Rolling Stones / Philadelphia 1975 1st Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Philadelphia 1975 1st Night / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA 29th June 1975

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One of the major arenas used in rock concerts in the 1970s in the United States was the venue called Philadelphia Spectrum. British big groups such as Stones and ZEP liked and used it, and in 1974 King Crimson also had a few arena shows in the history of the band at the same venue. Stones opened a concert at this venue from 1969 to 1975, and in 1972 it became a legendary enthusiast for fans as a result of recording that became the basis of that famous record “PHILADELPHIA SPECIAL”. Strange to say, however, there is a dilemma that the audience’s high-quality sound source does not circle much at this venue.
It is ZEP that is more prominent than Stones, and it was not fortunate to have a good quality sound source, and there was even a show where no recording was discovered as in 1970. On that point Stones has existed sound sources since 1969, but this is also blessed with sound quality. Recently the audience recording was discovered in 72 years. In 1975 ‘s “TOUR OF AMERICAS”, Stones was conducting the performance twice in the spectrum, and audiences recording existed for both shows for some time.
However, since there was a problem with the sound quality and the recording condition, the situation where the item was not yet released was continued. In the meantime, it was a show on June 29th on the first day that I was surprisingly easy to hear. However, there was a problem with this sound source, and the equalization which suppressed the noise first at the stage where it circulated was strengthened. In some songs the trouble of the left channel being broken also occurred. Besides, there is a problem that the last part of “You Can not Always Get What You Want” and the second part of “Rip This Joint” will fall out.
The more I mention these drawbacks, the sound source that can not be denied is the feeling such as embarrassment that has not been released so far, but the sound image itself of the performance is caught unexpectedly close, if you are a maniac, enjoy it unexpectedly It is also a fact that it is a level that it is. So I will overhaul this time to promote to the condition suitable for the first press CD. First of all, due to the equalization which was applied at the time of distribution of the sound source, it corrected the treble condition of the treble which was as texture as if it was a boot leg 10 years ago. Another problem, left channel breaks, is solved by thorough monauralization. And also extremely unstable disturbance of the pitch which could be said as a blow at the end of listening thoroughly. If it is a mania who has an original sound source that was circulating among traders alone, it may not be forbidden to be surprised that it changed to an amazingly easy-to-hear upper version. We are also correcting thoroughly the sound quality problems that were also found in other places.

It is the first day of Philadelphia in 1975 when I was born again, but this is really interesting. The Philadelphia Spectrum in 75 years is done after Madison Square Garden continuous performance. Listening to “All Down The Line” or “If You Can not Rock Me – Get Off Of My Cloud”, Mick ‘s tired appearance singing at the next show just by placing off for only one day from MSG continuous performances Is transmitted. As I mentioned earlier, it is surprisingly close to the sound image and it is caught in a state in which his voice has reverberated a lot, so it seems that the tiredness is unnecessarily obscured. However, from the whole tour it is only when the first half of the game has ended, and Mick is getting tired but it seems that he is getting tensioned. Is not this a place like the first half of the tour?
Of course I would have borrowed the power of dragging. Listening throughout the show, it is also a sound source that recorded the appearance of such Mick’s up / down. First of all, slow and key low ‘You Gotta Move’ regained its condition, Keith’s ‘Happy’ was in a hot day Mick let me hear something nice like “Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo” and “Wild Horses” I will. The good condition in the middle of this show is clear, he will celebrate the peak of this day with “Midnight Rambler”. The performance is explosion, Mick is a series of bizarre voices, so wildness seems to be exactly 75 years. It is much better than the same song by MSG whose performance tension has been dropped on some days.

However, it seems that the momentum has gone out, Mick seems to suffer really when it comes to subsequent songs. Here I go down and go down. Still it is really amazing because I could sing it until the end. Contrary to Mick who had such unevenness, it is Ronnie to consistently and consistently play guitar play. Especially favorable appearance is playing lead very carefully, such as “You Can not Always Get What You Want” and ballad “Wild Horses” etc.
Even if the tired Mick is bad, the whole performance of the band is uphill and I can see that Mick succeeded as hard as it can be put on it The Philadelphia first day in 1975. Maniac who had been shy away from the problems of the sound sources listed above is also a limited press CD release in a state that you can listen with peace of mind and it has been reborn into a state that is truly easy to hear. The missing ring release of the 1975 tour that started last year at Atlanta, the hole will be filled again this time!

