Riot / Osaka 2009 / 2CD

Riot / Osaka 2009 / 2CD / Zodiac
Live at Shangri-La, Osaka, Japan 23rd October 2009 STEREO SBD

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A shocking event!!! The 2009 “THE THUNDERSTEEL REUNION JAPAN TOUR” was the last time Mark Liari came to Japan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his first visit to Japan. The super-superb stereo sound board recording is really unearthed! Moreover, all 3 performances were completely leaked. It will be released all at once with three consecutive preservation works!!
Of the three such incidents, this work will be the first performance “October 23, 2009: Osaka Shangri-La” performance on the first day. It is the super-superb stereo sound board recording. This week’s release will be three performances at the same time, so check the schedule one by one to avoid confusion.

・October 23: Osaka Shangri-La ←★This work★
・October 24th “KAWASAKI 2009 1st Night”
・October 25th “KAWASAKI 2009 2nd Night”

Above, all 3 performances. Tony Moore, Don Van Stavan, and Bobby Jarsonbeck have come to Japan for the first time in 19 years since 1990. The Osaka performance of this work was a concert on the first day. Only when the legendary first visit to Japan came to Japan, Reunion came to Japan, and the Japanese metal head went crazy. At that time, it was partly broadcast on radio, but this work is completely different. A complete version of the sound board, which was brought through our original route and seems to have leaked from the people involved. Of course, it is a world-first public master who is a secret secret that has not appeared on the Internet and elsewhere.
Moreover, its quality is superb. Speaking of audio, it’s “completely official”, but it’s even more amazing. It is a completely unprocessed mix table direct connection type, and all performances and singing voices are directly connected to the brain. There is also a nostalgic “RIOT IN JAPAN: LIVE!!” that Tony Moore sings in Japan, but there is no such unnatural processing, and the PA sound is bare. Vocal is a breathing level of one breath, and guitar and bass are super clear to the sound that fingerprints rub strings. As the fate of the direct connection, I could hardly hear the cheers, and I couldn’t hope for the presence of the scene, but instead, I could enjoy the great sense of synchronization that is completely integrated with the band.
”The THUNDERSTEEL REUNION” drawn with such a sound is already incredible. “RIOT IN JAPAN: LIVE!!” came out in the flow of the story, so let’s organize the sets while comparing.

● Guy Speranza era (6 songs)
・ROCK CITY: Tokyo Rose/Rock City/Warrior
・NARITA: Narita
・FIRE DOWN UNDER: Outlaw/Swords and Tequila (★)
● Tony Moore (11 songs)
・THUNDERSTEEL: Fight or Fall (★)/Johnny’s Back/Sign of the Crimson Storm(★)/Flight of the Warrior/Bloodstreets(★)/Thundersteel(★)
・THE PRIVILEGE OF POWER: On Your Knees/Metal Soldiers/Storming the Gates of Hell(★)/Dance of Death(★)
・IMMORTAL SOUL: Wings Are for Angels (★)
*Note: The “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard on the official “RIOT IN JAPAN: LIVE!!”

…And this is how it looks. Only one song of “Thundersteel” was broadcast from the Osaka performance, but other sound boards are completely new. There is neither the Let Folister era nor the Mike Dimeo era, and Tony himself and Guy Speranza’s era are the deadly songs. Not only are the songs lined up with high notes, but also the new song “Wings Are for Angels” of Mark’s last work “IMMORTAL SOUL” is included to enrich the entire Guy/Tony era. I’m giving back. Even in the history of RIOT, where twists and turns are at its peak, it is a set that is extremely focused, with the era of highlights condensed into one show.

Great. Too great. In recent years, RIOT, which has been officially archived, is there such a strong soundboard album? A super-fine sound board trilogy that made the monumental “THE THUNDERSTEEL REUNION” a complete recording of Mark’s last visit to Japan. This is the first edition in Osaka. If you are a heavy metal guy who will live in 2020, please indulge and experience the inevitable permanent preservation press 2CD!

★First appearance in the world! Original sound board master leaked by all parties!

