Rolling Stones / Santiago 2016 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Santiago 2016 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile 3rd February 2016


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Even the Rolling Stones latest live in progress now, the sound source from America Latina Ole tour is finally released, we kept you waiting! Release the Tour title around the South America so that narrate the current Stones tour, the first two performances at the same time. First, we will introduce the Santiago performances February 3 is the first day of the tour first. This time, limited audience recordings that were to be released at the press CD is that appeared a few days after the live, based on the re-master it. The original is likely sound source was recorded in mp4, it was to improve the state that lacks the thickness to improve the dynamism and clearness.
Moreover, this sound source, does it may be likened to the Arakure recording of much rare these days? Anyway it amazing the climax of Santiago of the audience! Fever large enough in the storm of the chorus from opening, would block the Mick of MC sometimes be heard between the songs (laughs). Large chorus songs majority in bonus. And, this by writing to the wind inevitable stress on listening from the periphery of the recording situation, you might think or dirty quality of audience recording of the more rare in 2016. But … it’s different. Outdone in incredible upsurge of, caught in the firm on a sound even better performance. Not only a fierce upsurge of South America unique, told me to vacuum-packed also to how the Stones to show off the impassioned performance in response to such they, Korezo realistic audience recording.

What to say only to doing a live tour Stones itself even if continuously from 2012, top-condition to the extent this day I do not think the tour the first day of the 2016. Tour the first half there is anyway slapstick-prone Stones, but this way they are really top form when has continued to tour. And there just in front of the audience rises, playing Stones anyway passionate. “It’s Only Rock’n Roll” in the state of Mick enjoy their fever is immediately appear. Figure also was antics Miseru singing instead of the lyrics while a moment, it is yet afford plenty of things in the engine fully open. But the audience does not have even defeated, stunning back chorus from the audience in response to the next section, “Let’s Spend The Night Together” In Mick song! (Lol). Well, really fun sound source listening.
However, speaking of the biggest topics in this tour the first day, it will be live performances since 1998. “She’s A Rainbow”. I made a long time of revival by far the top in the web vote song of the day. Unlike the case of Babylon Tour, also played in the band organization with a reduced number of people this time of enough nice, I do not feel at all the performance of the blank. It’s been transmitted from the video seen in this week’s gift DVD-R. However, refreshing the chorus of the audience, even here in this sound! Really gathered people who like the Stones, it was felt acutely To is a fun live.

And from the fact that had overlap with its own tour schedule this time, Sasha Allen who participated on behalf of Lisa Fisher became the first tour departure is applied to the chorus of support members, in place of Lisa It has been appointed to solo part of “Gimme Shelter”. Of course in a completely different atmosphere sore sing with Lisa while, here in a very fresh is singing, such as if you had respect for Merry Clayton studio take is. It was sufficient to be expected in the future. Her of and participation, Stones to climax the audience too terrific was also the clear and hustle, happening that in the end “Satisfaction” (is also terrific chorus of audience that occur in this case) would Mick and Keith hit has become a hot topic release, but is still fresh in memory, finally live have Atsu so much. Excitement of the Stones 2016 tour the first day can experience realistic!


現在も進行中のローリング・ストーンズ最新ライブ、America Latina Oleツアーからの音源が遂にリリースされます、お待たせしました!そのツアー・タイトルが物語るように南米を回る現在のストーンズ・ツアー、最初の二公演が同時にリリース。まず最初に紹介しますはツアー初日である2月3日のサンチャゴ公演。今回、限定のプレスCDにてリリースされることになったオーディエンス録音はライブから数日後に登場したもので、それを元にリマスター。元がmp4で録音された音源らしい、厚みを欠いた状態を改善してダイナミズムやクリアネスを改善しました。

何といってもストーンズ自体が2012年から継続してライブ・ツアーを行っているだけに、この日が2016年のツアー初日とは思えないほどのトップ・コンディション。ツアー前半はとかくドタバタしがちなストーンズではありますが、こうしてツアーを続けている時の彼らは本当に絶好調。しかも盛り上がる観客を前にしているだけあって、ストーンズの演奏がとにかくアツい。「It’s Only Rock’n Roll」では彼らのフィーバーを楽しむミックの様子がさっそく現れる。一瞬ながらも歌詞をかえて歌ってみせるおどけた姿、それはエンジン全開でしかも余裕たっぷりなもの。しかし観客も負けてはいません、次の「Let’s Spend The Night Together」ではミックの歌に応答して客席から見事なバックコーラス!(笑)。いやぁ、聴いていて本当に楽しい音源です。
しかし、このツアー初日における最大のトピックと言えば、1998年以来のライブ演奏となる「She’s A Rainbow」でしょう。この日のウェブ投票ソングの中ではダントツのトップで久々の復活を遂げました。バビロン・ツアーの時と違い、今回の人数を減らしたバンド編成での演奏も十分に素晴らしく、演奏のブランクをまったく感じません。それは今週のギフトDVD-Rで見られる動画からも伝わってきます。ところが、こちらの音源ではここでも観客の合唱が爽快!本当にストーンズを好きな人が集まった、楽しいライブであることがひしひしと感じられました。

そして今回は自身のツアー・スケジュールと重なってしまったことから、初のツアー離脱となってしまったリサ・フィッシャーに代わって参加したサーシャ・アレンがサポート・メンバーのコーラス隊に加わり、リサの代わりで「Gimme Shelter」のソロパートにも抜擢されています。当然ながら歌いっぷりがリサとまったく違う雰囲気で、ここではスタジオ・テイクのメリー・クレイトンをリスペクトしたかのような歌い方がとても新鮮。今後を期待させるに十分なものでした。彼女の参加や、観客の凄まじすぎる盛り上がりにストーンズもハッスルしたのは明らかで、終盤「Satisfaction」(ここで起こる観客の合唱がまた凄まじい)でミックとキースがぶつかってしまうハプニングが話題となったのは記憶に新しいところですが、それほどまでにアツいライブが遂にリリース。ストーンズ2016年ツアー初日の興奮がリアルに体験できる!


Disc 1 (61:47)
1. Intro 2. Start Me Up 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Let’s Spend The Night Together
5. Tumbling Dice 6. Out Of Control 7. She’s A Rainbow 8. Wild Horses
9. Paint It Black 10. Honky Tonk Women 11. Band Introductions 12. You Got The Silver 13. Happy

Disc 2 (69:27)
1. Midnight Rambler 2. Miss You 3. Gimme Shelter 4. Jumping Jack Flash 5. Sympathy For The Devil
6. Brown Sugar 7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with Estudio Coral de Santiago)
8. Satisfaction

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