Beatles / Live From The Sam Houston Coliseum 1965 / 2CD+1DVD

Beatles / Live From The Sam Houston Coliseum 1965 / 2CD+1DVD / Misterclaudel

Translated Text:
Sam Houston Coliseum Texas USA, August 19, 1965. Digitally Remastered


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Yore is overwhelmingly small wax Gené source use
Listen naturally without level is uniform stress
Incorporating the first appearance video abundantly 1965 US tour footage

It is the latest installment of Live Chronicle series of mania must-M Claudel. Previous Although Sam Houston performances from the series have been released, then, newly obtained a low generator source, because the difference was too obvious, it became the re-release here. The M Claudel label becomes the third time of the release, but each was of its outstanding best at the time of release, it will be even larger upgrade here. Will not bother to recurrence is about a slight upgrade, because it is a much significant difference, I think this is by all means, I would like you to actually listen.

1965 US tour, the Beatles were breaking in the previous year, further gain experience, movies can be, it released a new album, said to be a heyday that has been growing more popular. Since the popular next in 1966 was said to downturn, might be exactly what it can be said that the Beatles popular peak this 1965 in the United States. Such as during the tour to face the Elvis, was a tour memorable even for the Beatles themselves – not only fan.

Since the 1964 US tour has been carried out in the overcrowded schedule in too hard, such as the US tour is day and night two shows in a large venue of this year, reducing the schedule as much as possible, yet was organized schedule that can mobilize large numbers. Such as share Stadium concert in New York would be the symbol. The impression was small ones that contrary to intentionally only 16 performances. Share Stadium on August 15th in the Hollywood Bowl concert 29 August, 30 days, and such as August 18 Atlanta is famous performances that has been left as a sound source. And August 19 Houston performances day and night two shows have been performed also, it can be said that is famous performances that have been familiar to Beatles-mania for a long time.

[SAM HOUSTON COLISEUM day and night two shows] August 19, Sam Houston concert 1965 local radio station KILT has recorded the day and night, which is rare performances that two shows have been left in great sound board sound source. However Beatles the person who seems to have not been informed of the fact you are recording, which is probably as the radio station had been especially recorded for the time being without purpose. Images of Houston day of the performance are left many, some color photograph as used in this jacket. Looking at such a rich day photo, with respect to the front three of the guitar and bass are direct in-line feed to recording PA than amplifier (not confirmed microphone for amplifier before the voice recording on stage photo) as in, this is compared the sound quality of the performances and other performances live recordings of the same period, it has become a factor that gives fresh impression in clear to the listener.

Generally, this Sam Houston concert is the merit of the sound quality was said to be poor despite playing. However, it is because Sundehatsuban was entirely pitch is slow, one of the causes that had become totally tiring impression. Especially yellow dog “Ultimate Live Collection” is extremely slow pitch, It was very Kikizuraka’ has been down from semitone near actual performance with respect to daytime parts, also if also not heard in the headphones noon parts also of night part while I do not know level, 20 from like a 30-second intervals to converter of error Dejinoizu has riding I Putsupputsu’, I did not say that the recorded to maximize the appeal of this show with poppy. To this yellow dog board had been widespread, this performance is likely to than had been underestimated. In fact listen at the exact pitch and noiseless in this work, certainly but it is a slightly rough John’s voice, so much difference of tension is the official recording of the ’65 Hollywood Bowl 2 performances that stood on the stage to be aware not to be known.

I think the direction of mania is that it already have a title that was recorded a number of Sam Houston performances, tape that became the original would be you know that the twist in the aging are frequent. Like so-called tape is “seaweed state”, would you remember that the Re sound yore had been frequent. Of course, in this work, but some of the some such twisted, but is of little to each stage. In other words, than that of the tape that is the source state is used for already issued Release is the is quite state is good stages are used. Bruise condition of the tape in its outstanding board were not of the pupil can level restore. Mania will be was listening in decades as the source of this damaged state. I think that can be seen if you listen to this work, to not be up to this generation and is not young, it is no doubt a sound source from the clearly different route. I do not know with the benefit of hindsight, such as detailed generation, but clearly become a little different twist is until now. The main reason for this performance is relapse is here.

Furthermore, as one of the features of this work is that the level is uniform. If you have a pre-departure board, in cheers between the song and songs, will remember though that the PA was felt rippling, such as has been intentionally raise or lower the level. In terms of specific locations, after “She’s A Woman” in the night of the Department, after the interlude before and performers of “everyone a good daughter,” “Can not Buy Me Love” is to have dented only interlude, the “boyfriend the level at will want to “be in the song changes,” a Hard Day’s Night “is also level is violently up and down during the song, such as the MC part of the previous performance of” Help! “was supposed to already rattled. This film has no imbalances such levels, are unified at a uniform level throughout. This also will be able to be said a major feature not in its outstanding board.

[DVD] The M Claudel label have already issued titles that sound and video in 1965 US tour called “NORTH AMERICAN TOUR 1965 [2CD + 2DVD]” is now set. DVD of this work has been recorded the first appearance in the video subsequently excavated in 1965 US tour. Perhaps just by looking at the menu screen, will be surprised that the video have not seen until now many appear. Of August 17, Toronto concert debut video and of “Help!”, A color image of the Cow Palace, which is the final performance is high is quite Moe point in the high image quality that does not seem to 8 mm. In Portland performances sound source has been excavated recently can be confirmed by the figure you’re playing in the same costume and share Stadium. Hollywood Bowl performances in the first appearance image that is taken from fairly close in color, still surprised and whether there has been such a video. And sound source has also been recording a color image of Sam Houston performances that are included in this volume. Other, the first appearance of the video valuable Beatles, be limited in 1965, it can not help surprised that in this way are numerous excavation.

