YES / Endless Night / 2CDR

YES / Endless Night / 2CDR / Windmill

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Live At Broome Country Veterans Memorial Arena, Binghamton, New York, USA 18th June 1994.

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1994 “TALK” tour of the first day of a performance on June 18, New York is an ultra-high sound quality and full inclusion of the official live-grade the Binghamton performances, is the first appearance. Cheers far, is too direct sound quality because, sound image that does not hear only superb sound board is a little listening felt (IEM recording). It is a sound source of value to documentary as tour the first day, but its dynamic sound, sense of separation outstanding sound quality in clear gives us a great sense of satisfaction to the listeners. (Especially the sound quality of the disk 2 is said to tour the best thing, deserves special mention.) That the beginning of the tour, Japan Hearts in the performance has not been played, City Of Love, such as 90125 Jesus of large masterpiece number, “TALK “recording of the classic Where will you be? has also been playing. Early, there is a IEM recording of specific issues, some sound in the Perpetual Change of intro, or become unstable, or digitally problems, such as missing a moment of sound at 5:36 of the subsequent The Calling occurs, further Record companions in installation Cinema ends up adjustment waiting erroneously Rec level, for a moment, there is also a trouble such as the sound is broken violently, but otherwise it has been recorded in great sound quality. 4 in front of the music of Hearts, you can listen to the MC called “We’re on tour again! It’s great to be back together!” John Rashiku tour the first day. What’s interesting is the “comrade” by 94-year tour familiar arranged subsequent to the piano solo of Trevor, from the trouble of the acoustic guitar at the beginning, lose sight of the complete contains the whole band, John is that began singing still, not match the key, place to say, “Let’s Yarinaoso again” is, in the accident that has not heard a little, has become one of the listening stations in reverse. Endless Dream also perfectly recording spanning the Walls and the 25 minutes that it can be said that the highlight of the “TALK”. Enjoy the masterpiece of documents spanning a total of 2 hours and 25 minutes.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.68 (March 2006 issue). In case you’re wondering.

Was recorded in outstanding quality, New York performances 94 years of Jesus appeared. It is a hi-fi sound board sound source than any its outstanding sound source of this talk tour. That should be it, something or because the tuning of the noise to match the channel as FM air check of is heard at the beginning, this is likely what you are intercepting the sound of the transmitter you are skipping to the earphone monitor of members. I’m glad to be able to listen in pretty good mix, even on the monitor. In addition, this day is also the fact that the first day of a talk tour, full of strange tension and power performance are deployed.

1994年「TALK」ツアーの初日公演である6月18日、ニューヨークはBinghamton公演をオフィシャル・ライブ級の超高音質・完全収録、初登場です。歓声が遠く、あまりにダイレクトな音質ゆえ、ちょっと聴いた感じでは極上サウンドボードにしか聴こえない音像です(IEM録音)。ツアー初日として資料的にも価値のある音源ですが、そのダイナミックなサウンド、クリアーで分離感抜群の音質は、聴き手に大いなる満足感を与えてくれます。(特にディスク2の音質は、ツアー最高のものといえ、特筆に値します。)ツアー初頭ということで、日本公演では演奏されなかったHearts、City Of Loveといった90125イエスの大傑作ナンバー、「TALK」収録の名曲Where Will You Be?も演奏されています。序盤、IEM録音特有の問題があり、イントロのPerpetual Changeで音が若干、不安定になったり、続くThe Callingの5:36での一瞬の音抜けといったデジタル的な問題点が発生したり、更にインストCinemaで録音者がRecレベルを誤まって調整してしまい、一瞬、音が激しく割れるといったトラブルもありますが、それ以外は素晴らしい音質で収録されています。4曲目のHeartsの前にはツアー初日らしくジョンの「We’re on tour again! It’s great to be back together!」というMCを聴くことができます。面白いのはトレヴァーのピアノソロに続く94年ツアーお馴染みのアレンジによる「同志」で、冒頭のアコースティックギターのトラブルから、バンド全体が入りを完全に見失い、それでも歌いだしたジョンが、キーの合わず、「もう一度やり直そう」と言うところは、ちょっと聴いたことのないアクシデントで、逆に聴き所のひとつになっています。「TALK」のハイライトと言えるWallsと25分に及ぶEndless Dreamも完璧に収録。合計2時間25分に及ぶ圧巻のドキュメントをお楽しみ下さい。

★beatleg誌 vol.68(2006年3月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。


Disc 1
1. Perpetual Change/The Calling 2. I Am Waiting 3. Rhythm Of Love 4. Hearts
5. Real Love 6. Changes 7. Heart Of The Sunrise 8. Cinema 9. City Of Love

Disc 2
1. Make It Easy 2. Owner Of A Lonely Heart 3. Rabin Piano Solo/And You And I
4. Where Will You Be? 5. I’ve Seen All Good People 6. Walls
7. Endless Dream 8. Roundabout

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