Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band / Tokyo 2016 1st Night / 2CD

Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band / Tokyo 2016 1st Night / 2CD / Wardour

Translated Text:
Live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 30th October 2016


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The excitement of the apple · star · · · hiz · all star band this time was amazing. Moreover, it is the exquisite arrival of Honjin visiting Japan where the topic of the Beatles said that the release of the movie “EIGHT DAYS A WEEK” that approached the history of the Beatles live and the CD release of the live album of Hollywood · Bowl realized at last was continued It seems that the timing was great. Although it was the arrival of apple that showed excitement during the middle of 2013, this time it is a high evaluation of the excitement and the fan ‘s fairly over it. Was not it not the live venue of the standing like the last time, but also the thing that was watched at the concert hall with the chair properly was also big? Although many people who witnessed the actual concert seemed to have been standing from the opening (laugh).
Following the great excitement of this visit to Japan this time, we will realize a limited press CD release by our exclusive sound source that is not circulating on the net and between traders! First is Tokyo NHK Hall on October 30. As its title shows, this is the first day of Tokyo live. Originally the apple ‘s Tokyo performance was scheduled three times, but after receiving popularity, the additional performance became the first day in Tokyo. Despite this being the schedule like a young band that started to run like 4 live consecutive lives, the apple and all staged a wonderful show every day.

Until this day when it became the only NHK hall performance, the apple have already performed four performances in Japan and the condition of the band is impeccable. Rather it might have seemed more difficult to go to the venue while pounding young people crowded with Halloween costumes on Sunday. Apple also talks to “Happy Halloween” at MC. As you can see from this scene, if you represent the show on 30th October in a single word, it’s “relaxing.”
It is the first day of Tokyo performance that I can get used to staying in Japan, which is also the beginning of the second half of the tour. However, I do not feel the atmosphere that appeared to apples and bands at all. However, at the beginning of the show the roughness of the voice of the apple is obscured and obscured. It seems that this is a reality of ‘age’ rather than a tour / schedule issue. He is 76 years old anyway. It is a smart look and a self-tapping on the stage is also a light apple, but as for voices this kind of scene can be seen from around 2010. The sound quality of the audience recording released this time is very good, and the state of this neighborhood is transmitted to the real.
Fortunately the apple’s tone gets better upwards, the band is supporting him well than anything above all, as expected. All-Stars which each member was selling up to now, but reform has steadily reformed that members are fixed by joining Steve · Lucasa which was said unexpectedly and has reached the present. However, this worked well, succeeded in creating a sense of unity with a band different from the past All Stars, and played a masterpiece of the masterpieces even this coming to Japan.
Especially the combination of Lucasa and Todd Rundgren is exquisite. I think that it is a mismatch at first glance, but the chemistry of the combination of young Lucasa and heavy Todd is still reflected in the band sound as it is. Moreover, the audience who was present at the venue has many TOTO ‘s real timers, and the excitement of their songs can be said to be unique in Japan. The fun that apple and Todd play it.

And although this is an audience recording, its sound quality is wonderful. After catching a tight sound image unique to the NHK Hall, it is a sound image that is so strong heard as to be unconsciously heard. In addition, a relaxing presence like Japanese concert is perfect as well. Because it is a very sound image, I can catch a dutifully even to the point where Lucasa plays the phrase “Helter Skelter” with the ending of “Back Off Boogaloo”. The singing voice of Todd enthusiast “Love Is the Answer” that became a highlight in the latter half of the show is caught in realism which can only be said to be a masterpiece. Hokkaido show of Halloween Eve who was present at the NHK Hall on the day and made everyone happy. It is a real / live album that caught all that extra!

今回のリンゴ・スター・アンド・ヒズ・オールスター・バンドの盛り上がりは凄かったですね。しかもビートルズのライブの歴史に迫った映画「EIGHT DAYS A WEEK」の公開やようやく実現したハリウッド・ボウルのライブ・アルバムのCDリリースと言ったビートルズの話題が続いたところで御本尊の来日という絶妙なタイミングが大きかったように思えます。2013年の時も中々の盛り上がりを見せたリンゴの来日でしたが、今回はそれを軽く上回る盛り上がりとファンの高評価。前回のようなスタンディングのライブ会場ではなく、ちゃんと椅子のあるコンサート・ホールで観られたことも大きかったのではないでしょうか?もっとも、実際のコンサートを目の当たりにした多くの方々はオープニングから立ちっぱなしだったかと思われますが(笑)。

唯一のNHKホール公演となったこの日まで、既にリンゴ達は四回の公演を日本でこなしており、バンドのコンディションは申し分のないもの。むしろ日曜日にハロウィンの仮装でごった返す若者をかき分けながら会場に向かうことの方が難儀に思えたかもしれません。リンゴもMCにおいて「Happy Halloween」と語り掛けている。この場面からも解るように、10月30日のショーを一言で表すとすれば、それは「リラックス」。

そして今回のオーディエンス録音ですが、その音質が素晴らしい。NHKホールならではのタイトな音像を見事にキャッチした上で、思わず聞き惚れてしまうほどにオンな音像。おまけに日本のコンサートらしい和やかな臨場感もばっちり。非常にオンな音像ですので「Back Off Boogaloo」のエンディングで「Helter Skelter」のフレーズをルカサーが弾くところまでもばっちり聞き取れてしまう。ショー後半においてハイライトとなったトッド熱唱の「Love Is the Answer」の歌声などは圧巻としか言いようのないリアルさでキャッチされています。当日NHKホールに居合わせた誰もが幸せな気分になれたハロウィン・イブのゴキゲンなショー。そのすべてを余すところなく捉えたリアル・ライブ・アルバムです!

Disc 1 (51:27)
1. Intro 2. Matchbox 3. It Don’t Come Easy 4. What Goes On 5. I Saw the Light 6. Evil Ways
7. Rosanna 8. Kyrie 9. Bang the Drum All Day 10. Boys 11. Don’t Pass Me By 12. Yellow Submarine

Disc 2 (68:38)
1. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen 2. You’re Sixteen 3. Back Off Boogaloo 4. You Are Mine
5. Africa 6. Oye como va 7. I Wanna Be Your Man 8. Love Is the Answer 9. Broken Wings
10. Hold the Line 11. Photograph 12. Act Naturally 13. With a Little Help From My Friends
14. Give Peace a Chance

Ringo Starr – drums, percussion, vocals
Steve Lukather – guitar, vocals Gregg Rolie – keyboards, vocals
Todd Rundgren – guitar, keyboards, vocals Richard Page – bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
Gregg Bissonette – drums, percussion, vocals Warren Ham – vocals, saxophone

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