウンスし、観客は大喝采する様子が収録されていますが、本録音テイクは、あまりに音が良いので、このラジオ局が固定されたスタンドマイクでプロフェッショナルな機材で録音したリールテープから収録されたものというのが定説になっています。冒頭のSiberian KhatruとHeart Of The Sunriseが欠落しており、未収ですが(これは元テープに録音されていない)、3曲目のFuture TimesからアンコールのRoundaboutまで、そして珍しい2分間のアウトロテープまで、しっかりした定位と、ライン録音に匹敵する、最高にクリアーなサウンドでショウのほぼ全容を楽しむことができます。おそらくミキサーブースのセクションに立てられたマイクスタンドからの録音のため、周囲の歓声は拾っていますが、楽音やボーカルの音の粒立ちは半端なく美しく、また鮮度も上々です。歓声が静かな部分は誰しもがサウンドボード音源と信じて疑わないであろう、実にハイクオリティなサウンドです。音の広がりやふくよかさは実に素晴らしく、誰しもが、(おそらく初めて聴く)ラジオステーション保有のマスター音源の持つ高品質な音像に、酔いしれることでしょう。音の分離感やパンチも申し分なく、優秀なマイク録音は、放送音源やサウンドボードをも凌駕すると言う事実を再確認させられる超高品質マスターの登場と言いきって良いと思います。この音で聴けるビッグ・メドレーやこの後、セット落ちしてしまうDon’t Kille The Whale、ショウ後半に披露される大曲Awakenは、全てのイエス・ファンを大いに感動させること間違いありません。Awakenの中間部のキーボードやハープが高鳴るドラマチックなパートで、ここまでクリアーな音色で録音されたテイクというのをかつて聴いたことはありません。同じマイク録音でも、機材や環境が違うと、ここまで凄いものが録音できるということが良く分かる1枚とも言えます。オリジナルマスターに散見された多くのアナログプチノイズも全て丁寧に除去。更に音をリマスターし、ブラッシュアップすることで、元々、優良なサウンドが更なるグレード・アップを実現しています。これは、絶対に聴くしかない、ファン必携の、新たなるマスターピースの登場です。

Disc 1
1. Future Times 2. Rejoice 3. Circus Of Heaven 4. Time And A Word 5. Long Distance Runaround
6. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)/Survival 7. Perpetual Change 8. The Gates Of Delirium
9. Soon 10. Don’t Kille The Whale 11. Clap

Disc 2
1. Starship Trooper 2. On The Silent Wings Of Freedom 3. Wakeman Solo 4. Awaken
5. Tour Song 6. I’ve Seen All Good People 7. WLRS Award Ceremony 8. Roundabout
9. Outro Tape

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass Rick Wakeman – Keyboards
Alan White – Drums

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