1970年代のアメリカにおけるロックコンサートで使われた主要アリーナの一つにフィラデルフィアのスペクトラムという会場がありました。ここはストーンズやZEPといったイギリスの大物グループが好んで使用し、1974年にはキング・クリムゾンも同会場でバンド史上における数少ないアリーナ・ショーを開いていた程でした。ストーンズは1969年から75年にかけてこの会場でコンサートを開いており、中でも1972年はあの名盤「PHILADELPHIA SPECIAL」の元になる収録が行われたことでファンにとっては伝説的な存在となりました。ところが不思議なことに、この会場はオーディエンスの良質な音源があまり出回らないというジレンマがあるのです。
それがストーンズ以上に顕著なのがZEPで、なかなか良質な音源に恵まれない上、1970年のように録音が発掘されないショーまであったのです。その点ストーンズは1969年から音源こそ存在していますが、これがまた音質に恵まれない。72年に至っては最近になってオーディエンス録音が発掘されたほど。1975年の「TOUR OF AMERICAS」でもストーンズはスペクトラムで都合二回の公演を行っており、どちらのショーに関してもオーディエンス録音が以前から存在していました。
ところがそれらの音質や録音状態に問題があったことから、未だにアイテムがリリースされない状況が続いていたのです。そうした中で意外なほど聞きやすい状態だったのが初日6月29日のショー。ただし、この音源にも問題があって、まず流通した段階でノイズを抑えたイコライズが強めに施されていたのです。いくつかの曲では左チャンネルが途切れるというトラブルも発生。おまけに「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」の終盤と「Rip This Joint」の二番がごっそり抜け落ちるという問題まである。

そうして生まれ変わった1975年のフィラデルフィア初日ですが、これが実に面白い。75年のフィラデルフィア・スペクトラムはマディソン・スクエア・ガーデン連続公演の後で行われています。「All Down The Line」や「If You Can’t Rock Me-Get Off Of My Cloud」を聞くと、MSG連続公演からわずか一日のオフを置いただけで次のショーで歌うミックの疲れ気味な様子が伝わってくる。先にも申しましたように、意外なほど音像が近い上、なおかつ彼の声が大きく響き渡った状態で捉えられているものだから、余計にお疲れ気味な様子が見え隠れしている。ところがツアー全体からするとまだ前半戦が終わった段階でしかなく、ミックは疲れていながらもテンションを下げまいと張り切っている様子も伝わってきます。この辺りがツアー前半らしいところではないでしょうか。
もちろんドラッグの力も借りていたのでしょう。ショー全体を通して聞くと、そんなミックのアップダウンの様子が記録された音源でもある。まずはスローでキーの低い「You Gotta Move」で調子を取り戻し、キースの「Happy」が気休めとなったのかミックは「Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo」や「Wild Horses」でいい感じの歌を聞かせてくれます。このショーの中盤における調子の良さは明らかで、彼は「Midnight Rambler」でこの日の頂点を迎えます。演奏は爆裂、ミックは奇声を連発といった具合で正に75年らしいワイルドさが全開。日によっては演奏のテンションが落ちていたMSGの同曲よりもずっと素晴らしい。

しかし無理がたたってしまったのでしょう、以降の曲になるとミックが本当に苦しそう。ここでは調子がドスンと落ちます。それでも最後まで歌い遂げてみせたのだから本当に凄い。そんなムラのあったミックとは対照的に、一貫して安定したギター・プレイを聞かせるのがロニー。特に見せ場となる「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」やバラードの「Wild Horses」などで非常に丁寧にリードを弾いている姿が好感を持てます。


Disc 1 (71:33)
1. Intro. 2. Honky Tonk Women 3. All Down The Line 4. If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud
5. Star Star 6. Gimme Shelter 7. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg 8. You Gotta Move
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 10. Happy 11. Tumbling Dice 12. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
13. Band Introductions 14. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Disc 2 (59:39)
1. Fingerprint File 2. Angie 3. Wild Horses 4. That’s Life 5. Outa Space 6. Brown Sugar
7. Midnight Rambler 8. Rip This Joint 9. Street Fighting Man 10. Jumping Jack Flash

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