衝撃の大事件!!! 伝説の初来日から20周年にして、マーク・リアリ最後の来日となった2009年の“THE THUNDERSTEEL REUNION JAPAN TOUR”。その超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音がまさか、まさかの発掘! しかも、全3公演が完全流出。永久保存3連作で一挙リリース決定です!!

・10月23日:大阪Shangri-La ←★本作★
・10月24日『KAWASAKI 2009 1st Night』
・10月25日『KAWASAKI 2009 2nd Night』

しかも、そのクオリティが超絶。オーディオ的に言えば「完全オフィシャル級」なのですが、もっと凄い。完全に無加工なミックス卓直結タイプで、すべての演奏・歌声が1音に至るまで脳みそド直結。トニー・ムーアが歌う日本公演というと懐かしの『RIOT IN JAPAN: LIVE!!』もありますが、あんな不自然な加工は一切なく、PA音が丸出し。ヴォーカルは1呼吸の息遣いレベルですし、ギター&ベースは指紋が弦をこする音まで超克明なのです。直結系の宿命として歓声がほとんど聞こえず、現場の臨場感は望むべくもないのですが、その代わりバンドと完全一体となる絶大なシンクロ感を味わえます。
そんなサウンドで描かれる“THE THUNDERSTEEL REUNION”は、もう感無量。話の流れで『RIOT IN JAPAN: LIVE!!』が出てきましたので、比較しながらセットも整理しておきましょう。

・ROCK CITY:Tokyo Rose/Rock City/Warrior
・FIRE DOWN UNDER:Outlaw/Swords and Tequila(★)
・THUNDERSTEEL:Fight or Fall(★)/Johnny’s Back/Sign of the Crimson Storm(★)/Flight of the Warrior/Bloodstreets(★)/Thundersteel(★)
・THE PRIVILEGE OF POWER:On Your Knees/Metal Soldiers/Storming the Gates of Hell(★)/Dance of Death(★)
・IMMORTAL SOUL:Wings Are for Angels(★)
※注:「★」印は公式盤『RIOT IN JAPAN: LIVE!!』で聴けない曲。

……と、このようになっています。大阪公演からは「Thundersteel」1曲だけが放送されたこともありますが、他のサウンドボードは完全初登場です。レット・フォリスター時代もマイク・ディメオ時代も一切なく、トニー自身とガイ・スペランザ時代の必殺曲がずらり。単にハイノートが映えまくる曲が並んでいるというだけでなく、マークの遺作となった『IMMORTAL SOUL』の新曲「Wings Are for Angels」も盛り込まれた事でガイ時代/トニー時代の全作を濃縮還元してもいる。紆余曲折を極めたRIOT史でも、ハイライトとなる時代を1回のショウに凝縮した極めつけのセットなのです。

凄い。あまりにも凄い。近年はオフィシャルでもアーカイヴの進んでいるRIOTですが、こんなに強烈なサウンドボード・アルバムがあったでしょうか。記念碑的な“THE THUNDERSTEEL REUNION”にして、マーク最後の来日を完全収録した超極上サウンドボード三部作。その第一弾となる大阪編です。2020年に生きる重金属野郎なら絶対不可避の永久保存プレス2CD、どうぞ刮目してご体験ください!



Disc 1 (63:42)
1. Intro
2. Narita
3. Fight or Fall
4. On Your Knees
5. Metal Soldiers
6. Outlaw
7. Johnny’s Back
8. Sign of the Crimson Storm
9. Swords and Tequila
10. Wings Are for Angels
11. Tokyo Rose
12. Rock City (incl. Bass solo)
13. Drum Solo

Disc 2 (44:10)
1. Flight of the Warrior
2. Storming the Gates of Hell
3. Guitar Solo
4. Dance of Death
5. Warrior
6. Bloodstreets
7. Happy Birthday to Tony Moore
8. Thundersteel

Tony Moore – Vocal
Mark Reale – Guitar
Mike Flyntz – Guitar
Don Van Stavern – Bass
Bobby Jarzombek – Drums



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