Eric Clapton / The Greatest History 1963-1995 / 1DVDR

Eric Clapton / The Greatest History 1963-1995 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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The Greatest History 1963-1995 Broadcast Date:23rd September 1995. PRO-SHOT



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This board is, domestic satellite was broadcast by the broadcast, has recorded its own program of Japanese production “THE GREATEST HISTORY 1963-1995” of 85 minutes on September 23, 1995. In the video that has not only been seen only subscribers of the broadcasting station, as in the title, we have to introduce the history of from Clapton pro debut up to 95 years in the promo video and live video. Rare in the place, has been recorded until the promo clip of Phil Collins and Sting who attended the session. At that time, a time that has been ahead of the visit to Japan of the “Nothin ‘But The Blues” tour, but his career this later went to deployment and to Change The World ~ “Pilgrim”, lock Clapton golden age of established eventful has been holding properly because the fame in the field, career Clapton only I am watching this video has become a content which you can fully understand. At the time, It would be many people you miss the video, I think it was a rare person who had been recorded. Image quality of this board is, not aging at all, is what surprisingly crisp. Clapton of history video frequently been produced also in the “Legends” and other foreign countries of the United States VH1, but there is also a “STANDING AT THE CROSSROAD” of official work, this video is carefully Clapton of work from a variety of point of view of their own editing of Japan has been introduced, first value that you see there is plenty. Before being Demuka to this performance, a career overflowing now once the charm of Clapton will look back at this board, also of’ll touch the raw sound I think not as B. Image quality and content, is one of the recommendations of the ultra-high-grade!

本盤は、1995年9月23日に国内衛星放送にて放送された、85分間の日本製作の独自番組「THE GREATEST HISTORY 1963-1995」を収録しています。放送局の加入者のみしか観られなかった映像で、タイトルのとおり、クラプトンのプロデビューから95年までのヒストリーをプロモ映像やライブ映像で紹介しています。珍しいところでは、セッション参加したフィル・コリンズやスティングのプロモクリップまで収録されています。当時は「ナッシン・バット・ザ・ブルース」ツアーでの来日を控えていた時期であり、この後はChange The World~「ピルグリム」へと展開していった彼のキャリアですが、クラプトンがロック界で名声を確立した波乱万丈の黄金期はきちんと押さえられていますので、この映像を観ていただくだけでクラプトンのキャリアは十分ご理解いただける内容となっています。当時、この映像を見逃した方も多いでしょうし、録画していた方も稀だったと思います。本盤の画質は、まったく経年劣化していない、驚くほど鮮明なものです。クラプトンのヒストリー映像はアメリカVH1の「レジェンズ」やその他海外でも頻繁に制作され、オフィシャル作品の「STANDING AT THE CROSSROAD」もありますが、日本の独自編集のこの映像はいろいろな観点から丁寧にクラプトンの作品を紹介しており、まずはご覧いただく価値は十分にあります。今回の公演に出向かれる前に、今一度クラプトンの魅力に溢れたキャリアを本盤で振り返っていただき、生のサウンドに触れていただくのも乙なものではないかと思います。画質・内容、超ハイグレードのお薦めの一本です!

1. Introduction

CHAPTER 1 Yardbirds – Cream
2. Discography / Biography / Louise (Yardbirds) / I Feel Free(Cream)

CHAPTER 2 Blind Faith – Derek And The Dominos
3. Discography / Biography 4. Let It Rain (1985 Hartford) 5. After Midnight (Music Video)
6. Layla (1986 Birmingham) 7. Festivals (The Concert For Bangla Desh 1971/The Last Waltz 1978)
8. Sunshine Of Your Love (Knebworth 1990)

CHAPTER 3 1970’s
9. Discography / Biography 10. I Shot The Sheriff (1985 Hartford)
11. Cocaine (1978 Glasgow)

CHAPTER 4 1980’s
12. Discography / Biography 13. Forever Man (Music Video) 14. Holy Mother (1986 Birmingham)
15. Pretending (Music Video) 16. Friends (Sessions, Guest Appearances)
17. I Wish Would Rain Down (Phil Collins) (Music Video) 18. Music For Movies (Soundtracks)
19. It’s Probably Me (Sting & Eric Clapton) (Music Video)

CHAPTER 5 Unplugged
20. Discography / Biography 21. Layla (Unplugged)

CHAPTER 6 Bluesman
22. Discography / Biography 23. Motherless Child (Music Video) 24. Tributes 25. Reissues
26. Hoochie Coochie Man (1994 Tour Rehearsal New York)


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