Rolling Stones / Glasgow 1973 / 2CD+1Bonus CDR

Rolling Stones / Glasgow 1973 / 2CD+1Bonus CDR /Non Label

Live at Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland 16th & 17th September 1973 .plus Bonus CDR “BILLY PRESTON / GLASGOW APOLLO 1973”


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The Glasgow reappears this week from Europe 73, who we all love. “GLASGOW APOLLO 1973”, released in 2015, received a great deal of attention as the first appearance Odins recording from such a popular & climax tour, and a masterpiece that recorded Sold Out in no time. The excavation of this sound source was also a historical excavation that revealed that the sound source that had been thought to be September 16, 1973 was actually a recording of the next day’s stage.
If it is the sound source of 73, even if it is a vintage audience bare quality, it should have been appreciated by the mania as a record of the peak tour. However, the sound source discovered in 2015 has excellent sound quality. Original sound quality is monaural, so it may sound flat when you listen with headphones. In that respect, it is certain that the sound quality is suddenly impressive for the speaker.
リ リ ー ス At the time of release in 2015, we thoroughly restored the sound source that appeared, and made thorough adjustments centered on the disorder of the pitch. Therefore, for this sound source, the 2015 version is a straight recurrence. Some weak cuts cannot be compensated for as there is no separate sound source. On the other hand, it is not a recording state that can be described as “sound board”, but it is a tight and moderate distance unique to a concert hall different from arenas and stadiums, yet it captures the performance in a well-balanced manner, Excellent level.

だ け Therefore, there are a lot of wonderful moments that breathe plenty of the air of this day and make you scream “Europe 73”. First of all, Mick Taylor’s exquisite play in the interlude of “Gimme Shelter”, a 73 specialty of Europe. Even before it rushes into it, it will make you feel thrilled by starting some phrases in the back of Mick’s song. In the first half of the set, “Tumbling Dice”, where Mick heard a terrible shout every night, was on a great day. By maintaining that good performance, “Angie” sings well with original melodies. And on the “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, Glasgow’s true 16th sound source where Mick fuels the band and shines everywhere like Europe 73.

By the way, this is a relapse, but it is a great opportunity, limited press in the package of a convenient two-pack set of 73 Glasgow two days, which was not likely to be a mere recurrence by coupling the sound source of the next day CD release is realized. It seems that you will understand if you are a mania heard on the second day’s sound source that has been around for a while, the already released board “ GLASGOW 1973 ” and the gift CD-R “ GLASGOW 1973 2ND NIGHT ”, but this is really a vintage audience and a description The taste you want.
は That said, the whole performance is firmly captured and powerful. However, if the song has a tempo after “Happy”, the whole will feel like a dumpling, and in that sense, in the words of the previous release, it can be called “analog boot ticks”. Fortunately, however, there is little chance of picking up the surrounding chatter and clapping throughout. The excitement at “Honky Tonk Women” was rather stunning.
Of course, it cannot be called the quality for everyone like the day before, but it is a fact that it is a level that can be enjoyed by enthusiasts without problems. In addition, many enthusiasts were waiting for the recurrence of “GLASGOW 1973” which was said to be the best in terms of sound quality.

音 Thus, the sound is tightly packed throughout the recording, but the performance of the climax that seems to be Europe 73 is well transmitted here. Especially with regard to Mick’s song, scenes that are more hyper than before the day after day. “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” is a wonderful performance in which his shouting and Mike Taylor’s flowing phrases become trinity. This flow continues in the “Midnight Rambler”, but it is too fierce, such as Mick’s continuous call at the ending. The song was great the day before, but the different look on each stage is what makes Europe 73 the heyday.
And most of all, thanks to the first 73 days Glasgow two-day coupled package, it’s easy and thorough to make that comparison. Starting with Mick, it’s no surprise that the Stones here have been producing mass-produced hyper performances easily every day. 16 days for a good audience and 17 days for a vintage audience. Enjoy the best of Glasgow in Europe 73 with the long-awaited coupling of mania!

