Rolling Stones / Santa Clara 2019 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Santa Clara 2019 / 2CD / Non Label
Live at Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, CA, USA 18th August 2019

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Was it the best tour of Stones since 2017? This is the 2019 No Filter America tour. The journey that began in late June was successfully completed in Miami on the 31st of last month. It was early and the two-month tour was over. The South America tour is rumored as the next journey, but it’s almost impossible to remember the loneliness from the finish to the Stones tour at the end of summer. However, the release of this tour with a limited press CD release will continue! That ’s why we ’re going to perform on August 18th in Santa Clara.
Talking about this, we released “PASADENA 2019” as a gift last week as the next show of Santa Clara on the 21st. The sound source this time is by a person on the same day. However, unlike Pasadena, who was a major counselor for sound cuts and monophonic recordings, the recordings made here in Santa Clara are really great quality. In other words, this was the last audience recording before his equipment broke. The Pasadena sound source had a pretty good line if there was no failure trouble of the example, but Santa Clara by him has a quality that surpasses it with a margin.
First of all, it is a fairly on level from the sound image, and the sound of each instrument is also quite fresh. For example, it is fairly easy to hear during this tour, except that there are places where the sound is a little muffled during “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Paint It Black”. However, there was a place where Mick’s voice was slightly coming out of the loudspeaker, mainly in the first half of the live performance, and there was an equalization to adjust the sound quality. As a result, the sound source that had good characteristics was finally promoted to an excellent level. It has been reborn as an upper version that is easy to hear.

And above all, the performance is great on this day. The “July performance” of “PHILADELPHIA 2019” has already been created, but this time the tour is also in the final stage, so Stones will let you hear a thrilling performance below Mick. First of all, from the “Out Of Control” that was played after Houston, it was a dignified performance over that time. And this song just played in Miami on the last day of the tour. After all, the Stones of today is one of the repertoires that can be played without difficulty. You should be confident that this song alone is good today.
Then, today’s voting song will be “Rocks Off”, which will be the first appearance on this tour. Recently, it was played in Barcelona in 2017, but the power of the performance is unmatched. This is also a reliable scene that speaks eloquently about the good performance of Stones on this tour. At the same time, there is one interesting fact. In 1994, when this song revived as a repertoire, Mick sang most of the song with a low melody, but it was a slightly out-of-beat arrangement, but in recent years Mick has sung with a high melody from the beginning. That means. Compared to “SYRACUSE 1994” released last week, it is obvious, but it is also reliable that the current Mick is singing the melody firmly.
“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and “Sympathy For The Devil”, which were successful in changing the performance position on this tour, are also wonderful. Furthermore, the two acoustic songs performed on stage B are also good. This tour has a very good selection and performance of the songs played on the B stage. In addition, the point that these acoustic songs have been captured with considerably high sound quality is also high. And above all, “Midnight Rambler” could be said to be a symbol of good performance every night on this tour. Charlie’s drumming climbed again this time, and Mick hummed the passage of “You Gotta Move” on that day.
“The good thing about this tour is not only the appearance of rare numbers every day, but also the regular repertoire that shows good results overall. If it is the second half of the tour, the Stones burned in Santa Clara will prove that it is no longer a rocky area. Now is the second day of the early Chicago tour and the “Midnight Rambler” happening at Foxboro? To the extent that it feels like that, the engine is fully open only at the end of the tour, and there are many reliable performances throughout the show. From this year’s no-filter tour, the high-quality audience album will be released on the limited press CD from the end of the tour!

★ The sound quality is amazing.

話は前後しますが先週のギフトとして、サンタ・クララの次のショーだった21日の公演を「PASADENA 2019」としてリリースしています。今回の音源はそれと同日人物によるもの。ところが音切れやらモノラル化やらの大参事だったパサデナと違い、ここサンタ・クララで敢行された録音は実に素晴らしいクオリティ。つまり、彼の機材が壊れる前の最後のオーディエンス録音がこれだったという訳ですね。例の故障トラブルさえなければパサデナ音源もかなりいい線いってたのですが、彼によるサンタ・クララはそれを余裕で凌駕するクオリティ。
まず音像からして相当にオンなレベルですし、各楽器の音もかなり生々しい。例えば「Sympathy for the Devil」や「Paint It Black」の途中で少し音がこもってしまうような箇所がある点を除けは、今回のツアーの中においてもかなり聞きやすい。ただし、ライブ前半を中心として、若干ながらミックの声がまるで拡声器から出ているような状態の箇所がありましたので、そこは音質を調整するイコライズを敢行。その結果として素性が良かった音源がいよいよエクセレント・レベルへと昇格。俄然聞きやすいアッパー版へと生まれ変わりました。

