YES / Time And A Word Demos & Outtakes /1 CDR

YES / Time And A Word Demos & Outtakes /1 CDR /Non Label

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Collection Of Outtakes And Alternate / Rough Mixes.

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Second album “Time And A Word” 16-track studio outtakes, recorded in 78 minutes ultra-high-quality stereo-line recording. The original album, I a fresh sound balance in quite a row, their sound parts have been mixed with the feel of the more realistic and direct sound. “Close To The Edge Demos & Outtakes” Similarly, the last, was a multi-Tracks, it seems that diffusion mix collection. Therefore will change in one shot compared to listen to the official version of the headphones, totally different from the balance and configuration final of sound because (even tone), very fresh feeling, “Another Side Of Time And A Word” you can touch. Sweet Dreams are usually in the more than 30 seconds long version official version, da official version at 2 min after Zoletile injection at the effect of Susame the left channel, da, is to become the sound image, such as the da with intermittent sound, at all in this take no, after the guitar solo, the part back to the vocal part in the 2 minutes and 20 seconds, installation part with a focus on endlessly guitar will be expanded. (This is similar to the take that was used in the bonus track on the official remastered edition of 2003, recorded in the 1970 first edition of Germany.) The first track in the recorded that have been No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed # 1 Organ a mix of small, such as a guitar solo that twist wah of 2 minutes and 30 seconds has also been recorded in the direct sound larger than the official. Since the balance of the overall sound is quite different from the final, you can as possible to listen to an interesting sound. Rugged handmade feel such as Astral Traveller, which was recorded in the sound is compelling. Strange vocal effect was whether the to listen even official is as it is also in the “original” take to listen here. Unique solo play of Banks is a masterpiece. Time And A Word # 3 is to omit the No. 2 song in the edit version, go suddenly to rust. Such as the last of The Prophet has been recorded in direct sound than like musical tone is bare, but I do not depend as chorus processing is strongly official also on vocals, strangely than the official version of the moody style, of this better is the workmanship feel is good. While I feel the rough feel, 78 minutes where you can enjoy at the same time precisely calculated exciting ensemble playing in a more fresh taste. Introduced the orchestra, the core of the post-band sound, was clearly a symphonic direction, on the history of the band is also important second album, fans must listen diffusion mix collection.

セカンドアルバム「Time And A Word」のスタジオ・アウトテイクを16トラック、78分超高音質ステレオ・ライン録音で収録。元々のアルバムが、かなりロウで生々しいサウンドバランスなのですが、それらの音パーツがよりリアルかつダイレクトな音の感触でミックスされています。前回の「Close To The Edge Demos & Outtakes」同様に、マルチトラックスを使用した、ディフミックス集と思われます。故にヘッドホンで公式版と聴き比べれば一発で変わりますが、音のバランスや構成がファイナルとは全く違う(音色までもが)ので、非常に新鮮な感覚で「Another Side Of Time And A Word」に触れることができます。Sweet Dreamsは通常公式版より30秒長いヴァージョンで、2分目の所で公式版は左チャネルが荒めのエフェクトでダ、ダ、ダと断続音のような音像になるのが、本テイクでは全く無く、ギターソロの後、2分20秒でボーカルパートに戻る部分も、延々とギターを中心としたインストパートが展開されます。(これはドイツの1970年初版に収録され2003年の公式リマスター版でボーナストラックで使用されたテイクに似ています。)一曲目に収録されているNo Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed #1はオルガンのミックスが小さめで、2分30秒のワウを効かせたギターソロ等も公式よりも大きめでダイレクトなサウンドで収録されています。全体の音のバランスもファイナルとはかなり違うので興味深い音像で聴き切ることができます。ごつごつしたサウンドで収録されたAstral Traveller等のハンドメイドな感触は迫力満点。公式でも聴ける変なエフェクトをかましたボーカルは、ここで聴ける「素」テイクでもそのままです。バンクスの特異なソロプレイは圧巻です。Time And A Word #3はエディットヴァージョンで歌の2番を省略して、いきなりサビにいきます。ラストのThe Prophetなどは楽音がむき出しのようなよりダイレクトなサウンドで収録されており、ボーカルにもオフィシャルほどコーラス処理が強くかかっていないのですが、変にムーディな作風の公式版より、これのほうが良いのではと感じる出来栄えです。粗削りな感触を感じさせながらも、同時に緻密に計算された刺激的なアンサンブルプレイをより生々しいテイストで楽しめる78分。オーケストラを導入し、後のバンドサウンドの核となる、シンフォニックな方向性を明示した、バンドの歴史上も重要なセカンドアルバムの、ファン必聴ディフミックス集。

1. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed #1 2. Then #1 3. Everydays #1 4. Sweet Dreams
5. Clear Days #1 6. Astral Traveller #1 7. Time And A Word #1
8. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed #2 9. Then #2 10. Everydays #2 11. Dear Father
12. Clear Days #2 13. Astral Traveller #2 14. Time And A Word #2 15. Time And A Word #3
16. The Prophet

Jon Anderson – Vocals, Percussion Peter Banks – Guitars, Vocals Chris Squire – Bass, Vocals
Tony Kaye – Piano, Organ Bill Bruford – Drums, Percussion
David Foster – Acoustic Guitars on “Time And A Word”

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