Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band / Legendary Broadcast 1978 / 3CD

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street  Band / Legendary Broadcast 1978 / 3CD /Non Label

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Live at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ 19th September 1978 STEREO SBD

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1978 tour to receive the overwhelming support among fans a number of performances will be broadcast on the radio, it was decided to those enduring the popularity of this tour, of September 19, which is the ultimate of great performance, even in the Pasaikku, we recorded a full-length version of the broadcast of the Capitol Theatre performances. This broadcast LP titled “Piece De Resistance” is released, it is Uaimh treats fan for many years, was the more were released in the same name of the title, even CD. However, they had been cut to an interview with the course was to cut the comments and narration of the radio station, which was at the time of broadcast, blues and bands that have been made to break time. It is, of course, will rightly be said to have been cut because it is not part of the relationship to the performance, the only broadcast of the day that it can be said that the most important among the many live recordings of blues, now if the total length board is what the ultimate version I would say. Here, we have recorded the entire broadcast, but, in spite of the latter half of the future is like the previous interview show is ahead, you’ll be particularly surprised by not showing the climax of the members of the E · Street Band . Moreover, from such as after the show live comments handed down excitement of the show. Moreover, the correction of the whole of the pitch, of course (you Yes further also adjust where the pitch is increased from “Rosalita”), further between the “Sprit In The Night” songs from after the end toward the “Darkness on the Edge of Town” early places where received noise that occurred enters also, has become a recording of a complete state and supplemented with clean air check version by another sound source of the broadcast. And the sound quality of the performance content and compelling is the origami from a long time ago. Not only the best performance, was recorded the entire broadcast, the night of the ultimate document of this legend is released in limited press CD.

★ It is this work reviews Yowake in beatleg magazine vol.126 (No. 1 May 2011). In case you’re wondering.

With the release of “Darkness Box”, but I mean that is finally release of this Darkness tour of full live video was realized, eternal great performance that does not fade is still value in such a would Pasaikku performances of September 19, 1978. It is also proud of the tremendous Naru popular now as a stereo line sources of blues band is also the best state in there was this day was broadcast live on the radio miracle. Thanks is also the sound source has produced items also many from the analog era until now, but while they were cut DJ comments and interviews altogether broadcasting at the time, appeared on the Internet in 2007, “THE WAY IT I WAS “had recorded the entire broadcast of the day. Therefore, I Korezo translation was the night of the document of the legend, but it was finally released as an item. On this day past the title of the sound source was recorded, such as the Great Dane in “PEACE DE RESISTANCE” and Crystal Cat “PASSAIC NIGHT” is brighter sound quality seems to air check indeed, of Seagull “SOUTHSIDE BRUCE & THE E STREET JUKES “to that was a sound quality that was lacking in a little thickness, this time is a mellow and natural sound quality that is very rounded. However here over the “Sprit In The Night,” “Darkness on the Edge of Town” from after the end of the beginning, the notation “Independence Day” in the reception at the time of noise has fallen riding (Vol.96 is because it was error correction for then it will be) part that is, have to patch them of another sound source indeed clean. Although this sound source is totally pitch is still up in the “PEACE DE?” And “PASSAIC?” The same as “Rosalita” and later at elevated, they are also as much as possible correction (the only “Born To Run” pitch is subtly in have been slow much either), it has me very easy to listen to. In addition to from the DJ of the comments that fall periodically comes through the excitement and realism of the broadcast of the day, compared to the immediately a charging blues in an interview that took place during the break, profusely of high E · Street Band of tension laugh to the height of the guys of the tension. And splendor of a great performance in a great performance in this tour, “Prove It All Night” and “Backstreets” will what has been exhausted says. Even as the definitive edition of this classic sound source, as well as a further sound source which forms the current official release and a pair, release of an item of undisputed, of course in the press of the disk.

