Bob Dylan / Walk Like A Duck Smell Like A Skunk / 2CD

Bob Dylan / Walk Like A Duck Smell Like A Skunk  / 2CD / Hollow Horn

Reissue in Japan with translated text in both english and Japanese. Hollow Horn brings together all the worthwhile studio recordings from the 1961-1964 period (from BOB DYLAN through to ANOTHER SIDE OF) in one release. The is reportedly the first of eight releases that will cover all of Dylan’s unreleased studio output (minus multiple versions of the same tracks) in a well thought out, play through series, that, when the series is out in it’s entirety, will form a well rounded collection in terms of both content and design. Sound quality is promised to be first rate, with several of the tracks from upgraded sources, and the occasional track will be making it’s first appearance on a factory pressed release



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HOLLOW HORN Japan Jewel case version.

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