Rolling Stones / Brisbane 2003 1st Night / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Brisbane 2003 1st Night / 2CD  / Non Label
Live at Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia 4th March 2003

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The Australia tour, which took place just before the performance in 2003 in 2003, took place from the end of February to the beginning of March, and it was a time when it was a pre-eminence battle to Japan. On the first day of February 18th, Sydney, the Enmore theater on February 18th, the beginnings of “Midnight Rambler”, the opening of which was on Stones’ live history, had a big topic and so many items were released in real time It was. Speaking of Australia in 2003, there are mostly maniacs who remember this day. In this period, items are mainly released in the February release, and there are no items regarding the end of the tour that took place in March. It is because it was blessed with the sound quality of audience recording which recorded the stage of March one time.
Speaking of Australia, there was a dilemma that high-quality sound sources did not spread among any artists until around this era. At one time, there was a sound source of each performance, but none of them were levels that could be released as items. Recently, however, a new audience recording of the Brisbane performance on March 4 has appeared. The audience recording of the sound image was already circulating among traders on this day, but the sound source which appeared new this time is the sound quality is quite a while while recording the audience with nostalgic MD. It is a level that is easier to hear than at least past sound sources.
However, there is still a sense of distance in the overall sound image, and for that reason it is somewhat for maniacs. Conversely, it is a level that you can enjoy very well if you are a maniac, and if you equalize it, you can go to the press CD release adequately. Thanks to a slightly distancey sound image, so-called “hall ringing” phenomenon, which makes Charlie’s drum echo “don” is seen everywhere, so relaxing it for this release . Fortunately, while recording in 2003, which tended to fall into Don Shari something, something “Don”, although there is no “Shari” sound quality, I have evolved into a more audible state by this equalization.
Originally “Shari” is not, Warmy and ear-friendly texture is also a big appeal of this sound source. Moreover, since the annoyance of the drum sounds with Donkska is suppressed, the “Hall ringing” is felt like “Hall echo”, and it seems rather comfortable to listen with headphones . Unfortunately it will be a sound image that is covered with a veil only for B stage songs, but that is reminiscent of the level of the previous 2003 Australian sound source. Still, it is an advantage that there are no crowds who make noise around us throughout the show.

It is a translation that will definitely be a release that can not be missed if it is a mania just to say that it is the first CD performance from the Australian tour in 2003 just before the performance in Japan, but the content of the performance is amazing again. Originally the “LICKS” tour was a time when we brought up a topic in a wide selection of songs in the past, as it minimized new songs. As was the case with the Enemore Theater mentioned earlier, Stones in Australia in 2003 has no choice but to open the opening, and this day it is opening from “Street Fighting Man”. Still the entire set list is also very free selection. The composition which studied the songs which the current Stones live in the latter half of the live music throughout the set is fresh.
It is also a point to hear the wonderful performances of “If You Can not Rock Me” that did not come true in Japan. It is full of momentum that makes it reminiscent of 1975. Unlike that time it was a great appeal of the “LICKS” tour version that made the remake of the studio take by the development that the base solo of Daryl Jones explodes with interlude.
But what is wonderful to say is the height of the tension that Mick makes to hear with the song. Even though he was still younger than he was, he could still call this intense singing as top condition in the “LICKS” tour. I’m flying away from the area of ​​”Start Me Up” with a shield of crispness and calling it “Sympathy For The Devil”. His shout heard here is really terrible. Please enjoy the exquisite Mick.
In contrast to Hyper Mick like that, Keith is my own pace and makes me laugh at her own “Slipping Away” intro. C’mon, it was a scene that I wanted to thrust with the reverse order to hold down the neck …. Before the legendary Budokan in front of you, the first appearance sound source of maniac attention that captured the night when a great performance is heard, including Mick who is moving in Australia. It is frustrating to hear it just a bit far from here, but it seems that Mick screams at the ending of “Gimme Shelter” too. Unlike the Enmore theater in the same year in Australia in the same year, please fully enjoy the wonderfulness of the March show which was wrapped in veil!