みんな大好きヨーロッパ73から、あのグラスゴーの再発が今週実現します。2015年にリリースされた「GLASGOW APOLLO 1973」はそんな大人気&絶頂期ツアーからの初登場オーディンス録音として大きな注目を浴び、あっという間のSold Outを記録した名盤。この音源の発掘によって、それまで1973年9月16日だと思われていた音源が実は翌日のステージを録音したものだったということが判明した歴史的発掘でもありました。

それだけに、この日の空気をたっぷりと吸い込み、なおかつ「さすがはヨーロッパ73」と唸らされるような素晴らしい瞬間がいくつもあります。まず何と言ってもヨーロッパ73名物の「Gimme Shelter」の間奏でミック・テイラー絶品のプレイ。そこに突入する前から、既にミックの歌のバックでいくつかのフレーズを仕掛けてくるところからしてゾクゾクさせてくれます。さらにセット前半、ミックが毎晩凄まじいシャウトを聞かせていた「Tumbling Dice」はこの日も絶好調。その好調ぶりを持続させて「Angie」もしっかりオリジナルメロディで歌い切る。そして「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」でもミックがバンドを煽るなど、ヨーロッパ73らしい名場面が随所で輝きを放つグラスゴー真の16日音源。

ところで今回の再発ですが、せっかくの機会です、翌日の音源もカップリングすることで単なる再発に留まらない、今までありそうでなかった73グラスゴー二日間の便利な二枚組というパッケージでの限定プレスCDリリースが実現します。以前から出回っていた二日目の音源、既発盤「GLASGOW 1973」やギフトCD-R「GLASGOW 1973 2ND NIGHT」で聞かれたマニアならお解りかと思われますが、こちらはいかにもビンテージ・オーディエンスと形容したくなる味わい。
そうは言えど演奏全体はしっかりと捉えてくれているし、迫力もある。ただし「Happy」以降のテンポのある曲になると全体が団子状になってしまう感があり、その点において以前のリリース時の言葉を借りるなら「アナログブート・チック」だと呼べるでしょう。ところが幸いなことに、全体を通して周囲のチャットや手拍子を大きく拾うということがほとんどない。「Honky Tonk Women」での盛り上がりには、むしろグッとくるほど。
もちろん前日のような万人向けクオリティだとは呼べませんが、マニアなら問題なく楽しめるレベルなのも事実。それに何と言っても音質面においてベストだと言われた「GLASGOW 1973」の再発を待っていたマニアも少なくないかと。

このように全体を通して音が詰まり気味な録音状態ではあるのですが、しかしヨーロッパ73らしい絶頂の演奏ぶりはここでもしっかりと伝わってくる。特にミックの歌に関しては前日以上にハイパーな場面が続々と。「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」に至っては彼のシャウトとミック・テイラーの流れる様なフレーズが三位一体となった素晴らしい演奏。この流れは「Midnight Rambler」でも続くのですが、エンディングでミックが連呼する様など、あまりにも壮絶。同曲は前日も素晴らしい出来だったのですが、それぞれのステージで違った表情を見せるのがヨーロッパ73を絶頂期と呼ばせる所以でしょう。

Disc 1(74:09)
Live at Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland 16th September 1973

1. Intro.
2. Brown Sugar
3. Gimme Shelter
4. Happy
5. Tumbling Dice
6. Star Star
7. Dancing With Mr.D.
8. Angie
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
10. Midnight Rambler
11. Honky Tonk Women
12. All Down The Line
13. Rip This Joint
14. Jumping Jack Flash
15. Street Fighting Man
16. Outro.

Disc 2(78:31)
Live at Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland 17th September 1973

1. Intro.
2. Brown Sugar
3. Gimme Shelter
4. Happy
5. Tumbling Dice
6. Star Star
7. Dancing With Mr.D.
8. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo
9. Angie
10. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
11. Midnight Rambler
12. Honky Tonk Women
13. All Down The Line
14. Rip This Joint
15. Jumping Jack Flash
16. Street Fighting Man

Mick Jagger : Vocals Keith Richards : Guitar, Vocals Mick Taylor : Guitar
Bill Wyman : Bass Charlie Watts : Drums

Billy Preston : Keyboards, Vocals Bobby Keys : Saxophone Trevor Lawrence : Saxophone
Jim Price : Trumpet, Trombone Steve Madio : Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Billy Preston / Glasgow Apollo 1973 /1CDR /Non Label
Live at Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland 16th September 1973 PERFECT SOUND


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On September 16, 1973, a live recording of Billy Preston, who played the opening act of the Rolling Stones, was recorded in a high-quality audience recording. This also appeared a few years ago at the same time as the first day of Glasgow, the sound quality is very good as well as the main part of Stones Live, clear and excellent sense of separation. As a recording of this era, you can enjoy Billy’s live filled with grooves with a high quality sound without complaint for about 30 minutes. From beginning to end, the performance of the groove is intense and good, and the audience feels that it is receiving a great deal of attention. Although it is a recording with a great sense of presence, you can enjoy it without any problems because the musical sounds are recorded beautifully. It is a very important recording sound source like the Stones of the main part.


1. Day Tripper
2. The Bus
3. The Bus (reprise)
4. Let It Be/Let’s Go Get Stoned
5. Will It Go Round In Circles
6. That’s The Way God Planned It
7. Outa Space
8. Outa Space (reprise)
9. Higher

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