Santana / Complete Live In Mexico 1992 / 3CDR

Santana / Complete Live In Mexico 1992 / 3CDR / Project Zip

Live At Bullring By The Sea, Tijuana, Mexico March 22nd 1992

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A commemorative live of ’92 that Santana went to in his hometown of Mexico Tijuana will appear in a three-disc set of the sound board full version! This is a complete recording of the “Burling by the Sea Festival”, which appeared on March 22, 1992, followed by his younger brother Jorge Santana and Larry Graham. This show is enthusiastically greeted in Mexico, and the next show in Mexico is video-released and made famous for the following 93, but this one is a highly recommended live that should be noted as one of the best performances!


01. Angels All Around Us / Spirits Dancing In The Flesh
02. Somewhere In Heaven
03. Batuka
04. No One To Depend On
05. Life Is For Living
06. Your Touch
07. We Don’t Have To Wait / Walfredo De LosReyes / Benny Rietveld
08. Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
09. Oye Como Va

01. Red Prophet
02. Samba Pa Ti
03. Savor
04. Agua Que Va Caer / Karl Perazzo / Raul Rekow
05. Blues For Salvador (with Jorge Santana, Javier Batiz)
06. Larry Graham / Right On Introduction
07. Saja / Right On (with Larry Graham)
08. Peace On Earth (with Carlos Hernandez)

01. She’s Not There
02. Toussaint L’Overture
03. Soul Sacrifice / A Love Supreme / Aranjuez (with Larry Graham)
04. Europa
05. Jingo / Band Introduction
◆Live At Bullring By The Sea, Tijuana, Mexico March 22nd 1992

Project Zip.  PJZ-710A/B/C

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