Led Zeppelin / Copenhagen 1970 / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Copenhagen 1970 / 2CD / Non Label
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K. B. Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark 28th February 1970.

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This week’s ZEP release has a source of mania frenzy capturing the hyper performance from 1970 to 71. Its top batter is Copenhagen on February 28, 1970. Yes, in ZEP’s live history, a legendary live performed by the name of another group name only. The beginning of the thing is the descendant of Ferdinand von Zeppelin who made practical use of the German airship made before the war, Eva von Zeppelin is a group named Red Led Zeppelin is a borrowed loan of the historic Zeppelin family, even in Copenhagen If you appeal Zeppelin was to notify the complaint before the concert.
Certainly ZEP’s first album Jake photoshoot was an explosive Hindenburg and ZEP = Airship advertisement image is also made. More than that, it seems that such a phrase has gone through by the rise of ZEP who became extremely popular in 1970. Every time in the world, there is a creamer in any world. Moreover, the relationship “descendants” is also subtle. In short, it was not a question of trademark registration level, but it seems that you did not like having the same name used by the band that began to receive attention.
For this nuisance complaint, the result of consulting with the promoter Claude Nobs for smooth execution of the Copenhagen performance for the time being is to use another group name only on this day. So I came up with “The Nobs” which took the name of Knobs. In addition, after a week, he is also refraining from live at his home base Montreux (familiar with sound board recording and superb audience). So we decided to name the band called “The Nobs” in conjunction with humor.
In the case of
It is a knobs concert in Copenhagen, but if you open the lid it will be a full power performance of ZEP for 70 years. Besides, it is famous for maniacs that there is an excellent audience recording of freshness. The sound image of the performance and the realistic feeling are also quite balanced, and among the sound sources that captured the European tour from February to March, it can be said that it is an excellent audience recording of sound quality next to the previous Montreux.
Although the two songs of the early stage of the show, “We’re Gonna Groove” and “I Can not Quit You Baby” are not included in the magazine, it is from the “Dazed And Confused” that is the only Ultra ZEP performance burst. Especially when it comes to the Scream voice of the plant, it is truly amazing.
The interesting thing is that the audience is not excited at all, keeping this solemn performance forward. The change with the excitement after this is too extreme, but from the sound source, the people of Copenhagen may not have liked the long “Dazed And ~” performance. It is a famous scene that mania is familiar with the fact that the plant is talking to the audience “How are you all?” After this song is over, but it is not a mistake even if it is said to be whitish at this time.
However, the fierce excitement that changed with the next “Heartbreaker” was changed. It is obvious what the people of Copenhagen wanted from ZEP. Still it is easy to understand that the Danish language flies around the tapers whether it got bored when becoming “White Summer”. As you can imagine, as you can imagine, it can be said that it was a stage in a pretty away situation, but still “So far I have been recorded not even released,” Since I’ve Been Loving You “the best ZEP blues is heard I will.

And from “How Many More Times” it is a tremendous explosion performance. Since it is time when “Whole Lotta Love” was still playing straight this time, medley development is “How Many ~” thing. Before these spectacular performances, Copenhagen’s audience is a big enthusiasm (as far as a scene you do not understand somewhat). There was something that felt as a ZEP in this excitement, including the plant, and in the encore, rock’n’roll cover which will be the month since the time of Royal Albert Hall one month ago will appear in luxury. At the same time this was a wonderful scene, as if it appeared as an appreciation of Copenhagen ‘s audience raised from ZEP.
As mentioned earlier, the Nobus concert, which some items have been released in the past as well. This time, of course, recording from the version based on the master tape (Recording is a person Michael Morar) circulated in recent years, of course, it probably had overlooked all the items of the past, throughout the unstable pace We thoroughly reviewed the misadjustment of the pitch which was going down, and additionally thoroughly adjusted (“Dazed And ~” 1:01 entering at 1:01 also removed noise etc.). It evolved from a gift version that had already gained popularity to a further upper state and it will be released on the limited press CD as the best version on which the listening stress has been wiped out!


ショー序盤の二曲、「We’re Gonna Groove」と「I Can’t Quit You Baby」が収録されていないのが玉に瑕ではあるものの、「Dazed And Confused」からしてこの時期ならではのウルトラZEPパフォーマンスが炸裂。特にプラントのスクリーム・ボイスときたら、本当に凄まじい。
面白いのは、これだけ壮絶な演奏を前にしておいて、オーディエンスがちっとも盛り上がっていない事。この後の盛り上がりとの変化があまりにも極端なのですが、音源から察するに、コペンハーゲンの人たちは演奏が長い「Dazed And~」を好まなかったのかもしれません。この曲が終わった後でプラントがオーディエンスに「元気かい?」と何度も語り掛けているのもマニアには有名な場面ですが、この時点では白けていると例えても間違いではない臨場感。
しかし、次の「Heartbreaker」で打って変わったような激しい盛り上がり。やはりコペンハーゲンの人たちがZEPに何を求めていたのかは明白でしょう。それでもなお「White Summer」になると退屈してきたのか、テーパーの周りでデンマーク語が飛び交うのが解りやすい。このことからも察せられるように、かなりアウェイな状況でのステージだったことが伺えますが、それでもリリースどころか録音すらされていなかった「Since I’ve Been Loving You」では極上のZEPブルースが聴かれます。

そして「How Many More Times」からは凄まじいまでの爆裂演奏。まだこの時期は「Whole Lotta Love」がストレートに演奏されていた時期ですので、メドレー展開は「How Many~」のもの。これらの壮絶な演奏を前に、コペンハーゲンのオーディエンスは大熱狂(盛り上がりすぎて何だかよく解らない場面まであるほど)。プラントを始めとして、この盛り上がりにはZEPとしても感じ入るものがあったのでしょう、アンコールでは一か月前のロイヤル・アルバート・ホールの時以来となるロックンロール・カバーが豪勢に登場します。これがまた素晴らしい同時に、ZEPから盛り上がったコペンハーゲンのオーディエンスに対する感謝の現れであるかのように映る場面でした。
先にも申しましたように、過去にもいくつかのアイテムがリリースされてきたザ・ノブス・コンサート。今回は近年流通するマスター・テープ(録音はミカエル・モラーなる人物)を元にしたバージョンからの収録はもちろんですが、おそらくは過去のアイテムがすべて見落としていたであろう、全体を通して不安定なペースで下がっていたピッチの狂いを徹底的に見直し、おまけに徹底したアジャスト(「Dazed And~」の1:01で入るノイズなども削除)を施したことです。既に好評を博していたギフト・バージョンからさらなるアッパーな状態へと進化し、リスニング上のストレスが一掃されたベスト・バージョンとして限定のプレスCDにてリリースされます!

Disc 1 (69:09)
1. Dazed and Confused 2. Heartbreaker 3. White Summer / Black Mountain Side
4. Since I’ve Been Loving You 5. Organ Solo / Thank You 6. Moby Dick

Disc 2 (57:10)
1. How Many More Times 2. Whole Lotta Love 3. Communication Breakdown 4. C’mon Everybody
5. Something Else 6. Bring It On Home 7. Long Tall Sally

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