Eric Clapton / Pilgrim To Alberta / 2CDR

Eric Clapton / Pilgrim To Alberta / 2CDR / Uxbridge

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Live At Canadian Airlines Saddledome, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 10th  September 1998.

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From the tour accompanying the release of “Pilgrim”, September 10 Calgary performance recorded with audience recording. It is the sound source of this time boasting outstanding sound quality, but it is only circulating among some tape traders (It seems that it was distributed in Europe in the form like my boot) It is not packaged at all until now This release is exactly what you would expect from fans! Anyway, the thick, clear, direct feeling filled sound is excellent, you can enjoy a fresh band ensemble that used a lot of typing that should be called a drastic change with a perfect sound image that is no more! In terms of set lists, we have plenty of new songs that we can not think of on previous tours, and Clapton is a content that brings deep feelings to this album. It is also the same as “DOUBLE IMAGE” which included the SBD sound source of Edmonton performance the next day, but it was interesting that it was not a usual set list but a famous Alberta unplugged, as it was a performance in Alberta, Canada. It is place. (The excitement of the audience here is amazing) The content of the performance is also very high quality, there was only considerable pain for the band and personal, there is a sense of scale and deepness based on triple · guitar organization, a sense of groove based on Gad and Nathan The unique and extraordinary heavy ensemble listens and suffices from the very beginning! Just the sound quality · performance content · rarity All the decision board of “Pilgrim” tour is released from Uxbridge label!

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.129 (April 2011 issue). For your information.

2 CD-R which included the excavation sound source from the second “Pilgrim North American tour” of Clapton 98 years. It is a complete collection of performances in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on September 10th with a very good stereo / audience recording. It is recorded with sound quality that is clear enough to listen differently from soundboard recording. This sound source was originally distributed between tapes and traders, and in Europe there was a bootleg on CD-R media, but this is the first time that this good sound source is released in Japan. The set list which made the number from “PILGRIM” just released at the beginning of the game continues from the beginning and listens to the blues and the songs in the second half with an acoustic set in between was attractive only for this tour. In the first North American tour that started from March of this year, he attempted to faithfully reproduce the album by banding 20 string orchestras, but the orchestra did not band with this second tour. The drummer also appointed Ricky Lawson, the black studio musician of the Babyface network, the first one, but in the second it was replaced by Steve Gad. Even just the point that the drummer has changed, there is a big change in the sound, and it can be said that the constitution without the orchestra was quite different in taste from the first tour. That is why I could say that it was the stage in this second tour that I could not play the orchestra that I played just like the score, but I could develop songs more freely and play it. At this point, since Alan Derby of the guitar who withdrew after the later Europe tour was enrolled, it is a triple guitar composition including Andy · Fair Weather · Row, which is later in 2006 on Clapton’s career It was an unusual formation that was not anything but a year tour. The sound produced from the three guitars is so grave that it naturally did not exist on the previous tour. We have three black women on the back chorus, and at this time the band was a “black” organization, all black except the three of the guitar. So the performance is Sharp itself. Bacon color is overflowing especially for keyboard play. As a local song on this day, “Alberta” is played specially, you can see that the audience is delighted. “Pilgrim Tour” is one of the best exciting audience sources.
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「Pilgrim」のリリースに伴うツアーより、9月10日カルガリー公演をオーディエンス録音で収録。抜群の音質を誇る今回の音源ですが、一部のテープトレーダー間でしか出回っておらず(私製ブートのような形では、ヨーロッパで流通していたようです)現在まで一切パッケージ化されていないだけに今回のリリースは、まさにファン待望のものといえるでしょう!とにかく太くクリアーでダイレクト感に満ちたサウンドは絶品で、激変と言うべき打ち込みを多用した新鮮なバンド・アンサンブルをこれ以上はない程の完璧な音像で堪能できます!セット・リスト的には、これまでのツアーでは考えられない程、新曲をたっぷりと取り入れており、クラプトンが、このアルバムに対する深い思いが伝わってくる内容になっています。翌日のエドモントン公演のSBD音源を収録した「DOUBLE IMAGE」でもそうですが、カナダのアルバータ州での公演だったことで、通常のセットリストではなく、アンプラグドで有名なAlbertaも取り入れているとこが面白いところです。(ここでのオーディエンスの盛り上がりが凄い)演奏内容も非常にクオリティーの高いもので、バンド・パーソネルに相当苦心しただけあり、トリプル・ギター編成によるスケール感と深み、ガッド、ネイザンを基軸としたグルーヴ感溢れる唯一無二の重厚なアンサンブルは終始聴き応え充分です!まさに音質・演奏内容・レア度全てが揃った「Pilgrim」ツアーの決定盤がUxbridgeレーベルよりリリース決定です!

★beatleg誌 vol.129(2011年4月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。


Disc 1
1. Opening 2. My Father’s Eyes 3. Pilgrim 4. One Chance 5. River Of Tears 6. Going Down Slow
7. She’s Gone 8. Driftin’ 9. Alberta 10. Tears In Heaven 11. Layla 12. Change The World

Disc 2
1. Old Love 2. Crossroads 3. Have You Ever Loved A Woman 4. Tearing Us Apart
5. Wonderful Tonight 6. Cocaine 7. Sunshine Of Your Love

Eric Clapton- Guitar & Vocals Andy Fairweather Low – Guitar Nathan East – Bass
Alan Darby – Guitar Tim Carmon – Keyboards Kenneth Crouch – Keyboards
Steve Gadd – Drums Katie Kissoon – Backing Vocals Chyna – Backing Vocals
Charlean Hines – Backing Vocals

Uxbridge 333


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