Roxy Music / Avalon In Italy 1982 / 3CDR

Roxy Music / Avalon In Italy 1982 / 3CDR / Midnight Dreamer

Live At Velodromo Vigorelli, Milano, Italy August 31st 1982. Audience


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From the last European tour of 80’s Roxy Music, two performances in Milan, Italy on August 30th and 31st, 1982 will be released by the high-quality audience recording master! Part of the performance on the 30th has not been recorded, but the performance on the 31st is a recording of all songs of the concert, and you can enjoy the perfect live performance with the best lineup that produced the masterpiece “Avalon” until the last “Jerus Guy” in the encore. As the last live, a new excavation live that collectors can’t miss! !! !!


01. South Downs/02. The Main Thing/03. Out Of The Blue/04. Both Ends Burning/05. A Song For Europe/06. Can’t Let Go/07. While My Heart Is Still Beating/08. Impossible Guitar
09. Tara/10. Avalon/11. My Only Love/12. Dance Away/13. Love Is The Drug/14. Like A Hurricane/15. Editions Of You
Live At Velodromo Vigorelli, Milano, Italy August 30th 1982

01. The Main Thing/02. Out Of The Blu/e/03. Both Ends Burning/04. A Song For Europe/05. Can’t Let Go/06. While My Heart Still Beating/07. Impossible Guitar/08. Tara/09. Avalon/10. My Only Love/11. Dance Away/12. Love Is The Drug

01. Like A Hurricane/02. Editions Of You/03. Do The Strand/04. Jealous Guy
Live At Velodromo Vigorelli, Milano, Italy August 31st 1982

Midnight Dreamer. MD-975A/B/C

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