This work, 1965 US tour, complete recording of the day and night 2 performance than first appearance wax Gené source of another route the August 19, Sam Houston concert in 1965. In particular, part of the night is also playing the undercard complete recording. The sound quality difference is evident, tape of yore is much less, also it can be said that the level is also a uniform Ketteiban. And DVD has become lots of tips but video work the first appearance image of 1965, including a color image of Sam Houston performances. Since they are in the surprise of the sound source and the video for the mania, and I would like you to watch all means expect. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.






一般的にこのサム・ヒューストン公演はその音質の良さとは裏腹に演奏がよくないと言われていた。しかし、それは既発盤がことごとくピッチが遅かったため、全体的にかったるい印象になっていたのが原因のひとつ。特にイエロードッグ『Ultimate Live Collection』は極端にピッチが遅く、昼の部に関しては半音近く実際の演奏よりダウンしており大変聞き辛かったし、また昼の部も夜の部もヘッドフォンで聞かないと分からないレベルながら、20から30秒おきにコンバーターのエラーみたいなデジノイズがプツップツッって乗っており、けしてこの公演の魅力を最大限に収録しているとは言えなかった。このイエロードッグ盤が広く浸透していたために、本公演が過小評価されていたのではと思われる。実際に本作で正確なピッチとノイズレスで聴くと、確かにジョンの声が荒れ気味ではあるものの、オフィシャル・レコーディングを意識してステージに立っていた65年ハリウッドボウル2公演とさほどテンションの違いはないのがわかる。


さらに本作の特長のひとつとして、レベルが均一であるという点である。既発盤をお持ちの方は、曲中や曲間の歓声で、まるでPAがレベルを意図的に上げ下げしているような波打つ感じであったことを覚えているであろう。具体的な箇所で言うと、夜の部の「She’s A Woman」の後、「みんないい娘」の間奏手前や演奏後、「Can’t Buy Me Love」は間奏だけへこんでいたし、「彼氏になりたい」も曲中でレベルが変わり、「A Hard Day’s Night」も曲中でレベルが激しく上下、「Help!」の演奏前のMC部分などはもうガタガタになっていた。本作は、そのようなレベルの不均衡がなく、通して均一のレベルで統一されている。これもまた既発盤にない大きな特長といえるだろう。

Mクローデル・レーベルには『NORTH AMERICAN TOUR 1965 【2CD+2DVD】』という1965年全米ツアーの音源と映像がセットになった既発タイトルがある。本作のDVDはその後に発掘された1965年USツアーにおける初登場映像を収録している。おそらくメニュー画面を見ただけで、今まで見たことがない映像が多く登場することに驚くであろう。8月17日トロント公演の「Help!」の初登場映像や、最終公演であるカウ・パレスのカラー映像は8ミリとは思えない高画質でかなり萌えポイントが高い。最近になって音源が発掘されたポートランド公演ではシェア・スタジアムと同じ衣装で演奏している姿がで確認できる。ハリウッドボウル公演はカラーでかなり近い位置から撮影している初登場映像で、まだこのような映像があったのかと驚かされる。そして本編で音源が収録されているサム・ヒューストン公演のカラー映像も収録されている。その他、貴重なビートルズの初登場映像が、1965年に限定しても、このように数多く発掘されていることに驚きを禁じ得ない。


DISC ONE – Opening Acts
01. Introduction

02. It’s Not Unusual – Can’t Buy Me Love – I’m Telling You Now – A Hard Day’s Night

03. Soul Twist 04. Shot Gun
05. What’d I Say

06. Out Of Sight
07. Nau Ninny Nau
08. Mickey’s Monkey
09. The Way You Do The Things You Do
10. Land Of 1000 Dances

11. Shake – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
12. Put Your Head On My Shoulder
13. I Can’t Help Myself

14. Sound Like Movin’
15. Fingertips
16. The William Tell Overture
17. In The Hall Of The Mountain King

DISC TWO – Main Act
01. Introduction
02. Twist And Shout
03. She’s A Woman
04. I Feel Fine
05. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
06. Ticket To Ride
07. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby
08. Can’t Buy Me Love
09. Baby’s In Black
10. I Wanna Be Your Man
11. A Hard Day’s Night
12. Help
13. I’m Down

14. Introduction
15. Twist And Shout
16. She’s A Woman
17. I Feel Fine
18. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
19. Ticket To Ride
20. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby
21. Can’t Buy Me Love
22.Baby’s In Black
23. I Wanna Be Your Man
24. A Hard Day’s Night
25. Help
26. I’m Down

Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto August 17, 1965
01. Movie #1
02. Movie #2

Sam Houston Coliseum Houston TX August 19, 1965
01. Movie #1
02. Movie #2

White Sox Park Chicago IL August 20, 1965
01. Movie #1

Memrial Stadium Portland August 22, 1965
01. Movie #1

Balboa Stadium San Diego August 28, 1965
01. Movie #1

Hollowood Bowl Los Angeles CA August 29, 1965
01. Movie #1

Hollowood Bowl Los Angeles CA August 30, 1965
01. Movie #1
02. Movie #2

Cow Palace San Francisco CA August 31, 1965 afternoon show
01. Movie #1

Cow Palace San Francisco CA August 31, 1965 evening show
01. #1
02. #2
03. #3

01. Raw Footage I
02. Paul McCartney To Play Petco Park
03. Press Conference
04. In Houston Documentary
05. Chicago Raw Footage II
Misterclaudel. MCCD-548/549/550

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