★ First appearance audience recording net sound source. Although it is MD recording, sound quality is good.

2003年の来日公演の直前に行われたオーストラリア・ツアーは2月下旬から3月の初旬にかけて行われており、正に来日の前哨戦となった時期。その初日となった2月18日のシドニー、エンモア・シアターはオープニングがストーンズのライブ史上となった「Midnight Rambler」での幕開けが大きな話題を呼んだことからリアルタイムでいくつものアイテムがリリースされていました。2003年のオーストラリアと言えばこの日を思い出すマニアが大半ではないかと。この時期はそもそもアイテムのリリースが2月のレグに集中しており、3月に行われたツアー終盤に関してはアイテムが皆無。それは一重に3月のステージを収録したオーディエンス録音の音質に恵まれなかったからなのです。

こうして来日公演直前の2003年オーストラリア・ツアーからの初CD公演というだけでもマニアならば絶対に見逃せないリリースとなる訳ですが、演奏内容がまた凄い。元々「LICKS」ツアーは新曲を最小限にとどめた分、過去の楽曲の幅広い選曲で話題を呼んだ時期。なおかつ先に挙げたエンモア・シアターがそうだったように、2003年オーストラリアでのストーンズはオープニングの選曲が自由で、この日は「Street Fighting Man」から幕を開けています。それでいてセットリスト全体がまた非常に自由なセレクション。今のストーンズがライブの後半で演奏する曲をセット全体に散りばめた構成が新鮮。
また日本での披露が叶わなかった「If You Can’t Rock Me」の素晴らしい演奏が聞かれるのもポイント。まるで1975年を彷彿とさせるような勢いに溢れているのです。その時と違って間奏でダリル・ジョーンズのベース・ソロが炸裂する展開によってスタジオ・テイクを彷彿とさせてくれたのも「LICKS」ツアー・バージョンの大きな魅力でした。
しかし何と言っても特筆すべきは、ミックが歌で聞かせる凄まじいまでのテンションの高さ。今の彼よりもまだまだ若かったとはいえ、それでもこの激しい歌いっぷりは「LICKS」ツアーの中でもトップ・コンディションと呼べるのではないか。「Start Me Up」辺りからキレキレのシャウトで飛ばしまくっており、その頂点と呼べるのが「Sympathy For The Devil」。ここで聞かれる彼のシャウトは本当に凄すぎる。正に絶好調のミックを堪能してください。
そんなハイパー・ミックとは裏腹にキースはマイペースで、自身の「Slipping Away」のイントロで笑わせてくれる。おいおい、ネックを押さえる順番が逆だろう…と突っ込みたくなる場面でした。あの伝説の武道館を目前に控え、オーストラリアで躍動しまくるミックを始めとして素晴らしい演奏が聞かれる一夜を捉えたマニア注目の初登場音源。その個所だけちょっと遠くから聞こえるのがもどかしいですが、「Gimme Shelter」のエンディングでもミックが叫びまくっている様子が伝わってきます。同じ2003年のオーストラリアでもエンモア・シアターと違ってベールに包まれていた3月のショーの素晴らしさをじっくりと堪能してください!

★初登場オーディエンス録音 ネット音源。MD録音とのことですが、音質は良好です。


Disc 1 (66:45)
1. Intro 2. Street Fighting Man 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. If You Can’t Rock Me
5. Don’t Stop 6. Start Me Up 7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 8. Bitch
9. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking 10. Tumbling Dice 11. Band Introductions
12. Slipping Away 13. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (52:53)
1. Sympathy For The Devil 2. Gimme Shelter 3. Honky Tonk Women 4. Jumping Jack Flash
5. B- Stage S.E. 6. You Got Me Rocking 7. Like A Rolling Stone 8. Brown Sugar
9. Satisfaction

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