そして何よりこの日は演奏内容が素晴らしい。既に「PHILADELPHIA 2019」という「7月の名演」が生み出されましたが、今回はツアーも終盤ということでストーンズはミック以下、胸のすくような快演を聞かせてくれます。まずはヒューストンに次いで演奏された「Out Of Control」からして、その時を超える堂々たる演奏ぶり。そしてツアー最終日のマイアミでも演奏されたばかりなこの曲。やはり今のストーンズが無理なく演奏できるレパートリーの一つなのだと、ここサンタ・クララでの演奏からも痛感させられます。この曲だけでも「今日はいいぞ」と確信できるはず。
そこから続いて本日の投票ソングは今回のツアーで初登場となる「Rocks Off」。最近では2017年のバルセロナで演奏されましたが、その時とはまるで比べ物にならない演奏の力強さ。これもまた今回のツアーにおけるストーンズの好調さを雄弁に物語ってくれる頼もしい場面ではないかと。それと同時に面白い事実が一つあります。本曲がレパートリーとして復活を遂げた1994年の時点ではミックが曲の大半を低いメロディで歌い通した、ちょっと拍子抜けするアレンジだったのですが、近年のミックは最初から高いメロディで歌い切っているということ。先週リリースされた「SYRACUSE 1994」と聞き比べれば一目瞭然なのですが、現在のミックの方がメロディをしっかり歌っているのがこれまた頼もしい。
今回のツアーで演奏位置を変えたことが功を奏した「You Can’t Always Get What You Want」と「Sympathy For The Devil」も素晴らしい。さらにはBステージで披露されたアコースティック二曲がまたいい感じ。今回のツアーはBステージで演奏される曲のセレクトや出来栄えがとてもいいですよね。それに、これらアコースティック・ソングも相当に高音質で捉えてくれている点もポイントが高い。そして何より今回のツアーにおける毎晩の好調さの象徴とも言えたのが「Midnight Rambler」。今回もチャーリーのドラミングが登りつめ、ミックはこの日「You Gotta Move」の一節を口ずさみました。
今回のツアーの良いところは連日のレア・ナンバーの登場だけでなく、こうしたレギュラー・レパートリーが総じて良い出来を示していることでしょう。それがツアー後半ともなれば、もはや盤石の域であることをサンタ・クララで燃えたストーンズが証明してくれます。今となってはツアー序盤のシカゴ二日目やフォックスボロでの「Midnight Rambler」のハプニングもいい思い出じゃないですか(笑)。そう感じられるほど、ツアー終盤ならではのエンジン全開で、ショー全体を通して頼もしい演奏が詰まっている。今年のノー・フィルター・ツアーから遂にツアー終盤からも高音質オーディエンス・アルバムが限定プレスCDにてリリース決定です!



Disc 1 (71:18)
1. Intro
2. Jumping Jack Flash ★REC レベル調整で1:10 音が小さくなる●修正
3. Let’s Spend the Night Together
4. Tumbling Dice
5. Out of Control ★散見された右ノイズ●すべて修正軽減
6. Rocks Off
7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
8. B-stage S.E.
9. Sweet Virginia
10. Let It Bleed
11. Sympathy for the Devil
12. Honky Tonk Women ●曲頭前後のチリチリ音は緩和済み。
13. Band Introductions ●曲頭前後のチリチリ音は緩和済み。
14. You Got the Silver
15. Before They Make Me Run

Disc 2 (55:30)
1. Miss You
2. Midnight Rambler w/You Gotta Move snippet
3. Paint It Black
4. Start Me Up
5. Brown Sugar
6. Gimme Shelter
7. Satisfaction

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