Rolling Stones / La Plata 2016 1st Night Matrix / 2CDR

Rolling Stones / La Plata 2016 1st Night Matrix / 2CDR / Non Label

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Estadio de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina 7th February 2016


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In the second day of “AMERICA LATINA OLE TOUR 2016”, it was also a “Estadio Ciudad de La Plata” 3 first of consecutive performances, “February 7, 2016 Argentina performance”. The latest matrix album is a gift release decision. This live, although only just bestowed great popularity even press 2CD “LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT” is also the other day, the master is also the same recording that became the base of this work. There, it a live album overseas mania was shown matrix a different audience recording.
It is at once essential of matrix effects, but this is downright amazing. While there is “LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT” is a little sense of distance, is why the sound was recorded on in the clear was the reason for the popular, but its beauty is intact this work, three-dimensional space that spreads Gugutsu feeling is being applied. Its power is apparent from “Start Me Up” at the beginning. More hugely, likely to remember the dizziness is the sense of scale of the venue that has become vast. Seemingly endless great cheer up beyond the horizon, large chorus, such as around round and round crowded enclosed around the head. Not only musical tone ……… left and right of the Stones come jump so breaks new ground in that, the stage and the arena, and I three-dimensional feeling like feel to the difference in height of the stand seat. Direct sound of “LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT” is not great even listening now, but enough to feel a little flat and would compare the sound precisely because direct.
In, say, “Do press album is no longer needed?”, Not rough to be. “LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT” is by mastering the sound source that appeared to the net, it was also the one raised with a jerk clear of. This work, since the matrix without going through such a process, not extend to the “LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT” in clear of the Son and of the musical tone. This time, vivid enough emerging resembled master became the matrix opponent nuance, there is a quality of recording (That’s why there is no sense of discomfort) How can, be “at once” LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT “beyond!” There was no or else.
In, “matrix is ​​meaningless?” And say, it is not still the case. Stereoscopic effect I mentioned earlier is there is hardly attractive place to another, to actually experience can be as possible Immerse yourself in hardly difficult “South America Nori”. Of course, this work is also subjected to a re-master, but we are still “LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT” …… do you say that does not reach up to the range of, if an attempt highlights the clear is, the charm of this work It is impaired. This work if is to listen as firmly axis playing like body and soul also wrapped in “LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT”, field sense. It sounds that has been beautifully segregated.

Venue and is a brilliant hot South America Nori huge “AMERICA LATINA OLE TOUR 2016”. Its beauty and the sense of scale is the experience the album was pulled up with a jerk in the matrix. Ie It was press 2CD “LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT” is also a great live album …, precisely because great, another charm the recording had been hidden, was able to pull out the other possibilities. Taste of colorfully shining audience recording as kaleidoscope, fun. Masterpiece make me re-check it. By all means, please try this opportunity.

“AMERICA LATINA OLE TOUR 2016”の2日目にして、“エスタディオ・シウダ・デ・ラ・プラタ”3連続公演の初回でもあった「2016年2月7日アルゼンチン公演」。その最新マトリクス・アルバムがギフトリリース決定です。このライヴは、先日もプレス2CD「LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT」でも大好評を賜ったばかりですが、本作のベースとなったマスターも同じ録音。そこに、海外のマニアが別のオーディエンス録音をマトリクスさせたライヴアルバムなのです。
さっそく肝心のマトリクス効果ですが、これがなんとも素晴らしい。「LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT」はやや距離感がありながらも、クリアでオンに録られたサウンドが好評の理由だったわけですが、本作はその美点はそのままに、ググッと広がる立体的な空間感覚が加わっている。その威力は冒頭の「Start Me Up」からして明らか。一層巨大に、広大になった会場のスケール感には目眩を覚えそう。地平の彼方まで果てしなく広がる大歓声、頭の周りを囲み込んでグルグルとまわるような大合唱。その中を突っ切るように飛び込んでくるストーンズの楽音………左右だけでなく、ステージとアリーナ、そしてスタンド席の高低差まで感じられるような立体感なのです。「LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT」のダイレクトなサウンドは今聴いても素晴らしいものですが、ダイレクトだからこそ聴き比べてしまうとやや平坦にも感じてしまうほどです。
では、「プレス・アルバムはもう不要か?」というと、さにあらず。「LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT」はネットに登場した音源をマスタリングすることで、クリアさをグッと引き上げた1本でもあった。本作は、そうした過程を経ずにマトリクスしているので、こと楽音のクリアさでは「LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT」に及ばない。今回、新たに登場してマトリクス相手となったマスターも似たニュアンス、クオリティの録音ではある(だからこそ違和感がまったくない)のですが、「一気に『LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT』超え!」となるほどのビビッドさもありませんでした。
では、「マトリクスは無意味?」というと、やはりそうではない。先ほども述べた立体感は他に代え難い魅力があり、実際に体験するのは到底困難な“南米ノリ”に身を浸しきることができる。もちろん、本作もリマスターを施しはしましたが、やはり「LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT」の域にまでは達しない……と言いますか、クリアさを際立たせようとすると、本作の魅力が損なわれてしまう。演奏をしっかりと軸として聴くには「LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT」、現場感覚に身も心も包まれたいなら本作。見事に棲み分けされたサウンドなのです。

巨大な会場と熱い南米ノリが鮮烈な“AMERICA LATINA OLE TOUR 2016”。その美点とスケール感をマトリクスでグイッと引き上げた体験アルバムです。プレス2CD「LA PLATA 2016 1ST NIGHT」も素晴らしいライヴアルバムでしたが……いえ、素晴らしいからこそ、録音が秘めていた別の魅力、他の可能性を引き出すことができた。万華鏡のように多彩に輝くオーディエンス録音の旨み、面白さ。それを再確認させてくれる傑作。ぜひ、この機会にお試しください。

Disc 1(70:01)
1. Intro. 2. Start Me Up 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Tumbling Dice 5. Out Of Control
6. Street Fighting Man 7. Anybody Seen My Baby? 8. Wild Horses 9. Paint It Black
10. Honky Tonk Women 11. Band Introductions 12. Can’t Be Seen 13. Happy

Disc 2(78:25)
1. Midnight Rambler 2. Miss You 3. Gimme Shelter 4. Brown Sugar 5. Sympathy for the Devil
6. Jumping Jack Flash 7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with Grupo De Canto Coral)
8. Satisfaction

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