Yes / Heaven & Earth In Los Angeles / 2CD

Yes / Heaven & Earth In Los Angeles / 2CD / Virtuoso

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The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA. USA 24th August 2014


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Finally coming of Jesus! For all of prog-fan, called “crisis”, “fragile”, album two live full reproduction such as life of Bible, I think is not certain of what Munegatakanaru from now. 2014 North American tour is carried out over two months, expand the high live evaluation in various places, I had a stunning tour end in Los Angeles performances of August 24. The LA performance of its August 24 in this panel, and is fully recorded in ultra-high quality audience recording. Such as the vertex of clearness, crystal clear crystal sound is, in perfect condition, for us to reproduce the latest live of Jesus. (Originally sound is appropriate remastered the recording was good best. Recording persons are allowed to adjust the sound balance of the front and back to optimal state first 20 seconds of the Siberian Khatru that seems to have adjusted the REC level, finish so that it is not know at all below). It is originally higher was the latest “HEAVEN & EARTH” tour of reputation, but it is possible to overlay a live, takes further refine the quality of play, we are developing a high-quality stage just to tremendous. The splendor of the entire ensemble really splendor of as a loss for words. Texture of each place of performance, splendor of delicate rendition of the push-pull is, has reached perfection that, it was greatly entertained the fans with high-quality performance to the extent that I can not believe that old-age members are accounted for main, to satisfy us. In this performance quality, if this set is reproduced in Japan, this shall participate even to eject the other Bansho, fans will be regret a lifetime! Now is the best part of playing the first time enough I think or peak, we also fans that listened in silence is usually the audience, even the middle of a “crisis” peppered a standing ovation. This is really amazing. Era is it just playing I think exactly 1973, and. Recent Jesus in the play, such as feel the divinity far, is enough is not that you have heard so far. Along with the enthusiastic fans who filled the Greek Theatre, tonight, along with this board, Immerse yourself in the excitement of the storm. Stage of can of goodness, and that Howe as if Shukusuru the success of the tour I’ve been introduced to read one person the name of the stage crew before encore. Strong challenging and its own impression is also Yohodo this tour for Howe, would there was a sense of satisfaction. (By the way Chris can be found on the greeting, including the joke with such as “Welcome! To the MTV Award” in what you say in the first MC and LA Live. Yohodo, Will was happy). Anyway playing, chorus, production, all of which perfection of the word. Enjoy the tour final LA performance of God just does think what has descended! I you can experience the time of bliss.

いよいよやってくるイエス!全てのプログレ・ファンにとって、「危機」「こわれもの」という、人生のバイブルのようなアルバム2枚のライヴ完全再現は、今から胸が高鳴るものがあるのではないでしょうか。2014年北米ツアーは2カ月に渡って行われ、各所で評価の高いライヴを展開し、8月24日のロサンゼルス公演で見事なツアーエンドを迎えました。本盤ではその8月24日のLA公演を、超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録しています。クリアネスの頂点のような、澄み切ったクリスタルなサウンドは、完璧な状態で、イエスの最新ライヴを再現してくれます。(元々音が最高に良かった録音を適宜リマスター。録音者がRECレベルを調整したと思われるSiberian Khatruの最初20秒間は前後の音声バランスを最適な状態に調整し、全く分からないように仕上げました)。元々評判の高かった最新「HEAVEN & EARTH」ツアーですが、ライヴを重ねることで、演奏の質に更に磨きがかかり、凄まじいばかりにクオリティの高いステージを展開しています。全体のアンサンブルの見事さは本当に言葉を失う程の素晴らしさ。各所の演奏のキメ、押し引きの繊細な演出の見事さは、その極みに達しており、老齢メンバーがメインを占めていることが信じられない程にクオリティの高いパフォーマンスでファンを大いに楽しませ、満足させてくれます。この演奏クオリティで、このセットが日本で再現されるなら、これはもう万障を排してでも参加しなければ、ファンは一生後悔することでしょう!今がピークかと思う程の圧巻の演奏ぶりに、普段は黙って聴き入っているファンも「危機」の途中でも観客が大喝采を浴びせています。これは本当に凄い。時代はまさに1973年か、と思うばかりの演奏です。最近のイエスでここまで神々しさを感じさせるような演奏は、これまで聴いたことが無い程です。グリーク・シアターを埋め尽くした熱心なファンと一緒に、今宵、本盤と一緒に、感動の嵐に浸って下さい。ステージの出来の良さ、そしてツアーの成功を祝するかのようにあのハウがアンコール前にステージ・クルーの名を一人一人読んで紹介しています。ハウにとっても余程今回のツアーには強い手ごたえと自身の感動、満足感があったのでしょう。(ちなみにクリスは最初のMCでLAライヴと言うことで「MTV Awardにようこそ!」などと冗談を含めた挨拶をしています。余程、ご機嫌だったのでしょう)。とにかく演奏、コーラス、演出、その全てが完璧の一言。神が降臨しているのかと思わんばかりのツアー最終LA公演をお楽しみ下さい!至福の時が体感できます。

Disc 1(60:08)
1. The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra 2. Siberian Khatru 3. And You And I 
4. Close To The Edge 5. Chris Squire Introduction 6. Believe Again 7. The Game

Disc 2(67:45)
1. Steve Howe Introduction 2. Roundabout 3. Cans And Brahms 4. We Have Heaven 
5. South Side Of The Sky 6. Five Per Cent For Nothing 7. Long Distance Runaround 
8. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) 9. Mood For A Day 10. Heart Of The Sunrise 
11. I’ve Seen All Good People 12. Introductions 13. Owner Of A Lonely Heart 

Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocal Chris Squire – Bass, Vocal Alan White – Drums 
Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Vocal Jon Davison – Lead Vocal


Virtuoso 203/204

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