Rolling Stones / Definitive Indianapolis 2015 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Definitive Indianapolis 2015 / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Speedway, IN. USA 4th July 2015


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Its Although it is Indianapolis, the limited due to our press release CD title “INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY 2015” it has ended up in no time Sold Out Where still fresh in our minds. Release week of this title, the alternate recording of the same day live as “INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY 2015 ANOTHER MASTER” as a gift CD-R You are itemized. But the sound quality of this recording are also things very talented, while emerged as a gift item and are submitted in early also “This sound is also great, by all means want to put out in the press CD” momentum that the voice of more than expected I have. That’s the same as when the Citrus Bowl, If you are an audience recording of Ultra quality, both things I want to have in the press of the CD … you fulfilled our shop such a wish.

Certainly It was so even when the citrus, only to specific performance, it is really interesting phenomenon because extremely high level audience recording exists. If it comes to Indianapolis, rough enough on, for longer “INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY 2015” sound source was a sound image of momentum approaching the sound board, here is a thick, even while maintaining a smart clearness recording state, ahead or it would place such as trim honor student recording instead of such harshness. There is no doubt that it is both a high level of quality.
It and likened to a 500 miles race that takes place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway “INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY 2015” is Bucchigiri victory from pole position, even while this time of the sound source is raised gradually rank, in the overwhelming lead from the middle and swept the race …. Either in the case that it frustrated even listening to either Absolutely not. Precisely because such a high-quality sound recording, thus promoted release from the gift item was decided.
And upon press CD release of this limited, newly remastered sound source. Is allowed to relax the scene that would hit the sound quality of the low-frequency medium sound quality is sometimes a thick, we originally polished without further excess and deficiency the sound quality of the exceptional of quality, in a state in which to listen to the undisputed press CD . In particular, the last time clearly gives off a different charm and Alternate recording release of, those who missed the previous version also this time please get absolutely. It is ultra-recording of satisfaction guarantee!

そのインディアナポリスですが、当店リリースによる限定プレスCDタイトル「INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY 2015」があっという間にSold Outしてしまったのは記憶に新しいところ。このタイトルのリリース週、ギフトCD-Rとして同日ライブのオルタネイト・レコーディングを「INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY 2015 ANOTHER MASTER」としてアイテム化しています。ところがこちらの録音の音質がまた大変に優秀なもので、ギフト・アイテムとして登場しながら、早くも「こちらの音源も素晴らしい、是非プレスCDで出してほしい」という声が予想を超える勢いで寄せられてしまいました。それこそシトラス・ボウルの時と同じように、ウルトラ・クオリティのオーディエンス録音であるのならば、どちらもプレスのCDで持っておきたいもの…そんな願いを当店が叶えます。

確かにシトラスの時もそうでしたが、特定の公演に限って、極度にレベルの高いオーディエンス録音が存在するというのは実に面白い現象です。それがインディアナポリスに関して言えば、荒々しいほどオン、もはやサウンドボードに迫る勢いの音像だった「INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY 2015」音源に対し、こちらはスマートなクリアネスを保ちつつも厚みのある録音状態、先のような荒々しさの代わりに均整がとれた優等生録音といったところでしょうか。それがどちらもハイレベルなクオリティであることに疑いの余地はありません。
それをインディアナポリス・モータースピードウェイで行われる500マイルレースに例えると「INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY 2015」がポールポジションからぶっちぎり優勝、今回の音源が徐々に順位を上げつつも、途中から圧倒的なリードでレースを席巻…。いずれにせよどちらを聴いても不満を覚えることは絶対にありません。そんな高音質録音だからこそ、こうしてギフト・アイテムからの昇格リリースが決定いたしました。

Disc 1 (63:28)
1. Intro 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 4. Let’s Spend the Night Together
5. Tumbling Dice 6. Out of Control 7. Let It Bleed 8. Wild Horses 9. Bitch 10. Honky Tonk Women
11. Band Introductions 12. Before They Make Me Run 13. Happy

Disc 2 (69:19)
1. Midnight Rambler 2. Miss You 3. Gimme Shelter 4. Start Me Up 5. Sympathy for the Devil
6. Brown Sugar
7. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the Butler University Chorale)
8. Satisfaction

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