ファンの間で絶大な支持を受ける1978年のツアーは数多くの公演がラジオで放送され、それがこのツアーの人気を揺るぎないものにしましたが、その中でも究極の名演とされる9月19日のパサイック、キャピトル・シアター公演の放送の全長版を収録しています。この放送は『Piece De Resistance』というタイトルのLPがリリースされ、長年に渡ってファンに名盤扱いされ、CDでも同名のタイトルでリリースされたほどでした。しかし、それらは放送時にあったラジオ局側のコメントやナレーションをカットしたのはもちろん、休憩時間に行われたブルースやバンドとのインタビューまでカットしていました。もちろん、演奏に関係のない部分なのでカットされたのは当然と言えますが、ブルースの数あるライブ音源の中でも最重要といえるこの日の放送だけに、今やその全長盤こそが究極のバージョンだといえるでしょう。ここではその放送全体を収録しておりますが、先のインタビューなどはこれからショウの後半が控えているにもかかわらず、特にE・ストリート・バンドのメンバーの盛り上がりを見せていて驚かされることでしょう。しかもライブ終演後のコメントなどからはショウの興奮が伝わってきます。しかも全体のピッチの補正はもちろん(「Rosalita」からさらにピッチが高くなるところもアジャストしてあります)、さらに「Sprit In The Night」終了後から「Darkness on the Edge of Town」序盤にかけての曲間で発生していた受信ノイズが入る個所も、同放送の別音源によるクリーンなエアチェック・バージョンで補填して完全な状態での収録となっています。そして演奏内容や迫力満点の音質は昔から折り紙つきです。その最高の演奏だけでなく、放送全体を収録した、この伝説の夜の究極のドキュメントが限定プレスCDにてリリースです。


『ダークネス・ボックス』のリリースによって、遂に今回ダークネス・ツアーのフルライブ映像のリリースが実現した訳だが、そんな中で未だに価値が色褪せない永遠の名演が1978年9月19日のパサイック公演だろう。ブルースもバンドも最高の状態にあったこの日がラジオで生中継された奇跡のステレオ・ライン音源として今も絶大なる人気を誇っている。おかげでアナログ時代からこれまで幾多ものアイテムを輩出してきた音源でもあるが、それらがことごとく放送時のDJコメントやインタビューをカットしていたのに対し、2007年にネット上に現れた『THE WAY IT WAS』は当日の放送全体を収録していた。よってこれぞ伝説の夜のドキュメントだった訳だが、それがようやくアイテムとしてリリースされた。この日の音源を収録した過去のタイトル、例えばグレート・デーンの『PEACE DE RESISTANCE』やクリスタル・キャットの『PASSAIC NIGHT』がいかにもエアチェックらしい明るめな音質で、シーガルの『SOUTHSIDE BRUCE & THE E STREET JUKES』が少し厚みに欠けた音質だったのに対し、今回は非常に丸みのあるまろやかでナチュラルな音質だ。ただしこちらは「Sprit In The Night」終了後から「Darkness on the Edge of Town」序盤にかけて、受信時のノイズが乗ってしまっていた(Vol.96における「Independence Day」という表記は誤りでしたので訂正させていただきます)部分に関しては、それらの別音源を実に綺麗にパッチしている。またこの音源は全体的にピッチが高めで『PEACE DE?』や『PASSAIC?』と同じように「Rosalita」以降でさらに上がるが、それらも極力補正(唯一「Born To Run」でピッチが微妙に遅いくらいか)されていて、非常に聴きやすくしてくれている。また周期的に入るDJのコメントからは当日の放送の興奮や臨場感が伝わってくるし、休憩中に行われたインタビューではさっそく充電中なブルースと比べ、やたらとテンションの高いE・ストリート・バンドの連中のテンションの高さに笑ってしまう。そして本ツアーにおける名演中の名演である「Prove It All Night」や「Backstreets」の素晴らしさは語りつくされてきたものだろう。この定番音源の決定版としても、さらに今回のオフィシャル・リリースと対をなす音源としても、文句なしのアイテムで、もちろんプレスのディスクでのリリース。

Disc 1
1. Badlands 2. Streets of Fire 3. Spirit In The Night 4. Darkness on the Edge of Town
5. Independence Day 6. The Promised Land 7. Prove It All Night 8. Racing In The Street
9. Thunder Road 10. Meeting Across the River 11. Jungleland 12. DJ Chat with John Scher

Disc 2
1. DJ Chat with Scher and Snadowsky 2. Vin Scelsa Interview with Bruce and E Streeters
3. DJ Chat 4. Kitty’s Back 5. Fire 6. Candy’s Room 7. Because the Night 8. Point Blank
9. Not Fade Away 10. She’s The One

Disc 3
1. Backstreets 2. Rosalita 3. DJ Chat 4. 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) 5. Born To Run
6. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 7. Detroit Medley 8. Raise Your Hand 9. Closing Comments

Bruce Springsteen – Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Piano
Roy Bittan – Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Clarence Clemons – Tenor, Baritone and Soprano Saxophones, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Danny Federici – Organ, Piano, Accordion, Glockenspiel, Backing Vocals
Garry Tallent – Bass, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Steven Van Zandt – Guitar, Mandolin, Backing Vocals
Max Weinberg – Drums


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