Neil Young / Upper Darby 2018 1st Night The Video / 1DVDR

Neil Young / Upper Darby 2018 1st Night The Video / 1DVDR / Non Label

Tower Theater, Upper Darby, pA, USA 20th September 2018. NTSC

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Translated text:

The taper “Tapehead 2” who released the audience recording that became the basis of “UPPER DARBY 2018 1ST NIGHT” was shooting the pattern of the stage the same day. In other words, it means that audience shot video was also taken care of as well as audience recording. His record was a balcony seat, so his decision was prudent because it was for shooting more than recording. There was only thing that was also concurrently recording, so Neil’s facial expression is not close up. Rather, it seems that the beginning of his head is about to get out of the screen, but somehow it is avoided. From the “One of These Days” a firm angle captures Neil’s stage. As he switches to the electric white falcon and starts the CSNY classic “Ohio”, the dramatic production that the lighting goes dark and the smoke goes up is a scene that is transmitted only as a picture. In the midfield classic piano corner, if you think that you played “Speakin ‘Out” on the upright piano or “Birds” or the eyed of the day “See the Sky About To Rain” you will have a keyboard like a grand piano It is also unique in the image that understands Neil’s appearance. The rare number the next day was truly attractive, but it is wonderful to have a series of famous songs that can be enchanted in the piano corner of this day. Because it is shooting with a taper which recorded only the first day’s sound source, although it is missing that there is no image of the second day which was an example rare number event, the clarity of image quality is obviously naturally included in “UPPER DARBY 2018 1ST NIGHT “Audience recording is synchronized and the sound quality is also the highest. And this time also DVD of fulfilling that you can enjoy the latest Neil, solo · stage pattern of Killer Tune successive shit from the visual aspect.

「UPPER DARBY 2018 1ST NIGHT」の元になったオーディエンス録音を公開してくれたテーパー「Tapehead2」は何と同日のステージの模様を撮影してくれていました。つまりオーディエンス録音と同時にオーディエンスショットの映像も敢行してくれたということ。彼の録音ポジションはバルコニー席でしたので、録音以上に撮影向きだったのだから、彼の判断は賢明でした。もっとも録音も兼任していただけのことはあって、ニールの表情がクローズアップされるまでには至らない。むしろ序盤などは彼の頭の辺りが画面から見切れてしまいそうなほどなのですが、何とかして回避。「One of These Days」辺りからしっかりとしたアングルでニールのステージを捉えてくれるのです。彼がエレキのホワイトファルコンに持ち替えてCSNYクラシック「Ohio」を始めるやいなや、照明が暗転してスモークがたかれるというドラマチックな演出などは映像だからこそ伝わってくる場面かと。中盤の名曲連発なピアノコーナーでは「Speakin’ Out」をアップライト・ピアノで弾いたかと思えば「Birds」やこの日の目玉「See The Sky About To Rain」になるとグランド・ピアノといった具合に鍵盤を使い分けるニールの姿が解るのも映像ならでは。翌日のレアナンバーは本当に魅力的でしたが、この日のピアノコーナーにおけるうっとりさせられるような名曲の連発ぶりも素晴らしい。初日の音源だけを録音したテーパーによる撮影ですので、例のレアナンバー大会だった二日目の映像が存在しないのが惜しまれますが、画質の鮮明さはもちろん、当然音声には「UPPER DARBY 2018 1ST NIGHT」のオーディエンス録音をシンクロさせてあるので音質も最高。そして今回もキラーチューン連発のめくるめく最新のニール、ソロ・ステージの模様がヴィジュアル面からも楽しめるという充実のDVD。
Live at Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, USA 30th September 2018 AMAZING SHOT!!
1. Intro 2. Dance, Dance, Dance 3. Tell Me Why 4. Homefires 5. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 6. One of These Days 7. War of Man 8. The Loner 9. Mr. Soul 10. Flying on the Ground is Wrong 11. Mellow My Mind 12. Ohio 13. Speakin’ Out 14. Are You Ready for the Country?
15. Horseshoe Man 16. Birds 17. See the Sky About to Rain 18. Children of Destiny 19. Love and War 20. Peaceful Valley Boulevard 21. From Hank to Hendrix 22. Heart of Gold 23. Tumbleweed
COLOUR NTSC Approx.97min.

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